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    What is the Miracle?


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    What is the Miracle? Empty What is the Miracle?

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    Sometimes we under go tremendous onslaught of the enemy.  It varies in ways and intensity. It can seem to be Religious and of God a spiritual revelation, particularly refined to the point that it seems it is. With the catch phrase seems to be which means it can fool anyone into thinking so.  That God spoke to you. That someone from your past speaks in your mind. It really can be anyone and sound just like them. Jesus explains this as Satan's way of planting into one's mind that persons voice and then it plays on.  You now have a conversation with a planted voice with a demon.  A disguise. This happens to many.  

    This happened to Judas.  How does Judas come up with these ideas of his?

    Satan is a spirit. His demons are spirits.  St. Paul explains spiritual warfare in his epistles.  We wrestle not with flesh and blood.  He is talking to 'those in the Faith.'  Not those outside the faith.

    The Holy Spirit comes in big flashes of light, as explained by Jesus in Book 5 in one of the latter chapters while instructing the Apostles before or after the Resurrection.  The Holy Spirit is God the Third Person, whom Jesus calls the Paraclete, the Comforter, the Guide.  Because, the Holy Spirit is Love and comforts the Father and the Son and this comfort is for man in Grace as gift.  To be in the union with Father and Son and Holy Spirit.  To be part of this Triune God,  - relationship. Related.

    Man is a spirit, because he has a spirit within the soul and planted or fused to the heart. The other likeness to God.  

    Jesus explained a bit about God. He said, think of a circle and then within that first circle imagine another circle and then with this second one draw another circle. So three circles and two of them within.  The first circle being the Father, the Second being the Son and the Third being the Holy Spirit.  The relation here is spirit, supernatural, not mechanic, or robotic thought.  All supernatural that flows one to the other and then continuously generates.  These vibrations of supernatural fire, and in that fire is a grandeur of love that flourishes and nourishes eternally and infinitely. Continuous, no pause.

    Man's soul is similar to the Triune God Jesus described above.  Draw a circle and then inside this circle is another one.  It is incorporeal in nature has no shape or form as in physical--lack of words here--. Cannot be grasped by our hands appendages, something physical here. The spirit just exists in some incorporeal form unknown to us. We cannot see it.  It is incorporeal entirely.

    God exists as an incorporeal form to give is some idea here for us to understand, that one can try to reach out and touch, but cannot physically. But can be touched spiritually with thought and will. Affections from the heart. It's all a mystery but it  works.  

    Thought is incorporeal and so is will.  Words are as well. So is light.  God is all incorporeal.  Thought, will, light, love, joy, peace, goodness, faith, hope, charity, justice, benign, every virtue.

    What is God's interest?  Our souls, spirits, what is incorporeal.  

    The heart and flesh of man is not incorporeal but has incorporeal thought, will, and spirit the soul.
    It needs the incorporeal to 'exist.' Without the incorporeal -- because God created man differently from all the other corporeal things,  man cannot exist which means live. To live means to exist. To be alive, thriving, vivified means to be fused to Grace. The union with Grace, one thing with Grace. Fusion. All this for the spirit of man.  The flesh of man is unique in all creation because it is.  Complex here. No matter how many times we try, we fall short of a true description of this incredible creation. It is not possible for man to recreate man as God did create man.  Nor can man create another man as God created it.

    To be alive and thriving, vivified by Grace means, to have supernatural joy, peace, kindness, constancy, chaste, pure, innocent, and a several more and other virtues.

    Man and woman can 'procreate' because God so said. The power is Gods.  Be fruitful and multiply.  

    The miracle comes from God and is Gods alone.  God said, I alone create by my own will.  I AM.

    God gave to man the ability to procreate by His will alone.  If God today, said no more procreation for man, then it stops.  

    Faith, in the necessary things. What is the purpose of God for man?  To fill up heaven from the earth.
    From the earth man, the being called man, that is two parts mud and spirit, gains his mud portion the flesh to be clothed with for himself: his soul his spirit.

    Jesus is the miracle for man.  Jesus is many things good for man and many things bad for the evil man this point being very necessary.

