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The Lord Jesus Christ, when He began His ministry right after His Baptism in the river Jordan went to prepare in the desert.
He spent 40 days there fasting, praying, contemplating, meditating for the coming warfare with the enemy of God and Man: Satan and the flesh, the world to save souls and bring them to the Kingdom of God eternally.

Mission Statement
Save souls. Teach. Return Grace to Man. Raise man from mud to spirit. Obey the Laws of God. Create a Church. Give...

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Sometimes we under go tremendous onslaught of the enemy.  It varies in ways and intensity. It can seem to be Religious and of God a spiritual revelation, particularly refined to the point that it seems it is. With the catch phrase seems to be which means it can fool anyone into thinking so.  That God spoke to you. That someone from your past speaks in your mind. It really can be anyone and sound just like them. Jesus explains this as Satan's way of planting into one's mind that persons voice...

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Book of Romans 8th Chapter verses

1 There is now therefore no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not according to the flesh.  2 For the law of the spirit of life, in Christ Jesus, hath delivered me from the law of sin and of death.

5 For they that are according to the flesh, mind the things that are of the flesh; but they that are according to the spirit, mind the things that are of the spirit.

6 For the wisdom of the flesh is death; but...

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Gospel Column Euchar10

In this photo taken, is the image of a true Eucharist. The chalice and the bread which Jesus converts to His Body and Blood of those who hear Him and do as He instructed.

These are then given to His Flock that come to be 'fed'.  Both not one.

When the Lord descends to stand behind the priest...

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Chapter: The Father’s Lesson on the Name of His Son
Page: 612
Notebook 1943

December 29

The Eternal Father Says:

“Write, for there is someone who so desires and thinks of this.

“Paul of Tarsus, at one time a supporter of the synedrium and a relentless persecutor of Christ’s disciples, having returned to the Light by way of a divine thunderbolt and become the tireless Apostle of my Son, in the Areopagus of Athens announced...

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As in the days of Noah, as in the days after Noah of the time of Moses, of the time after the Law, only a few hear and understand.

The Lord said, everything under heaven is for our good because God has so said.  The evil and the good exist.

To find what is good in the evil and turn into good.  Reversing here.  Example: God took the evil done to man and has provided a way out of evil. Such as Pain and suffering done to man can then be used for fasting.  Pain and suffering...

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August 18th,

Jesus is speaking to all who can hear Him.

Today these words come to me:

"Why don't the Mass, the Eucharist, and Confession sanctify you as ought to happen? Because to you they are purely formal acts; you don't make them fruitful through attention to My Word.  Even worse: by lukewarmness, hypocrisy, and more or less serious sin you choke off My Word, which I hurl from the heights of Heaven as a summons and light...

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When the Antichrist comes about, and it is entirely up to man in reality, due to man screaming we want a new king!  God gives to man what man wants most.  If a man and woman wants children and raise a family, God grants. If a man wants to work in factory, God grants. But sometimes God does not grant due to, lack of growth and maturity for one, and other reasons.  And some times, the Devil grants.  God said man should not be alone and that is why He created 'woman'.  Most people don't understand...

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Jesus says:

To love means to live with one’s soul united, fused to a single fire which nourishes another soul. Then in fusion, understanding takes place.

Notebook 1943 page 249 Chapter Victors Over the Beast

Lets think on these things. These are of higher nature of the things of Heaven.  In short the thoughts from the Father given by His Word.

When we actually do read the entire Chapter...

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Picture in your minds eye, the heart of man. Picture in your minds eye the soul/spirit which is similar to a haze of light when regenerated, vivified by Grace. Dark grey and still embryonic or sin laden.

Meditate on this thought: To return to the original thought which God had for man to be as He created man to be.

Lower nature: his flesh which was created beautiful and perfect.
Mid nature: moral compass. Good morals based on God's justice.
Higher nature:...

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We find ourselves, besides ourselves, and we talk to the Lord audibly and sometimes we talk a bit out of turn and overbearing due to the mess we see verses what Christ taught and said to do.

A priest is sacred to the Lord.  A priest that is on the Way to imitating Christ as close as spiritually possible -- nothing is impossible for God, what is impossible for men.  The Power is God's.  The Gift is God's. The Soul belongs to God we are actually care takers of these souls of ours individually....

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I think for most of us, since we are young in Grace learning and growing by levels and stages what it is to live the life God has called us through His Word, the Gospel, we tend to struggle with the lower nature being pulled this way that way to what is our own human egos. We struggle on the ascent. We get confused as to what it is that is really going on with us individually. We are pulled down and upwards. With the higher nature, our spirits ascending, while the lower anchored is such a...

