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    What is the Mark of The Beast?


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    What is the Mark of The Beast? Empty What is the Mark of The Beast?

    Post by Poem

    Jesus in His comments to Maria, eludes to this.

    The Beast is first and foremost Satan.  He's called this because of the definition of beast derives from him.  He is the first beast and the subsequent beasts that are his followers.
    He is the first heretic. He is the many 'first' of Negation Evil.

    Jesus reveals this and the Bible says this too.

    The mark of the Beast is really Satans name.

    In Apocalypse we read 'until the forehead of the saints' have been marked by the angels with the Tau Jesus's Sign.  

    Jesus reveals that the name Satan is burned into his forehead by God's finger.

    Jesus tells us that when we become Baptized, His Sign the Tau, or Cross has been etched on our souls.

    And this can be erased by denying God and walking with the worlders and Satan. 
    Souls can then be engraved with the Mark of the Beast, which is Satan's name.

    The time of the Antichrist is Satan's 3 and 1/2 hours on earth. Or 3 and 1/2 years. Which God speeds up time for the right reasons which are His alone.

    So we have here a delusioned state to think about. Illusion to be disillusioned.

    The time of Disma factor which is on now, is at my deathbed I repent and see the light.
    Did not store up treasures for Heaven. But lived for things that decompose and return to the earth.  Rust and dust.  You live for God now, all the good you do is rewarded.

    Soul vs Soul, Hell vs Heaven. Satan vs God and His Christ.  

    Those who have true faith in Christ are in Christ. His mystical Body.  Not ours. Not the Sanhedrin recreated and made global under Heretics and Deniers.

    Which Mark is yours? 

    Peace be with you always

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    Post Mon Sep 13, 2021 11:39 pm by Poem

    Notebook 1945-1950
    Page 139

    Jesus continues:

    "Tell Father this, though: that Satan is not only crafty and envious, but he is an intelligent spirit. He did not lose this quality of his from the time when he was a shining archangel.  It is only that; he now uses it for evil.  And he knows.  Beforehand.  If he did not identify Me as the Christ before the hour, it is because an operation of special divine power took place in my favor.  But as soon as my mission as a prophet and just one was manifested, he understood Me.

    "Do you...do you know when yours began? No, you don't know.  But he saw it when it first flamed up and began his work.  And so it is with many things.  Satan is shrewd and circles tirelessly around souls to eavesdrop on their secret conversations with God, which take place even without the awareness of the very creature who possesses the soul that is in conversation with God.

    Page 143

    "I said, while thinking of you, 'In illnesses Satan often hides to torture and bring people to curse the Lord.'

    "One thing is to be tormented, and another is to want to be tormented.  The former is a misfortune which does not go beyond the earthly day and often ceases before.  The latter is a sin because it is 'connivance with the will of Satan.'

    Chp: What Satan's Name Means
    Page: 147

    December 29

    Jesus says:

    "The primitive name was Lucifer: in the mind of God it meant 'ensign or bearer of light'--that is, of God, for God is Light.  Second in beauty amid all that is, he was a pure mirror reflecting unendurable Beauty.  In missions to men he would have been the executor of God's will, the messenger of the decrees of goodness which the Creator would have transmitted to his blessed, sinless children, to lead them higher and higher in his likeness.  The bearer of light, with the rays of this divine light which he bore, would have spoken to men, and they, devoid of sins, would have understood these flashing's of harmonious words, all of them love and rejoicing.

    "On seeing himself in God, seeing himself in himself, and seeing himself in his companions--for God enveloped him in his light and delighted in the splendor of his archangel--and because the angels venerated him as the most perfect mirror of God, he admired himself.  He should have admired God alone.  But in the being of all that is created all good and wicked forces are present and churn together until one of the two parts overcomes to yield good or evil, as all gaseous elements are present in the atmosphere because they are necessary.  Lucifer attracted pride to himself.  He cultivated and extended it.  He made it into a weapon and a seduction.  He wanted more than he had.  He wanted everything--he was already so much.  He seduced the less attentive among his companions.  He distracted them from contemplating God as supreme Beauty.  Knowing the future wonders of God, he wanted to be in God's place.  He saw himself, with his disturbed thoughts, as at the head of the future men, worshiped as the supreme power.  He thought, 'I know God's secret. I know the words. The design is known to me.  I can do all that He wills.   As I presided at the first creative operations, I can proceed.  'I am.'  The words that only God can say were the cry of the ruin of the proud one.  And he was Satan.