    1. Recreate man's fallen flesh to, with His Flesh.  Pure, sinless, perfect so man can return to this once again, what was created perfect without all this malice upon him and in him. To ennoble man's heart to have love. Love is God this love. Not the human loves.  To raise it up.  Christ's Blood by drinking it removes the poison--antidote. Serpent bit man's heart sunk his fangs where the venom comes from.  Sorcery of the Devil.  Vices.

    2 Infuse the Perfect into the imperfect. With Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. This is all things here.
    Virtue, healing, restoring what was damaged by Sin. Serpents Poison.  Which drives many a men insane with fevers of lusts of all kinds.  

    All to restore the damaged man back to "Grace".  Having the Triune God.

    Damage from the Serpent began through the flesh of man with the thought and vision of lust to man's spiritual mind - thought which fed and aroused the senses like nothing else could. Jump started the sensual sensations.  Lust destroys ruins purity innocence, what is perfectly created.  It is no longer perfect and pure, innocent and good.  It was marred with a wound that as time went by in the generations afterwards grew worse. Starts with a crack that later escalates to an earthquake that cannot be mended by man himself.  God works the miracle.  If a comet half the size of the Earth struck the earth at some incredible speed, the earth would be destroyed.  If a comet .09 size of the earth struck earth at some incredible speed there would be a crater or a hole through and through depending on the speed and density of the comet.  But, the miracle is Gods.  Why a miracle? Because man without God thinks that anything is fate, or destiny, or some fluke, a coincidence.  These are atheists who remain so after natural birth.  We are all born atheists.  Only Christ is the Only Begotten of the Father.  Mary has this too, Christ's Mother. She and the generations before Her. God's secret. Most definitely difficult to comprehend for any.

    God can take a few parents prior to consummation and make them by his will what he desires and wants.
    He can do the necessary so they procreate and birth a pure innocent child with no sin, no stain of it, no incentive to sin.  Which is what God did with Mary.  God's mystery, God's secret.  With God nothing is impossible what man deems impossible. Because man lost supernatural sight, mind, intellect and thought and does not believe like Abraham even Moses, Daniel, Isaiah several others of what is known and the many unknown. What is incorporeal.  His incorporeal part remains inert. Yet it works such as sees light, hears voices, talks and thinks.  God grants. God's mystery. God's secret. God's will.

    Jesus said, unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, I cannot raise you up on the last day.

    The last day is right after Judgment Day judgments passed just before we depart our ways to Eternal Life or Eternal Death.

    The problem is we need those who believe Him in His miracle and do exactly as He stated for us to do and carry them out accordingly. Not one iota less or more for something mistaken

    The Seducer is cunning crafty intelligent astute < these are merely words, and has refined his ways to seduce every single Catholic, Christian, to no end. Infiltrated the clergy, the priesthood on earth. He fools all day long, and mimics, eclipses in such fashion as you would not even believe it happened until it's too late such as is.

    For thousands of years Satan has seduced, killed, souls.  To him it is child's play.  To unsuspecting Catholics who linger and loiter he has you whipped.  You don't recognize the monster.  You disbelieve in his ways and existence with non-sense. Oh! God does not would not allow such a thing! These are the thoughts along these lines, because --> the Clergy says so. And you believe them rather than God Himself. Which is the same sin as Eve. Do not eat, go near, touch that Tree you will die. Well they Adam were in Grace, not flesh, they were spirits encased in mud quite beautiful and perfectly created by God. By God. Now they were not thinking in the flesh in the human ego, but, their spirits ego. If the Demon was able to seduce one that is quite frankly not a sinner nor had any concupiscence, how easy it is for the Demon to seduce those that do? Easily and without sweat. No work on his part. They are seduced by others that live that way already and what you have is a society enslaved to vices. Pride eventually becomes a huge trunk with many branches.

    However with Christ we trample on the Enemy. We fight against the Enemy. We work to snatch souls from the Enemy. That is the spiritual warfare. To snatch souls from the Enemy and to give to them Christ the Miracle for every man, woman and children. We work to make sure we love one another as He taught and commanded each Christian to do. Love one another. Supernaturally, means with the higher love, the higher portion of man: his soul. The spiritual. God is spirit. Not flesh. He loves with his spirit.

