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    The Eucharist


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    The Eucharist Euchar10

    In this photo taken, is the image of a true Eucharist. The chalice and the bread which Jesus converts to His Body and Blood of those who hear Him and do as He instructed.

    These are then given to His Flock that come to be 'fed'.  Both not one.

    When the Lord descends to stand behind the priest that keeps His words and does as instructed the Flock are then infused with Him. He comes in the Fullness of which He has taught. This being the greatest miracle to 'recreate' man to the image and likeness with which God had in mind for man to be.  God's sons.  Spirits in flesh, clothed.

    The Lord Jesus is the Light of the world.  He comes as Sun to each soul when received this way.  He remains. He doesn't disappear but becomes food and is assimilated into each person.  A fusion process which God only understands the true fusion process.  Its definition and its complex work to produce a new for the fallen man.

    God does nothing without purpose.  His purpose is always good and perfect for an imperfect being to become 'perfect.' However, not in the image and likeness of the fallen Adam, but the New Adam.

    One of the imperfections that is evident which needs to be removed made null, canceled is disobedience.

    God created man to obey a 'thought.'  The spirit of man has to obey a thought to produce an active action. So with his will man then acts on the thought.  If one obeys a thought to wake up from sleep one obeys this thought. The consequence of not waking up is to remain sleeping. His will is then, not seconding the thought. But is disobeying this thought, by his inaction of will. Will to then wake up.

    It is by natural creation that an being obeys some thought. A thought must be present and the will must second the thought.
    Wisdom speaks in the children whose will follow the Thought of the Father.   To be like God.

    We obey good or evil thoughts, and second it by willing the thought to fruition.

    Jesus calls it our conscientious will.  The will.  Thus, with evil thoughts one wills evil action.  Many lessons which the Word and Wisdom of the Father teaches.

    So here we have the Eucharist which a thought produced an active good will for us to remember Him who is going away in physical form, but has remained in the Supernatural Form. A most incredible form to give each man woman and child new life. To recreate man to the image and likeness of the Son of God.  Love Him and to be like Him. To resemble His likeness, to assimilate all His goodness.

    Peace be with you always

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