    "He was 'Satan.'  In all truth I tell you that the name of Satan was not given by man, though, by the order and will of God, he gave a name to all that knew to exist and still baptizes his discoveries with names created by himself.  In all truth I tell you that the name of Satan comes directly from God, and it is one of the first revelations God made to the spirit of his poor son wandering over the earth.  And as my Most Holy Name has a meaning which I once mentioned to you, now listen to the meaning of this horrendous name.  Write as I tell you:

    S A T A N
    Sacrilege Proud Atheism Adverse Turpitude Tempter and Traitor Anticharity Avid Negation  [E]nemy

    "This is Satan.  And this is what those sick with Satanism are.  And he is also seduction, craftiness, darkness, agility, and iniquity.  The five accursed letters forming his name, written with fire on his brow stricken by a lightning bolt. The five accursed characteristics of the Corrupter against which my five blessed Wounds flame out, saving with their pain whoever wants to be saved from what Satan continually injects.

    "The names 'demon,' 'devil,' and 'Beelzebub' can pertain to all the spirits of darkness.  But this alone is 'his' name.  And in Heaven he is named by that name alone, for there the language of God is spoken, in loving fidelity, to indicate what is intended as well, as God conceived it.

    "He is the 'Contrary One.'  The one contrary to God. The one that is the opposite of God.  And every action by him is the antithesis of God's actions.  And every rumination by him involves leading men to be contrary to God.  This is what Satan is.  He is 'a setting himself against Me' in action.  He sets the threefold concupiscence against my three theological virtues; the serpentine breeding ground of his horrible vices against the four cardinal virtues and all the others issuing forth from Me.

    "But, as charity is said to be the greatest of all the virtues, so I say that the greatest of its anti-virtues and the one most repulsive to Me is pride.  Because all evil has come through it.  I therefore say that, whereas I still make allowances for the weakness of the flesh which yields to the incitement of lust, I say that I cannot make allowances for the pride which seeks to compete with God, as a new Satan.  Do I strike you as unjust? I am not.  Consider that at root lust is a vice of the lower part which in some has an extremely voracious appetite, satisfied in moments of overwhelming brutishness. But pride is a vice of the higher part, consummated with sharp, lucid intelligence, premeditated and enduring.  It damages the part which most resembles God.  It tramples on the gem given by God. It communicates a likeness to Satan.  It sows pain more than the flesh does. For the flesh can make a wife, a woman, suffer. But pride can cause victims in whole continents, in every class of people.  Because of pride man has been ruined and the world will perish.  Because of pride faith languishes. Pride: the most direct emanation of Satan.

    "I have forgiven the the great sinners of the senses because they were devoid of spiritual pride. But I could not redeem Dorcas, Jocanah, Sadoc, Eli, and others like them because they were 'the proud.'

    Peace be with you always

    Post Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:59 pm by Poem

    The Beast is Satan, the Antichrist is Satan incarnate in flesh.

    The false prophet is one who was the one who came from Satanic origins disguised as a sheep.  Affiliation with Satan and the Satanic forces.  

    But this is always the case.  Satan is intelligent, astute, crafty, tireless.

    He is the Rebellious one, the Envious one, and the one who proclaimed to Christ I will knock down your Sign.  And my sign will replace it, I will stand over the ruins.

    So you see, soul vs soul, Satan vs God and His Christ, Hell vs Heaven.

    Heaven gives Eternal Life,
    Hell gives Eternal Damnation.

    Your choice

    Peace be with you always

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    Post Fri Sep 17, 2021 12:42 am by Poem

    We have witnessed, fallen priests, the church in the US being humiliated by their acts of satanism. We have witnessed, false teachings, the Gospel being changed, the words rewritten, on and on.  

    We have faith in God but our minds are tuned still to earthly things, to relax, become comfortable to watch it all happen.

    A farmer that is active in his work, doesn't stay still for one moment he is daily actively concerned for his crop. it is his work given to him. It is his obedience to the work that yields good crop. All the intricacies, all the time, all the tools, all concerned about the crop which is given to man to eat to sustain his body.

    But the Heavenly Farmer is concerned for souls. His crop. He tenderly gently tenders them and has given charge to men while he is away.  Faithfulness is must for these whom have been graciously given charge.

    The idle shepherd are those who sit idly by while others suffer and gain merits.
    They say all manner of words, like charlatans and do very little for souls which the Heavenly Farmer sees. They have their portion.

