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writer and journalist, Antonio Socci



Peace be with you always

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Notebook 1945-50

Notebook 1945-50
The Document of Maria’s Pain
Page 115

October 8, 1945

Jesus then says:

"Come, Maria, and I will console you with a light entirely for you. I will comment upon another side of the Gospel sentence ‘You will step on snakes and scorpions and not be harmed.'

"Whoever is full of Me can step on all human doctrines and live among those full of their poison without being harmed. It should also be understood in this way. For,...

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Notebook 1945-50 Page 117

Notebook 1945-50
Chapter: Words For A Confused Soul
Page: 117

December 2, 1945
For E.F.,
from Jeremiah 31:21-22

The Lord says: To have severe words where one would like to have only love is a painful thing. But I said, 'It is love not to allow deviations to occur in justice.'

"Listen, then. When humanity turns you into castaways-external humanity, meaning that of your neighbor, or internal humanity, meaning your own-to come back to the...

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Notebook 1945-50 Page 117

Notebook 1945-50
Avoiding Impatience
Page 117

November 15, 1945
For Emma F.

Impatience is never a factor contributing to success.  When the time comes, the souls will appear by God's will. Obedience is always proof of justice and spirituality, and it is always rewarded.

Fears about the future display imperfection in the three theological virtues.  God can raise up anywhere--and especially in the most unexpected places and beings--what is necessary...

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Book 5
Page 686 or 687

Mary is talking to Peter:

You are a poor man. Or rather, you were. As long as you relied on yourself. Now you are a man. Tomorrow you will be a saint. But even if you were not what you are, I would have forgiven You the same. I would have forgiven also Judas, to save his soul. Because the value of a soul, also of one only, deserves every effort to overcome disgust and resentment, to the extent of being crushed thereby. Bear that in mind,...

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Without God there is no life.

In my struggles to understand life and I gone through much, probably more than most and less than some.

Being born to atheists, who absolutely did not know God and what life is and how to be living it, the home was a place where no Wisdom, Love of God existed. God is everywhere, and all around, close to us.  If God is not in us, we do not have life. Do not know love, do not know these.
No understanding.

Therein, I wandered in life, trying to find...

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To Eradicate the effects of Sin and it's death,

God provided the perfect Medicine and Antidote.

Whatever God creates and does is always Perfect. For God can only do what is perfect. It is His nature which is natural to Him. It is  repetitious to do what one normally does. It comes as a natural inclination.  So God does what is natural to Him to do.  

God is All. From Him comes Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding to know the science of certain things.  To know the science of Love...

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From a purely human definition death is the end of a living corporeal thing.

From God's supernatural definition, it is the end of having Grace.  No Grace.
It is a soul in mortal sin, No God in that soul.  Well this maybe a hard to hear question to answer to those who do not have the Holy Spirit who is Grace.  Who can teach what is written in the great book?  Only God. He inspired it to be done.  Inspired, being again His definition.  Which is Wisdom taught them, showed them, was in with their souls,...

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July 30
Notebook: 1943
Page: 203
Chp: Commentary on Isaiah.  The Church as the Earthly Jerusalem

July 30

Jesus says:

"Let us look today at how much reflection there is on the lesser ones. 'I state, through the mouth of Isaiah,' having the humble speak or speaking to them: "Without You, Lord God, our God, they have made us slaves of the masters; grant that only for your sake we may recall your Name. Whoever dies lives again; the giants do not rise anew:...

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Colossians 3

[1] Therefore, if you be risen with Christ, seek the things that are above; where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God: [2] Mind the things that are above, not the things that are upon the earth. [3] For you are dead; and your life is hid with Christ in God.

The Alternative is 'always death' to your entire being, flesh and blood, soul.

He bought you with His Blood, and Pain through unfathomable Suffering...

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Notebook 1943 Page 267

Notebook 1943
Christ's Words For His Friends
Page 267

August 23
7 am: For Father and Me

Jesus says:

"I shall repeat to you and Father words which I spoke twenty centuries ago and which are always new and now particularly suited to your case: 'If you observe my commandments, you will persevere in my love.. I have told you these things so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete. You are my friends if you do what I command. I no...

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1943 August 22

1943, August 22
Page: 259
Chp: The Seven Last Plagues. The Earth as Babylon Among Numerous Worlds

Jesus says:

"The Seven Last Plagues correspond to the seven peels of thunder not described. As always, these are figurative descriptions wherein reality is not totally excluded, however. I will explain to you what I deem appropriate to be explained to you in them.

"The first is the ulcer"

"Beginning with the times of Moses I punished...

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Book 5 page 517

Book 5
Page: 517
Chp: Passover Supper

Jesus is speaking,

Not one of you has asked Me again: "Where are You going?". Sadness is making you dumb. And yet My going away is a good thing also for you. Otherwise the Comforter will not come. I will send Him to you. And when He has come, through the wisdom and the words, the deeds and the heroism that He will infuse into You, He will convince the world of its deicide sin, and of justice with regard to My holiness. And a clear cut will divide...

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The Apostle Speaks

Notebook 1943 December 27

Notebook 1943
Page 606
St. John the Apostle's Words.

December 27,

St. John says:

"John to little John.  After the Master and the Mother, I am also to speak to give you a spiritual teaching.

"To be among the beloved, it is necessary to do what I did through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Absolute faithfulness, which accepts everything without hesitation or debate. Purity in spirit, in mind, in flesh.  Heroic charity.

"Sometimes God subjects us...

