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"A Single Judgment and One Life Beyond Death. The Church as the Only Secure Guide. The Lack of Faith of Those Seeking Proofs of the AfterLife."

Notebook: 1943
Chp: Read the Title above
Page: 298

Septmeber 11

Jesus says:

"Many souls are lost because they want 'to seek what is above them, and what is above their capacity for inquiry,' as Sirach says (3:22).

"It's the ancient venom.  Man always...

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A while back I had posted the Holy Face of Jesus from the Shroud of Turin indicating the Cross on Jesus' Forehead.
"For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see."

Apocalypse 7:[3] Saying: Hurt not the earth, nor the sea, nor the trees, till we sign the servants of our God in their foreheads. [4] And I heard the number of them that were signed, an hundred forty-four thousand were signed, of every tribe of the children of Israel.

From St. John's Apocalypse...

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1943: Page 285 Read IT!

Notebook: 1943
Chp: Friendship With Mary
Page: 285

September 3

Jesus says:

"Everything is possible for the Mercy of God and the power of Mary, but why risk eternal life by waiting to obtain the good will of repentance at the hour of death? Wouldn't it be good--since you don't know when your being called to my gates will occur--to be true friends of Mary throughout life and thus have a guarantee of salvation?

"For, I repeat, friendship with Mary...

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Gospel Column Ourlad10

Hail, Mary Mother of Jesus, I entrust myself to you.

Peace be with you always

From Notebook 1943

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1943 Pray This Prayer to Gain Graces to Build up in Your Soul

Gospel Column Monstr11

Eucharistic Adoration of Jesus

From Notebook 1943, October 27

"Learn from Me to say, 'I have ardently desired. I have ardently desired to come to You, Jesus, who remain entirely alone on so many altars, to tell You that I love You with my whole...

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1943 Pray this Prayer Often in a Single Day, Everyday without Failure

Notebook: 1943 June 28
Page: 120
Chp: Prayer to and Vision of the Divine Blood

Gospel Column Sacred10

"In the month about to end, I have spoken to you a great deal about my Heart and about my Body in the Sacrament. Now for the month of the Blood I will have you pray to my Blood. Say the...

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1943 Page 56
Gospel Column Y_holy11

"Many times a day--I cannot say to you, 'At every instant,' but if you were a cherub and not a creature with the weariness of matter, I would say, 'Every instant'--repeat this prayer:

'Jesus, who are struck in our churches by the hand of Satan, I worship you in all the consecrated Hosts scattered and destroyed amidst the ruins....

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Azariah says,

Him, they have the instinctive fear of Him which a wild beast has of man
when the latter bravely goes forward to meet it, with prompt boldness
and defense the beasts' instinctive, raging fear of their tamer, of whose
punishment they are afraid and whose power they sense. They try to
destroy the idea of God with a cunning swipe of their claw, but while
sidestepping it. Too lofty, that Idea; too powerful, that God ... ! It reduces
them to ashes; it crushes them...

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Notebook: 1945
Page: 388
Chp: Full Communion with the Trinity

April 18, 1947

Jesus replies to Maria’s question about if man had not sinned would there be the need for the Eucharist as presented today?

“Indeed! You would have had not the particular communion of the Incarnate Word for his faithful, but total communion with the Most Holy Trinity. For I, in descending as a Host into you, bring threefold and indivisible Love with Me, but I feed you with Myself in...

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We shall use as always the dictations of Maria Valtorta, that's where all the inspirations come from to bring forth.  For Jesus gave her a lot.

Satan, as Jesus says written in the Notebooks is the General pulling the strings behind the scenes.  What is his main purpose?  To snatch souls away from God. All Three, Triune God, Father, the Word-Son, Holy Spirit. 

To ruin God's plan.  To make disasters, desolation, desperation, doubt, despair, every negation of God's ways and teachings, everything. 

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Nov. 18, 1947

Jesus says:

"Listen well, Maria, this is a great lesson: The most proper name of the
Mass or Sacrifice of the Altar, as you all now call it, is the "Breaking of the
Bread." First, because the Mass originated on the evening of Holy
Thursday. And secondly, because the Mass is the perpetual remembrance
of My love which extends beyond that hour and that moment.
My Passion, Crucifixion and Death were the historical hour and moment of
My love, but the...

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Notebook: 1943
Chp:To Choose Between A Blessing and A Curse
Page: 593

December 22

Reference to Deuteronomy Chapters 9-11

Jesus says:

"To recognize the benefits which are received is, even among men, an obligation and a sign of a gracious heart. You judge the ungrateful. And rightly so.

"But, how should God judge, then? When you succeed by God's assistance and see your enterprises prosper, why don't you find a word for Him who has given you that joy?...

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Page: 245
Chp: The Power of the Cross of Christ
March 29 11AM

Jesus says:

"Write: 'Against the power of the Devil, the Cross has all power.' And then describe what you will see.

"It is the week of Passion: the one preparing the triumph of the Cross. The cross is veiled on the altars, but the Crucified One is at work more than ever on his glorious scaffold, behind his veil, for those who love and beseech Him.


I see a young...

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Notebook: 1943
Chapter: The Healing Power of Christ in the Eucharist
Page: 94

Both Species TWO is Necessary to Elevate, Assimilate, Fully and Completely while being Fortified against the Monkey in Hell and all his minions.

Jesus says:

"To sustain physical strength one must nourish the body. The indigent who cannot buy food beg for it from the rich. They usually ask for bread. Without bread life is impossible.