    The sheep in wolves clothing are those whom Satan has set in. They say all manner of words that make sound like true sheep. But their actions give them away.  Fruits.  They have secret lives which once the sheeps clothing comes off they are living this secret life.  Pharisees.

    The Gospel teaches Wisdom it says, to not be naive and blind. It says know and understand what is in the world but do not become partakers of the world.

    When the Lord Jesus spoke these words, "unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you will not have life in you" many of the disciples left for they thought with human minds.  Of course Jesus knew.

    So when we yield to human minds, is when you fall down. Why do you care about earthly riches?
    It is not the Gospel.

    I come for spirits your souls. To raise them up from the dead. To bring you to the Eternal Kingdom, a forever Good beyond this earthly existence.

    The Gospel is the Teacher. It came to give life for souls.

    When the Gospel is used for human thinking, it yields no souls to raise from the dead.

    The flesh benefits because that is what man is. A soul with a flesh body.

    Life for your souls.  The flesh is your garment a very special one.

    John the Baptist spoke, and was asked by the Pharisees who are you?
    I am one that proclaims the Messiah in the wilderness.

    And there was none greater then John the Baptist as Jesus has spoken.

    John the Baptist was the precursor to the Christ, baptizing souls to prepare them for new times of Christ.  Paradox.

    Time change.

    Life institution.

    The Life.

    To bring man out of Hell and possession of the entity called "Death."

    Which spreads like wild fire consuming the earth.

    The crop are mostly ready for the pasturages of the abyss, bad crop, rotten fruits.

    Yet, the Lord says, he will have the greatest number of from this Apocalypse.

    Why?  Disma Factor for those whom are like them, and those who are of good will, who see religion is corrupted.

    How many will deny the Beast?  Only those bent on being slaves will not deny the Beast.

    There are morally guided souls.  They have small sins, venial ones, but really bothers them when they offend someone. They have good will.

    They do not deny the existence of God.  

    When we read the Poem of the Man-God, Christ speaks clearly about becoming true believers.  To put the plough to the field and work till one drops from working. The angel coming to take your soul to heaven.

    The work needed to maintain and increase your faith, your love, your belief.

    To have God reflected perfectly in your soul.  This work.

    So God the Father can look at your soul and see Perfection reflected, Love.
    You have reached the pinnacle of Love with the Love.  Love is then very beautiful, perfect, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, just like Your Father. The affections of true love. Where the Father bends down and gives a warm embrace and places you into His Bosom. Forever Loved, never having to experience another dreadful, miserable lonely life.  But always 'loved'.  

    When one reaches the pinnacle of Love, one loves and is loved simultaneously.

    The Beast was loved, but gave up love to become Hatred.  Apart from the Love, one cannot be 'love.'

    Love must be nurtured. I want to love, and love correctly.

    Peace be with you always


    Post Fri Sep 17, 2021 1:02 am by Poem

    Affiliation with Satan. In God's eyes, anything to do with Evil is Satanic adherence.
    Anything. To lie, brings Satan, to have not faith, brings Satan, to disobey brings Satan, to be rebellious is Satan, to be stubborn is Satan. The character and attributes.

    Thus to have Christs character and attributes sets you apart in Gods eyes.

    Charming the Snake.

    Playing with fire.

    Thus they will be removed by the Desolate one. In God's hands, a instrument of good.
    It gets rid of evil.  Evil to remove evil. Fire to purge.

    God brought Salvation to spread over all the earth. To bless the souls.  To have Life starting on the earth then transport directly to heaven.  This is the Gospel.

    Jesus says, to love the Gospel.  

    Peace be with you always

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    Post Sat Sep 18, 2021 4:57 am by Poem

    Now the Visions are as follows but reveals, the names on the foreheads. Whether they are actually seen by men, is not known, But for certain God sees and the angels.  

    We are not allowed to see the spectacle in Hell, for one look and all bloody hell would erupt.  There is a reason why.  It is quite to hot for human sensation. Hell is a place to be sentenced to not to visit.  There is the molten lava, that is pretty scorching. Hell is beyond molten lava, magma, and the earth's core.  But it's there. Lava gives some perspective. This lava exists.  

    Name of God on their foreheads

    Name of the Beast stamped on their foreheads, image of the beast.  Name of the Beast,
    is Satana  6 letters, Not continuous.   This particular name is not used much, in fact Jesus referred to this name once.  I don't recall which Notebook.