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PMG Book 2

PMG Book 2
Chapter 255
Alias: Parable on Hope

Jesus is speaking:

« I had promised My disciples to speak to them about hope and I was going to tell them a parable to explain it. This is the parable: this old Israelite. The Father of Heaven gives Me the subject to teach you all the great virtue that supports Faith and Charity, like the arms of a yoke.

A sweet yoke. The scaffold of mankind like the arm of the cross, the throne of salvation like the support of the wholesome...

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Lost Sheep

Lost Sheep of Today

Who are they?

Jesus knows who they are.

The reality today is that the world, that is taken over by Satan, for he is the 'spirit of the world' apart from God's creation. A second Destiny - Death.

He is for all intents and purposes constantly at work night and day without rest. He is tireless in ruining and destroying.

Traps and Snares
These are everywhere covering every aspect of life on earth where humankind lives, is born, is active...

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Friend and Fellow Priest of St. Padre Pio
Pinned Assortments Screen10
Pinned Assortments Screen12

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Notebook 1943 November 4

Notebook 1943
1943 November 4th
Page: 450

9:30 a.m. (After Having Finished Writing My Impressions) 

Jesus says:

"You spoke correctly.232 It is to chew on straw, and I want you to nourish yourself on pure wheat. Straw does not nourish; it fills one without nourishing. And so it is with a great deal of science.  What is always a danger in every form of science is even pernicious  when it is science of the things of God. But it is now that way.

 The doctors of sacred...

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Pope Leo XIII’s Original Prayer to St. Michael

Pope Leo XIII’s original Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel is prophetic. Composed over 100 years ago, and then suppressed due to its startling content, Pope Leo XIII’s original Prayer to St. Michael is one of the most interesting and controversial prayers relating to the present situation in which the true Catholic Church finds itself. On September 25, 1888, following his morning Mass, Pope Leo XIII became traumatized to the point...

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Page: 245
Chp: The Power of the Cross of Christ
March 29 11AM

Jesus says:

"Write: 'Against the power of the Devil, the Cross has all power.' And then describe what you will see.

"It is the week of Passion: the one preparing the triumph of the Cross. The cross is veiled on the altars, but the Crucified One is at work more than ever on his glorious scaffold, behind his veil, for those who love and beseech Him.


I see a young...

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Pinned Assortments Ourlad10

Hail, Mary Mother of Jesus, I entrust myself to you.

Peace be with you always

From Notebook 1943

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Notebook: 1945
Page: 61
Chp: Commentary On Ezekiel 37: 1-14

April 15
Jesus says:

"I ask you, as the Lord asked Ezekiel, 'Do you think these bones will live again?'"

"Like Ezekiel I answer, "You know, Lord God," for I understand the meaning of the word "bones" when used to say "men"--that is, I understand that Jesus is not askng me if the dead will rise again on the Last...

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1943 Pray This Prayer to Gain Graces to Build up in Your Soul

Pinned Assortments Monstr11

Eucharistic Adoration of Jesus

From Notebook 1943, October 27

"Learn from Me to say, 'I have ardently desired. I have ardently desired to come to You, Jesus, who remain entirely alone on so many altars, to tell You that I love You with my whole self....

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1943 Pray this Prayer Often in a Single Day, Everyday without Failure

Notebook: 1943 June 28
Page: 120
Chp: Prayer to and Vision of the Divine Blood

Pinned Assortments Sacred10

"In the month about to end, I have spoken to you a great deal about my Heart and about my Body in the Sacrament. Now for the month of the Blood I will have you pray to my Blood. Say the following...

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1943 Page 56

Pinned Assortments Y_holy11

"Many times a day--I cannot say to you, 'At every instant,' but if you were a cherub and not a creature with the weariness of matter, I would say, 'Every instant'--repeat this prayer:

'Jesus, who are struck in our churches by the hand of Satan, I worship you in all the consecrated...

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This is what we are Fighting Today Folks! Open Your Eyes

Notebook: 1945-50
Page: 346

February 3,1947

Jesus says:

"The deepest reason for this gift of this Work--among the many others which my spokesman knows--is that in these times, in which modernism condemned by my Holy Vicar Pius X is corrupted into increasingly harmful human doctrines, the Holy Church represented by my Vicar will have additional material to combat those who deny: the supernatural character of dogmas; the divinity of Christ; the truth of Christ, God and Man,...

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Pg 535

Mary says:

"When one really loves, one lives not for oneself, but for others. When one possesses God, one loves perfectly, and every other perfection comes in the wake of Charity. Even the human senses are perfected, so that all that is around us takes on a different light, voice, and color and, above all, bears a sign which only those possessing God see: his own, holy and ineffable; and there is no need to say words to pray, for it is enough for our eyes to rest upon created...

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Good willed people say, good. I do good. Silently, some do not think about anything else but good and thus, they feel they are doing good.  But proud people, in mind and heart, say I do gooooood! And proclaim it. Proud people are persistent in exuding their aura out to others. They want to be 'acclaimed' the celebrity ego.  Parade around with tassels hanging down to the ground, wearing expensive clothing and apparel. Today the world is about how one looks. What they wear, and how they wear it.  They look to improve their...

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I am God, the Word and the Wisdom of the Father, your Lord and Redeemer. My Word serves to give not only worldy benefits, but to give the Good which never dies: Eternal Life. Therefore, nothing is more sacred and precious than My Word.

Notebook page 297, September 10th 1943

Peace be with you always

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