"You are poor people needing food for your souls....

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Book of Daniel

[31]And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall defile the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the continual sacrifice, and they shall place there the abomination unto desolation. [32] And such as deal wickedly against the covenant shall deceitfully dissemble: but the people that know their God shall prevail and succeed. [33] And they that are learned among the people shall teach many: and they shall fall by the sword, and by fire, and by captivity, and...

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This is not a prediction nor such.
It is more like intuition.

The Antichrist makes himself known around the Olympics, is the sense.
But we have to wait and see. Pray that it isn't so.

Peace be with you always

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In Apocalypse starting in Chapter 1 near the end, Jesus is explaining the churches 7 of them.  He describes eaches state.

Synagogues of Satan has several meanings.

The Spirit of the World is Satan.
The world comes into these churches.  Satan enters.
The Blood of Christ is not given to the lay people.  Just the clergy
and deacons receive. This is not the case in all the places.

So it is utmost important for all Catholics to purify themselves of the spirit of the world...

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Jesus says in the works of Maria Valtorta, the Extended Version of the Gospel, The Gospel is the Life of Jesus Christ which is granted to all who come to become Baptized in the Holy Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit who partake of the Sacraments of Love.

From Love comes everything. God is Love. He gives everything for us to become like Him, the Blessed Lord= Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Jesus tells that the Fire of Love is what the Blessed Lord is. Fire Joining the Father,...

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Man needs love, so he can love himself with holy love and purity of heart. Then, he can love others.  The Spirit of Love says so, to love everyone else more than you love yourself. Love, love, love to no end. Even those whom now despise you, hate you, no one is completely evil.  No one is completely love.

God gives love.  Father grant us your love every moment of everyday.  All your wonderful graces so that the peace is always in us overflowing.  Amen.

Overcome the hatred with love.

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The Chance to Return to Christ

Notebook 1943
Page 462
Chp The Chance to Return to Christ

"Go ahead and reject the signs I send you from Heaven and laugh at the celestial warnings. Go ahead and believe everything is licit for you. When you least expect, I will have you experience a sign before which you shall plummet in terror, and the wrath you now unleash against the defenseless will be flung back upon you.

"I am that sign. At my appearance, not on earth-the time has not yet come--but spiritually, to the children...

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Man needs peace in his mind and soul to think and act clearly without obscurity.

Just as man needs light in his mind, soul, psyche to think and see clearly his thoughts, man needs peace. Peace and light both bring clarity and guidance without the obstacles, without hazes, without negativity. It is pure and perfect enlightening the eyes, mind, heart and soul.

Peace perfects acting and loving. Peace gives true guidance and is never rushed nor hurried. It is perfect.

Peace be...

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The mind of man needs light to think and see what it is. Just as our eyes need light to see.

When the mind is darkened, thoughts are obscured. It is hard find things in the dark.

God is Light. The Holy Spirit brings light into the soul of man where in he thinks. or the psyche. Without the Holy Spirit, man lives in darkened state internally.
When Light comes his mind can see and think. The Holy Spirit gives wisdom as a gift to virtuous souls. The Seven Gifts seek them. Intelligence...

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As I pondered what love is, this led me to a higher knowledge and understanding.

God is the Sun of Love. He radiates Love. It is bright and powerful, full of joy and happiness. It is pure. Nothing can touch it to change it.

Heaven is this radiance of God's Love. It covers, penetrates everything in Heaven.

This love, nourishes, gives life. Thus God is Life.

Love then, is life. It gives itself.

Peace be with you always

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Notebook: 1943
Page: 145

Jesus tells Maria, she says:

"Pride kills all virtues, beginning with charity. It thus brings with it a loss of God's light." "The proud," Jesus explains to me, "do not treat the good Father in Heaven with holy respect; they lack merciful instincts towards their brothers and sisters; they think they are above the weaknesses of the flesh and the rules of the Law. They therefore sin continually, and with the same sin which was the cause of the...

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God created Paradise just for man upon the earth.  The Garden is the whole earth.
Be fruitful and multiply, said God.  They were made perfect in everything except love.
God had created them to "grow" in love.  That was it.

The most intelligent and most beautiful angel ever created, Lucifer, was head over all the angels.  He was charged with also taking care of man being the leader of the angels.

He saw God create.  He thought to himself I can do this.  Proud thought emerged in him...

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The Era of Peace

How many souls will make it to the time period? Food for thought Really

Now when the Antichrist comes on the scene, that is when he makes himself known
as the savior of mankind - being false there's only One True Savior - he will make himself as if he is the Christ. Now how many people really are filled with the Holy Spirit? My Sheep know me and they hear my voice. They only hear His Voice and follow His Voice.

How many false christ's will there be prior...

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I believe the last time I checked the census of how many Catholics were in the world, the count was around a billion something.

Edited: August 13. Two Billion Catholics is the current numbers.

So here's the thought that crosses my brain.
If all billion and something Catholics were to truly live as Christ teaches, the world would be a true paradise free from Satan.  Imagine that.  Every one filled and walking in the Spirit.

No poor.  No rich.  No famine.  No evil.  For God would...

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From Book of Wisdom 1st Chapter

[13] For God made not death, neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the living.

[14] For he created all things that they might be:

Verse 12:

[12] Seek not death in the error of your life, neither procure ye destruction by the works of your hands.

Peace be with you always

In Jesus and Mary and Joseph

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