    Jesus or Gesu, Christ or Cristo.

    the Immanuel.  8 Letters, Perfection.  Continuous lines.
    Which Christ is always the Immanuel.

    For those who can see and hear.  

    "And on her forehead a name was written: A mystery; Babylon the great, the mother of the fornications, and the abominations of the earth."
    [Apocalypse (Revelation) 17]

    "And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire, and them that had overcome the beast, and his image, and the number of his name, standing on the sea of glass, having the harps of God:"
    [Apocalypse (Revelation) 15]

    "They shall see his face: and his name shall be on their foreheads."
    [Apocalypse (Revelation) 22]

    "And I beheld, and lo a lamb stood upon mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty-four thousand, having his name, and the name of his Father, written on their foreheads."
    [Apocalypse (Revelation) 14]

    Peace be with you always


    Post Wed Sep 22, 2021 11:15 pm by Poem

    It's all Spiritual Warfare.  Read up

    God puts His Avatar's name or the other name on your forehead.

    Which one do you want?

    Satan Beast

    Or Christ Jesus

    It is time to act

    Peace be with you always


    Post Wed Sep 22, 2021 11:17 pm by Poem

    Remember Antichrist is real

    He is the Negation to the Christ.

    Time to stop living for your fleshly existence, get wings on your souls and fly with the Holy Word and the Holy Spirit in communion with the Father.

    Peace be with you always


    Post Fri Jan 07, 2022 6:19 am by Poem

    God said, Let us make man in our image and likeness.

    Satan does this too. But he does not state this as he is not God nor did he create man.

    He comes to negate God's image and likeness. He succeeded with Adam changed the image and likeness, damaged it, dishonored it, ruined it. Thus Grace departed.

    Cain is the direct productive of Sin, Sin is Death. Wages of sin is death.

    Thus, Satan through Seduction had corrupted the image and likeness.

    So if you remain Stained, you remain with a tainted image and may not have the likeness of God.

    To have the Likeness of God is to be just and faithful to God obeying His Law. To conform, transform, convert.

    Peace be with you always


    Post Mon Jan 15, 2024 6:52 pm by Poem

    the Name Satana as promised above here it is from page 620. Please take the time to Read and Meditate

    Page 620-621 last chapter of the Notebook 1945-50
    Chapter on 'The Apocalypse of St. John the Apostle"

    Jesus continues:

    "How many sacred numbers there were in Israel! And each with its symbol, which was later transferred to the new Church. Three (3) Seven (7) Twelve (12) Seventy-two (72) And, in the future times, there will shine fourth the truth about the numbers which are still obscure that are contained in Apocalypse, numbers which stand for Infinite Perfection and Holiness, and Impiety, which is also without measure.

    Jehoshua = Perfection, Holiness, Salvation, a name with eight letters.

    Satana = Impiety, the enemy of the human race, the perfection of evil, a name with six-letters.

    And since the former is the name of the most perfect Goodness, and the latter, of most perfect Evil--that is, measureless--each of them multiplies by three, the number of perfection, the number of its letters, and the former becomes 888, and the later becomes 666. And woe, woe four times over, to those days when Infinite Goodness and unlimited Evil will fight their final battle before the definitive victory of Goodness and those who are Good and the definitive defeat of Evil and his Servants!"

    "All the horror and blood there have been on earth since the Creator made it will be nothing in comparison to the horror of the ultimate struggle. For this reason, Jesus the Master spoke so clearly to his followers when he predicted the last times. To prepare men for the final struggles, in which only those with intrepid faith, burning charity, and unshakeable hope will be able to persevere without falling into damnation and merit Heaven.

    "For this reason--since the world is descending deeper and deeper into the abyss, into non-faith or excessively weak faith, and charity and hope languish in too many and in many are already dead--through every means an effort should be made for God to be more greatly known, loved, and followed. What the Priest--avoided or not heeded by too many--cannot obtain, can be gained by the press and books in which the Word of God is again presented to the multitudes.

    "A word sometimes suffices to lift up the fallen spirit, lead a straying person back onto the right path, and prevent the definitive suicide of a soul.

    "For this reason, God, who sees and knows everything about men, with the means of his Infinite Charity reveals his thoughts and his desire to souls chosen by Him for this mission and does not want his help to remain inactive and suffers on seeing that what would be the bread of salvation for many is not given to them.