    A house divided will not stand but, crumble and be crushed. That is Satan's goal always. First the nucleus of society: Father and Mother having child. Once this nucleus is divided it affects and spreads like a virus. Family member against family member; into everything in between then finally Nation against nation. Of course people do not see it this way and are blinded. Takes Father and Mother to procreate and make new human beings that grow up and become something: good or evil. Wise or unwise. Just or unjust. Etc.,.

    Christ the Savior. Christ the Redeemer. Christ the Messiah-- for the previous Rite. Christ the King of Saints. Christ the King of All.  Christ the Peace. Christ the Compendium of Love.  Christ the All for Man.

    Christ the Miracle in Two Species that brings recreation. Brings God.

    Life is in Christ.

    Now! Right now! Most certainly not later, as mentioned, we need new fresh souls who believe Christ is the Miracle for man.  No more old cronies that are totally human science, human ego, satanic influences who live in darkness and blinded by the Light. Wake up says St. Paul oh man of God. Many spirits slumber. Heaven or Hell your choice. Purgatory is a long fiery stay, lots of pain. You like prolonged pain? Purgatory is your stop gap, rather than Heaven at once. The Apostles with the exception of St. John the Beloved, mostly martyred and went to Heaven at 'once' to be with their King. They are praying to the Father for each one of us.

    Peace be with you always

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    Notebook: 1944
    Page: 643
    Chp: The Eucharist as Greatest Miracle

    December 27

    On receiving Holy Communion from the hand of Father Migliorini, I rediscover my joy in the Eucharist which Compito had canceled out, that is, the visible presence of my Jesus alongside Father Migliorini. I smile at my sweet Jesus, dressed in white...and, while offering my thanks, I wonder why He is standing to the left of Father. I think his place out to be on the right.

    Jesus responds to me, satisfying my desire to receive light, and says:

    "In my pose there is teaching on faith, respect, and humility. How do you see Me? In a glorious robe? No. You see Me as Jesus of Nazareth, the Teacher, the Man.

    "What is the Eucharist? The greatest, holiest miracle of God. It is God. It is God because in the Eucharist is the Son of God, God as the Father, God made flesh out of Love, that is, through God who is Love, and by the work of Love, namely, by the work of the Third Person. It is God because it is a miracle of love, and God is where love is. Love testifies to God more than every word or devotion or act or work. I, the Author of this miracle, which is a witness to the power of God and to his nature, Love, give honor to this miracle. To tell you that it is true, to tell you that it is holy, and to tell you that it should be venerated with the maximum respect. Jesus the Teacher adores his Divine Nature in the Eucharist. This is why I appear to you as the Teacher, not as the glorious Jesus. The glorious Jesus could not adore anything. The adoration of all that exists is directed towards Him, for He is the God who had returned to his Kingdom. But the Son of man can still show his will to venerate the Ark containing Me as God, the Eucharistic Bread, and I do so. To teach you to do so.

    "Why am I on the left? Also to teach you. The priest, while exercising his priestly functions, is worthy of the maximum respect. And I assure you of the fact that I obey his command and descend as Blood to wash your hearts and descend as Flesh to nourish your spirits. Learn from Me, who am humble, to have humility.

    "That's enough for now. Pray. Write what you should write, for afterwards, little John, it will be necessary to work. The Gospel is waiting.

    "Oh, my little John! A seed pearl born in the great sea of pain! But you are destined to become encrusted as a gem in the crown of the Son and the Mother. The more pearls are formed in the sea depths and shaken by profound disturbances extending down to the sea bed, the more beautiful they are. Without them the heart of the oyster would not open, and the nucleus on which pain encrusts the gem would not be deposited in the wound.

    "Tears, tears, Maria! What a thing tears are! They had only one degree less in value than my Blood did. You are redeemed through the Blood of Jesus and the tears of Mary.

    "My peace be with you always."


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    Notebook 1944
    Chapter: All the Lives Created Through and for Christ
    Page: 82

    January 16

    Colossians 1:15-30

    Jesus says:

    “I previously stated on one occasion, when explaining John's Apocalypse, that I am the firstborn of all creatures.  The firstborn because I emerged first from the Father's thought before there was anything else in the heavenly and planetary Universe.  The firstborn because I was the first to be born from the lineage of Adam just as, according to the Father's will, the children of men should have been born: by procreation devoid of sensuality and pain.

