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    The Universal Shepherd


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    The Universal Shepherd Empty The Universal Shepherd

    Post by Poem Mon Apr 29, 2024 12:02 am

    After other miracles mostly on little children, women, old people, Jesus speaks.

    « You have seen the miracle of fractured bones being rejoined and of dead limbs be-coming alive again. The Lord has granted you to see that to confirm the faith of those who believe and to excite it in those who do not possess it. And miracles have been granted to people from every place, as they came here seeking health, urged by their faith in My healing power. There are here Judaeans and Galileans, Lebaneses and Syro-Phoenicians, people from remote Batanaea and from the seacoast. And they have all come here heedless of the season and of the long journey and their relatives have come with them, without grumbling, without regretting the work interrupted or the business neglected. Because their sacrifices were nothing as compared with what they were seeking. And as the selfishness and perplexities of man have vanished, so their political or religious ideas have disappeared, whereas they previously formed a kind of wall built to prevent them from considering themselves all brothers, all alike in life and in sorrow, in wishing and hoping for health and comfort. And to those who have joined together in hope, which is already faith, I have granted health and comfort. Because it is fair that it should be so.

    I am the universal Shepherd and I must gather together all the sheep that want to join My flock. I make no distinction between healthy and sick, weak and strong sheep, between sheep that know Me, because they already belong to the herd of God, and sheep that up to the present moment did not know Me and did not even know the true God. Because I am the Shepherd of Mankind, and I accept My sheep from wherever they are and come to Me. Are they poor, dirty, downhearted, ignorant sheep, beaten by shepherds who did not love them and rejected them saying that they were unclean? There is no uncleanliness that cannot be cleansed. And there is no uncleanliness that, wanting to be cleansed and asking for help to be so, can be rejected with the excuse that it is such. It is God Who rouses good wishes. If He rouses them, it means that He wants them to become real. It is the very Spirit of God that with ineffable prayers asks all men to be absorbed by the Love, because the Spirit of God wishes to spread about and become rich. To spread about by loving an infinite number of beings, hardly sufficient to give solace to His Infinity of Love, and to become rich with an unlimited number of beings attracted to Him by the sweetness of His perfumes.

    No one is allowed to scorn and reject those who want to join the holy flock. I say this for those among you in whose hearts the ideas of many Israelites may be cultivated, ideas of distinction and of judgements not pleasing to God, because they are the opposite of His design to make of all the peoples one People only, bearing the Name of the Messiah sent by Him.

    But I will now speak also to those who have come from abroad, to the sheep so far wild and who now wish to enter the only herd of the Only Shepherd. And I say: let nothing discourage them, let nothing humiliate them. There is no heathenism, no idolatry, no life different from what I teach, that cannot be repudiated and rejected, allowing the spirit to put new vigour and faith into its life, free from all evil plants, in order to be fit to receive the new seeds and to clothe itself with new uniforms. And that should urge people to come to Me, more than their desire to have health for their bodies.

    As - and let this apply to the Hebrews of Palestine, to the Hebrews and proselytes of the Diaspora, and to the Gentiles - as you come to Me to have the yoke of diseases removed from your sick bodies, so you should come to have the yoke of sin and heathenism removed from your spirits. You ought all to ask of Me as first thing, and want it with all-your strength, to be freed from what makes your spirits slaves to wicked forces that dominate them. You ought to want that liberation as first thing, and want the Kingdom in you as first miracle. Because, once you have this Kingdom in you, everything else will be given, and in such a way that the gift may not be heavy like a punishment in the future life. You did not mind the inclement weather, fatigue, loss of money, providing you obtained the health of your bodies which, even if they have been cured today, will perish through physical death in the near future. With the same hearts you ought to face everything in order to obtain health for your spirits, and eternal Life, and the possession of the Kingdom of God.

    What are mockery or threats of relatives or fellow-citizens, or of mighty people, as compared with what you will all have, from whichever place you may come, if you are able to come to the Truth and Life? Who would prefer to stay for one day at a feast that ends at sunset, instead of going to a place where he knew that a happy life was awaiting him? And yet many do that. And to become satiated, for a short time, with the insipid vain joys of the world, they give up going where they would find true food, true health, true joy for ever, and without any fear of being deprived of it by hostile hatred. In the Kingdom of God, there is no hatred, no war, no abuse of pow-er. Those who succeed in entering it, will no longer experience sorrow, anxiety, abuse, but will possess the joyful peace emanating from My Father.