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Jesus specifically speaks about saving the soul. The more humanity living in the world seeks to fulfill and dream of material gain, the more God works to subdue humanity with bits in the mouth of a horse to pull the animal man back to where it the soul can find and regenerate in God. The soul. The animal man, runs amuck, thinking it is the life. The soul is principle of life. It is generated by God and then placed in the one only dust for each human being born of a woman.


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Book 4 518. Going to Tekoah. Old Elianna.

Jesus is speaking to the seven of them:

(1) « I knew. But I wanted to put your sincerity to the test. You would have distressed Me if you had lied… But do not speak any more about him, and particularly in that manner. There are so many good things about which you can speak. Why always de-base oneself to consider what is very, nay, too material? Isaiah says: "Trust no more in man, he has but...

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From Book 1 Chapter 30. The Adoration of the Shepherds

Take a long notice of the angelical choir she is describing.

Starting from the relevant portions where the boy sees the light meshed with the moonlight:

« No. I see something like a body » says one whom I recognise to be the shepherd who gave the milk to Mary.

« It is… it is an angel » shouts the boy. « Here he is, he is coming down, he is coming near… Down! On your knees before the...

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Jesus is speaking at the town of Gibeon:

« The woman of your town who wanted the faculty of speech for her little boy, not because she wished to hear loving words from his lips, but that he might be fit for the service of God, reminds Me of another remote word that flowed from the lips of a great man in this town. God consented to his word, as He did to that of your woman, because in both He saw a request of justice, a justice that should be in all prayers so that God may hear them...

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Jesus speaking to us in many words comments, says,

"You, a finite, imperfect being, no longer exist with your human limitations and imperfections, because you are absorbed, and by yourself have brought yourself to be absorbed by Me.  You see Me in everything--pleasant, unpleasant, joyful, sad--which happens to you.  You act while looking at my Face.  You are fascinated by my Face.  I could guide you with my gaze. With even less: the beating of my Heart of my Love guides you.  You...

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To make more priests for starters.  This one is tough to swallow.

How to visualize this in your soul?

In Heaven for each soul obtaining it through the Religion, the angels adore God in these 'saints.' These saints are then priests in God's court.

A holy nation, a royal priesthood.  All souls who conquer Heaven in the Faith, become these.  This has already been told by the Christ.  How many believe?  A few.  Now the clergy somewhere in times past, were led astray...

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A look back on the conversion process from human ego to spirit.

Being born to atheists and I do not say this lightly, I grew up not knowing Wisdom. Not knowing Love.  God to me was a distant star maybe even  a nebula out past this galaxy if other galaxy's really do exist.

I was drafted into the Episcopal Church by way of a lawyer who had to rescue me from my own self destructive nature.  Atheism is in fact destruction of a true soul which God grants to each of us....

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The Infant Jesus, Child Jesus, says, the world is prickly to His hands which He holds. He switches hands back and forth. He says, it's so cold this globe. Will many of you help Him hold it in turn so He can rest and warm His hands?

Peace be with you always

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Book 4

Not the whole chapter just the points of interest:

Jesus is telling the parable to young children and perhaps the adults are behind these children although it is not said they are:

"The king took him to the desks and read stanzas of poets, episodes of heroes, descriptions of countries.

"Oh! it is beautiful to read. But that is not what I would like.

"What, then? Tell me, and I will give it to you, my boy".

"Oh! I don't...

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God possesses Life, Wisdom, Knowledge infinitely.

The monkey possesses death.

Peace be with you always

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July 1 1943

He further states:

"On saying 'ten just men,' (74) I did not intend to suggest that the place where there are ten just men will be saved. But it may be understood without error that if ten just and generous souls gather together in prayer, with a holy purpose, to request mercy for a place, I will not reject their prayer. Didn't I say that I will hear the prayers offered by several persons in my Name? My words and my promises are unfailing.


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Chapter 510. Among the Ruins of a Destroyed Village.

12th October 1946.

I do not know in which place is Jesus. He is certainly in the mountains, in a place de-serted after it was destroyed either by a cataclysm or by active war. And I would say that the latter is the more likely cause, because the ruins of the houses show signs of fire in the ceilings protected from rain and still visible through the tangle of bramble, ivy and other creepers and parasitic plants, which...

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Notebook 1943
Page 472
Chapter: The Church of Rome at the End Time

November 11

Jesus says:

"Let us together propel our gaze into the times which, like a placid dawn following a stormy night, will precede the Day of the Lord. You will no longer be present (referencing: Maria). But from the place of your rest you will exult over it, for you will see man's combat nearing its end and sorrow fading to give the living time to fortify themselves for the last...

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Notebook: 1943
Page: 311
Chp: Commentary On Joel: Spiritual and Physical Gifts in the Last Times

September 16

Jesus says:

"It is not in the sense in which you understand it. The hour of peace and forgiveness will come for you Italians too; the hour will come in which you will again form an alliance with the Lord, after having been in the hands of Satan, who has mistreated you like a skein of thread in the hands of a furious madman. But the words of...