    "Languishing souls' need for spiritual food is constantly growing. But the choice grain given by God remains locked up and useless, and weakness is increasing, and the number of those perishing, not so much in this life as in the other, goes on growing."

    "When, through truer, vaster, and deeper knowledge of Christ, when, through final removal of the seals over that which is a source of life, holiness, and eternal salvation, will a multitude of souls be able to sing the hymns of joy, blessing, and glory to God, who helped them to be saved and to form part of the People of the Saints?

    "With what words and looks will the Eternal Judge speak and gaze at those who by their will prevented many from being saved? In what manner will He demand from them an accounting of those who failed to possess Heaven because they, like the scribes and Pharisees of old, closed off in the face of people the way that could have led them to the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 23:13), and, in both voluntarily blinding their eyes and hardening their hearts (Isaiah 6:10), they did not want to see or understand?

    "Too late and to no avail they will beat their breasts and ask for forgiveness for the way they acted.

    "Judgment will by then have been given and will be irrevocable, and they will have to expiate their guilt and also pay for those whom, by their way of acting, they kept them from finding God and being saved."

    Peace be with you always


    Post Sun Mar 24, 2024 12:25 am by Poem

    (1) "The dragon hisses, 'Bite, man, bite into the fruit which will make you a god.' And you bite. You do not know that you are eating your condemnation. You develop a semi-divine ingeniousness, it is true; you have wrested many secrets from the universe and have enslaved the forces of nature. But, lacking the counterpoise of love in your knowledge, your knowledge has become only destructive power. And Satan hisses his joy because in your discoveries he sees his sign negating God. His sign alone."

    Notebook 1943, Chapter: Knowledge As Destruction When Deprived of The Spirit of Love. Page 66.

    (2) "Woe to those who deny the Name and offend it by substituting the demoniacal sign of Satan for this Name,which is holy, or who simply allow spiritual lanquor to forget it as if a corrosive substance were erasing it from their self, which has Life through that Name. Death, true Death, awaits the deniers of the name of my Son, to whom I have submitted all power and all judgment and in whose Name my Majesty bows at each miracle, as in the Universe every creature out to bow in holy and loving worship."

    Notebook 1943, Chapter: The Father's Lesson on the Name of His Son. Page 613.

    The sign of the beast is a demoniacal sign. The Son of Satan who Satan becomes incarnate in whose name looks like perhaps may be Satana or similar. Could be hidden using the name of the actual persons who becomes habitation of Satan.

    God is Three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each having their own self but is always in union never separated even when Christ endured His Passion. A mystery which only God can explain. Jesus always had Grace it never departed from Him, because He never sinned the first and only reason why Grace would depart. Sin creates separation. Jesus became the Lamb of God without sin, because a sinner cannot atone for anyone's sins. Thus, a priest in sin, cannot take Confession from a sinner. Sinless Lamb of God.

    Jesus was entirely the Man-God before His death. When His Spirit as God and the Soul of a Man (man is two parts flesh and soul) returned to His dead body, and revived it to resurrect the dead lifeless body, He became God-Man.

    Satan is only one being not three beings. He has cohorts of fallen angels which simulate God in three persons is perhaps what is being eluded here. Satan is not God but tries to emulate God. A demon can in no wise can become God in Three Persons much less split himself into 3 persons to emulate God in Three Persons. Not possible in any life time. But Satan emulates a voice by planting thoughts into man to emulate and recall a voice so the person thinks they are hearing that person. By a thought planted into the persons mind. This is different from the vices of the flesh one has planted and lived succumbing to the voices of lust. When one is living a life of vices, one is susceptible to all the enemies ways. Thus, their minds are converted to Satanism, a false god and falsehood.

    Satan works to destroy every good in the person and when his work has succeeded internally speaking destroying virtues, he comes in some form of, with the power of hatred and violence to force a being, bending its will power to submit to this spiritual bomb to act out in violence. Such examples: one is betrayed and left with emptiness, then this spirit comes by way of an demon to overwhelm the person, by the thoughts of betrayal. Works on the thought here. Negation. To Negate every good to ruin it and plant vice of violent hatred.
    The actual what happened as basis.

    Thus, during the Antichrists reign, this happens world wide to all that are not in Grace, that do not have strong good will and reasoning mind, that are weakened by continued sinful living. Ripe for the pasturage of hell. Instead of conquering, one is conquered by this demon and his demons. Man-demon and demons flying around.

    Modernism is instigated by Satan. A seduction.

    Peace be with you always

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