    I will now dismiss you. Go. Go back to your villages. My disciples are now numerous and are spread all over every region in Palestine. Listen to them, if you want to be-come acquainted with My Doctrine and be ready for the day of decision, on which the eternal life of many will depend. I give you My peace that it may come with you. »

    And Jesus, after blessing the crowd, goes back to the house…

    Book 4, 529 Jesus Speaks to Valeria of Matrimony and Divorce. The Miracle of Little Levi.

    Peace be with you always


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    The Universal Shepherd Empty Re: The Universal Shepherd

    Post by Poem Mon Apr 29, 2024 12:16 am

    1 It is God Who rouses good wishes. 2 If He rouses them, it means that He wants them to become real. 3 It is the very Spirit of God that with ineffable prayers asks all men to be absorbed by the Love, because the Spirit of God wishes to spread about and be-come rich. 4 To spread about by loving an infinite number of beings, hardly sufficient to give solace to His Infinity of Love, and to become rich with an unlimited number of beings attracted to Him by the sweetness of His perfumes.

    It is God Who rouses good wishes.  Thoughts that come gently to a soul when they are feeling unclean worthless, sinful, more metaphors to describe that-- feel that like Judas Iscariot cannot be forgiven after much sinning and the grand betrayal and hangs himself? Judas Iscariot was prophesied and had a purpose but, he also had many tries to become the Apostle which he was chosen by The Redeemer, Savior the Head Vicar, the Eternal Pontiff to be.  He straddled the line but was more like Pharisees than Christ.

    As Jesus and Mary have said, there are more Judas's than Jesus'.  Jesus said to the Apostles that were present in Book 4 of Poem and not the new books, 'You must attend this school.'  They all complained about the Iscariot. Many of them felt he did not belong in this group. However God chose Iscariot to show them, --we have to realize that the Apostles were the very first ones and prior to there was no Gospel nor men to teach salvation, redemption of this kind and magnitude.  So here, with Christ in the flesh, this teaching is taking place to inform, show, for us to 'observe' and act of the very many Judases that are present in our lives, in our world to aid them to becoming like 'Christ'.  Christ likeness.  We just may not notice at first or recognize it. But they are there. They are those who want both to enjoy lasciviousness and justice in God. They want it for themselves and not be one or the other. They want Satan's lusts, and God's salvation.  They mistake lust as love, and love as lust.  Misconstrued.  Satan is the eclipser, the Seducer, he twists good into seeing it his way. Laced with lusts.  Such as: oh! isn't that fruit just special--poisoned apple--, you won't die, --just die later and eternally--here take and eat. Ah! isn't it delicious! Have more! Eat up.   Becomes insatiable, makes one quake with fevers in the flesh. Got to have more! Like is that way.

    After betraying.  After so much or so little depending on your justice.

    Are you a wild colt? Perhaps spun too many wild oats? Feeling that you are so unclean that nothing can cleanse you to take the heaviness from you? 

    The miracle comes from God and not ourselves.  God is God the Supreme Being the All the Bounty for us all.  Not bounty hunter, but Bounty where all of our supplies come from supernaturally.

    We are created spirits in flesh. God is Spirit, His interest is our spirits to evolve them, supercreate them as we spirit upwards transforming as we rise in the vortex spiraling upwards, being lifted upwards to loftiness like the meek Shepherd. All He has acquire and been given is ours He says. What is mine is yours if you do what I command you to.  He is the Good Shepherd.  What is a shepherd?  He tends the flock, feeds, them talks to them, guards them, protects them, nourishes them, watches over them each one.

    So if you hear and sense tender good rousing, God is wanting you to do so to become holy, pure, good, loving kind, peaceful.  The Spirit of the Father.

    Peace be with you always


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    The Universal Shepherd Empty Re: The Universal Shepherd

    Post by Poem Mon May 06, 2024 5:44 pm

    In one of the Notebooks and I believe in the 4th Book of Poem of the Man-God ? which has been posted on this site:

    Jesus said, in spirituality there is no sensuality--orgies with your partner: man and woman - husband and wife.