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The Lord Jesus has told us that, hordes of men and evil demons, will become wild like beasts, ravaging the world during the time of evil.

Possessed by evil spirits.

What's this like?  Read Jesus words about these in the Notebooks in Poem of the Man-God.  Legion and the other called Beelzebub master of the world in the Poem of the Man-God.  Chapters like in Book 4 Diabolical and Divine Possessions.  

Do you want to exorcise demons? Be an exclusive exorcist for...

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Jesus tells us so much in so few words, regarding Mary His Mother, how everything the Mother asks God, The Son grants.  Many do not understand this very grand point.

Some instances inspired by the Holy Spirit:

1 Wedding at Cana. 'Mother, what have I to do with you?'  Means, softly, 'Mother what is it you need?'

2 Jesus says, to My Mother nothing is denied Her.

3 Jesus says as the Word of the Father Salvation is in Mary, through Her. This is the crux...

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For centuries, Christians, have been reading about the Diabolical Monstrosity coming to become incarnate.  Satan's son. The Antichrist.

When taking the time to read the accounts of those who believed it was near, they truly thought they were at the doorsteps of this taking place.  But, in each account there lacked the finer nuggets, not all conditions were present.  As always, man is tempted by others to 'predict' when this will actually occur.

The Prophets whom God...

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Mary of Magdala was the former her former alias name, the lost child of Theophilus. A child of God caught in the throes of vice.

She Mary as Jesus said to Mary Valtorta, her nature is to love and was caught in vice of sensuality a most heinous octopus that strangles a soul, taking its life essence. Being fooled, into thinking it was love. Satan's illusionary ways to use good for evil.  Eclipse.  Hey!  Here's how to get much love as you want! Try this vice, you can come back for more!...

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Notebook: 1944
Chapter: Jesus' Explanation of Hell
Page: 75-80

paragraph from it;

January 15 1944

Jesus says:

"Their malice, instructed by Satan, whose servants or slaves they are (according to the degree of adherence to the desires and suggestions of the Evil One), does not want these acts of withdrawal and turning back on themselves. It thus cancels out faith in Hell as it really is and manufactures another one--if it goes so far...

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Apocalypse 17

1 And there came one of the seven angels, who had the seven vials, and spoke with me, saying: Come, I will shew thee the condemnation of the great harlot, who sitteth upon many waters,  2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication; and they who inhabit the earth, have been made drunk with the wine of her whoredom.  3 And he took me away in spirit into the desert. And I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having...

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Book 4
Chapter: 504. Jesus, Light of the World.

28th September 1946.

Jesus is still in Jerusalem, but not in the courts of the Temple. He is in a beautifully decorated vast room, one of the many to be found within the enclosure, which is as large as a village.

He has just gone in and is still walking beside the person who invited Him to go in probably to protect Him from the cold wind blowing on the Moriah, and He is followed by the apostles and some disciples....

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Excerpt from Notebook 1943
Chapter: The Parable of the Sower: Rationalism as the Most Pernicious Heresy. The "Thicket" of Human Erudition. -
"Worshipers of Human Idols." Those Imprudently Accepting All Doctrines.

Page: 461 midway

Not the whole but a paragraph

Jesus says:

"Blessed are those who not only love You--O Thought of the Father whom Love makes the Word--in the hours of joy, but who even before there is joy, even under...

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It seems that from some perspective, perhaps other perspectives, for Christians to be on high spirits, an emotional high of human proportions.

The human senses, was created to be a good for the spirit of man where good affections and sentiments of a good heart strong in love, wise and virtuous would be evident. Peace and joy. Kindness of heart, soft spoken, compassionate. Some other words, gentle, tender, affectionate with each word. Showing that goodness from a well formed heart....

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Psalm 61

1 Unto the end, for Idithun, a psalm of David. 2 Shall not my soul be subject to God? for from him is my salvation. 3 For he is my God and my saviour: he is my protector, I shall be moved no more. 4 How long do you rush in upon a man? you all kill, as if you were thrusting down a leaning wall, and a tottering fence. 5 But they have thought to cast away my price; I ran in thirst: they blessed with their mouth, but cursed with their heart.

6 But be thou,...

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Well, this is a well not thought of thought.

Adam and Eve, became atheists when they forsook God's loving advice.  An atheist does not believe God nor in God, nor keeps God's words.  Filiation.  Grace is God. Grace is Love. Grace is Wisdom. Grace creates life and gives life and nourishes the life of the soul. Grace is union, fusion with God and having His greatest gift and gifts.  Grace is what brings filiation with God. Once Grace departs due to ones will, one chooses ones own way....

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Jesus said:

God created Heaven to be peopled with man and woman.  The earth was created to have man and woman, and then man and woman would procreate new citizens for Heaven which the Lord God had made just for man.  