    “The heir, who is always the firstborn, is given dominion over all his father's good, and the father, for his beloved one, who is the first to emerge from his love, makes every effort and sacrifice to increase the goods and power of his first son, of the ones destined to bear the name of his lineage.

    “To Me, the heir, the firstborn of the Holy Father, the Father, without sacrifice or effort, gave an infinite realm embracing Earth and Heaven, made up of spiritual creatures and earthly creatures, made up of numberless 'lives,' all of them created perfect by God, Father and Creator, which are the 'lives' of stars and planets revolving through the fields of the heavens and singing the praise of the spheres for God with their eternal swift, shining existence; they are the 'lives' of minute or imposing animals—singing, silent, flying, crawling, wriggling, running, very strong, and very delicate---'lives' that seem to be crags and 'lives' that seem to be flowers which give you flesh, wings, song, help, wool, and honey, which fertilize far-off flowers, which transport and sow seeds from even farther away, which cleanse the waters and the sod, and which join together the continents by crossing deserts and savannahs and forests and mountain ranges with their slow of swift pace.

    “They are vegetable 'lives' giving you shade, delight, food, fire, and furnishings.  They are mineral 'lives' giving you necessary substances. They are microscopic 'lives' not without a reason for existence.  And all of them were created perfect and given to Me by my Father as subjects of the King for whom all things have been made.  They are the perfect 'lives' of the angelic beings, that are my spiritual subjects adoring a gesture of mine, which for them is a command turned into action by the love spurring them on.  They are 'lives' which have reached perfection through Me and their good will and which, having gone back up to Heaven, from which they proceed, constitute my eternal court.

    “They are 'lives' created by continuous generation by my Father: the souls destined to enliven the flesh conceived on earth, which, through Me, will obtain healing from the hereditary bite of Satan and become acceptable again to the Almighty Lord God, future citizens of my Kingdom.

    “For my glory and my joy the Father has created everything, and, like a divine magnet, I attract to Myself all the created things which recognize Me as the One through whom they have life.

    “The first in life, I am also He who was the first to rise from death, on the dawn of the third day, when the corruption of the flesh had not yet begun, since it was not appropriate for my nature to undergo putrefaction.  My flesh was divine on my Father's side and immaculate on my Mother's.  Thus free from the condemnation which makes your bodies—excessively loved by you—a mass of verminous rottenness before making them a heap of calcined bones and, by their slow decay, a heap of pulverized lime—dust.  Nothing more than dust.

    “As the supreme Expiator, I had to undergo death.  As the Redeemer and head of a new religion—my own—I had to give you a sign that it was the only one which was divine. And what sign could be greater than the resurrection after so many pains in death whereby my dying was observed by all, and after a stay of so many hours in the hermetic enclosure of a tomb, under bandages impregnated with aromas whose violence could provoke death by itself?  And who is the one that, without human help, after so much martyrdom, after so much asphyxiation, rises and frees himself, like a giant shaking off the garlands of flowers with which a child has wreathed him, from the bands filled with aromas and the stones riveted over his tomb, and surges up, shaking off the earth in the triumph over death and evil—handsome, healthy, strong, and free?

    “But, beyond this trial, undergone out of love for you—so slow and rebellious as regards Faith—it was not right for the Son of God to experience another trial, and the resurrection followed death just at the sunrise follows the setting of the morning star, and I am the first one to be reborn from death, which could not hold Me in a long embrace, but just for the short time needed to present Myself to mankind as a host in the monstrance, so that it would see the Great Victim and not deny his sacrifice, and worship Me as its God and Victor, for I am the One who, after having created death, gained victory over it; I have it not a curse, but a blessing for the man who dies in Me, since, with the Father's wrath canceled out by the Blood shed from my Cross, death is no longer separation, but union with your Father, with whom I, the Firstborn, have reconciled you by joining your hands to mine, pierced for your sake.

    “I, the Prince of Peace, have brought peace to things, and if you do not have peace, it does not come through a deficiency of mine, but through your iniquity, which prefers evil to good, crime to holiness, and blood to the spirit.

    Peace be with you always


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