    From a another perspective: A romper room festivity in ones home until one or the other is Burnt tired, the feeling has died down. Temporarily satisfied until the next injection. Vice runs around in the blood of human veins. The heart gets dosed and then grows nasty vines, couchgrass, darnel, so forth. The heart. The soul is fused to the heart. Vice enslaves the entire being not just some part, the whole.

    The incredible I gotta have it has been gratified for the time until the next episode. Insatiability is a word used in short to not be able to be satisfied ever. Means there's a next or it is continuous without stopping. Thus an infinite craving of the wrong kind that causes one to focus on that craving blinding everything else. Like tunnel vision to one thing of the flesh and it's sense in this case. For the proud in mind it is the same for power, a thing, a something other than sensual.

    There are several vices and not every person has the same insatiability to sensual acts.

    Pride is lust of the mind.
    Lust is anything and everything flesh minded even idolizing some idol. Idolatry.

    These words are used by God to show man he is reduced to pettiness of the Devil. God is telling man that man has the ability to rise above this pettiness. The Image and Likeness of God. To rely and go with God's answer not Satan's. To have faith in something greater than himself and the demon. The demon is a roaring lion that if succumbed to bites ones head and this is real. A Spiritual Demon that captures the spirit of the man by luring to something that is an illusion but to that person 'seems' real.

    For instance example: A woman is chaste has not indulged in lusts of any kind. She is good willed, has good morals, is upright, firm and is virtuous, is strong in virtues: Virtues repels and tramples on vices and the demon gets tired of shooting arrows at her. She doesn't feel them. Her armor is thick. The demon does his best to flash some idea into her to capture her. Her virtues are too strong and her reasoning is second to none. Quite firm. She loves and is good. Her goodness tramples here over all the power of the enemy because she is quite simply good. God is with her even though she may not go to Mass, doesn't believe in today's messed up religions that are too confusing, but God is telling her heart to be good and remain virtuous. She is assured each time she is met and overcomes some malicious act to try to bend her to sin.

    She is able to overcome and the more she repels the more grace strengthens her. She is a just in God but unknown to the rest. And her soul, her spirit is wise intelligent. God is with the good of the earth.
    She probably finds marriage today a disgusting thing because of the many issues: divorce, money, so forth.

     In reality marriage is meant for those who love and understand it true meaning and want to assist God in filling up Heaven. Like Anne and Joachim Mary's parents. In Heaven there is no sensuality.  One thing is said by Jesus about marriage for those in the Faith: it is originally meant to be eternal and forever. Just because a spouse goes ahead of the other doesn't mean eternally separated. God meant for marriage to start on this earth and then carry on to the New Earth after all the children have grown up from one generation to the last. One big large huge family eternally together. An eternal thought. God is Eternity. God is Eternal. Thus He created in Eternity as Eternal.

    To get assist in this for those who do not understand the word orgy from God's perspective as it is thought of in the human perspective.

    Orgy from a human perspective seems to mean it is group copulation with many partners married or otherwise.  An orgy is thought of with more than two bodies.

    From God's perspective it is sensuality with your partner. Bed becomes the orgy center.  Might as well plaster a sign above the bedroom door, the door, the floor and have arrows painted pointing to the center of orgy.

    Takes a while to form this thought from group copulation to just you and partner.  Husband and wife.

    Marriage is meant for to procreate; is to keep chasteness purity.  The pure in heart shall see God. It does not say the husband and wife who lust after each other shall see God.  Lust makes one soiled. Lust is a vice from Satanic Hell. A tool of Satan's; his sorcery.  To procreate is God's order and command: Be fruitful and multiply.  God's command and order does not say have orgies be sensual run amuck with lewdness, lasciviousness, immorality.  One vice leads to another.

    It really takes time to accept and make this new thought. Others ignore it.  Parents, husband and wives must remain chaste after each try to procreate and not give into the senses to be enslaved to Satan. Satan rules over those who are sensual.  

    Jesus said, Satan rules those who make the bed an orgy > sensuality.  That sensuality is the carrier for all the vices.  With the exception of those who are proud or otherwise not sensual who love other things and find copulation disgusting.

    Peace be with you always

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