From the earth where Man's body is created, and when the time was right, God would then 'superhumanize' the clothing, making it glorified to endure and last forever.  The naked body wrapped around the soul.  

Popcorn, starts from a seed and...

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It is love.

Jesus says:

« The just are always wise, because, as friends of God, they live in His company and are taught by Him, yes, by Him, Infinite Wisdom.

My grandparents were just and therefore they possessed wisdom. They could quote accurately from the Book, singing the praises of Wisdom from its context: "She it was I loved and searched for from my youth: I resolved to have her as my bride".

Anne of Aaron was the strong woman of whom our Ancestor...

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For God said, to have love, one must ask for love.  

Some words from Jesus:

"Write this alone.  God's designs possess a mysterious, holy necessity, and only in the other life will they appear clear to you.  They sometime seem to have a strange inconsistency.  They seem so to you because you look at everything with human eyes.  However, the whole succession of events is a harmonious, just concatenation from which human and suprahuman destiny comes.  Destiny comes because,...

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The Apocalypse of St John (Revelation) next >
< prev Chapter 18 next >

The fall of Babylon. Kings and merchants lament over her.

1 And after these things, I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power: and the earth was enlightened with his glory.  2 And he cried out with a strong voice, saying: Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen; and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every...

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Colossians 1:28

26 The mystery which hath been hidden from ages and generations, but now is manifested to his saints,  
27 To whom God would make known the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ, in you the hope of glory.  
28 Whom we preach, admonishing every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.  
29 Wherein also I labour, striving according to his working which he worketh...

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Adam and Eve were created in Grace and had Grace.  They tasted how good the Lord is.  They had all the wisdom God supplied for them.  They were fused with knowledge of how God created the Universe, the earth, animals, fish, birds and with one exception: How God made man. The details here.  Genesis simply states, from the slime of the earth, God formed man's body and the blew the breath of life into his nostrils.  Mud and God's Breath..

What is mud?

What is God's breath?

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Jesus took ordinary men and converted them to extraordinary men.

The 12 Apostles, one of which chose otherwise, and was 'replaced' --were ordinary men, who were raised in the Law of God.
The whole nation of Israel God chose from and we read the history of how it all began. From this nation born after the other raised on the Law of God, did Jesus chose these men. They knew the scrolls, it was impressed into their hearts. They studied and remembered His Law. The point being 'His...

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Book 4 Chapter 500. Divine and Diabolical Possessions.

25th September 1946.

The Bethabara ford has just been crossed. Across the blue river which is quite rich in water as it is nourished by the affluents replenished by the autumn rains, one can see the other bank, the eastern one, with many people gesticulating. On the western bank, instead, where Jesus is with His apostles, there is only one shepherd and a herd grazing the green grass on the bank.


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Meditating and being led by the Holy Spirit, Job's life wherein he met misfortunes, losses, humiliation, and reduction of family members, is similar to what God suffers as God, not in human terms but is closely resembled.

God being perfect in every category, and yet has souls which comes from Him.  How many lost? How many seduced? How many humiliated and met with great misfortunes, when God gave them life to find and enjoy Him? The loss of children to seduction.

This particular...

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This is fact.

Let's now read an excerpt from the words of Poem.

To fill in the scene a bit, this comes from the Bread of Heaven chapter of book 3.

Jesus is explaining certain important dogmas of the olden days concerning the Immanuel, the Christ of God, the Messiah as He is able to transubstantiate Himself to become food for men whole and entire to return man back to 'origin.' Which to date is still denied by men in the Faith. As Jesus calls these types, Pharisees.

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Jesus said, the Holy Spirit is the great love of the Father and the Son, and It is its own Person. The Third Person, generated from the two Loves. Constant, and always.

The Holy Spirit, possesses the Fathers Thought and Intelligence, the creative, the justice, the goodness, the love and all the virtues and many more from the Father.

The Holy Spirit, possesses the Word and Wisdom of the Son, the Mercy, the Intelligence, wisdom, virtues, love and many more we simply do not...

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First, the goal, the objective, has always been to blend in the reality here in our posts.  The reality of Apocalypse; the truth about our origin; the way to have God and enjoy Him starting here; as God created the earth for man to be fruitful and multiply to obtain God and Heaven.  We truly have been, and are, living in Apocalyptic times according to Our Lord and Our Lady in Heaven who seek to have all man with a soul, saved.

The world of man, that is, all souls out in the world,...

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St. John's Gospel

Chapter 1:4-5

4 In him was life, and the life was the light of men.

5 And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

Life is the light for man. God is Light and Life. Jesus became Life and Light for all men who so desire this Life and this Light.

The darkness cannot comprehend the Light. It cannot overtake it, null out of existence from ever shining. Light and dark have nothing in common....

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