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    August 18th,

    Jesus is speaking to all who can hear Him.

    Today these words come to me:

    "Why don't the Mass, the Eucharist, and Confession sanctify you as ought to happen? Because to you they are purely formal acts; you don't make them fruitful through attention to My Word.  Even worse: by lukewarmness, hypocrisy, and more or less serious sin you choke off My Word, which I hurl from the heights of Heaven as a summons and light for you."

    "You do not love Me--that's all there is to it.  To love doesn't means a superficial visit of worldly courtesy from time to time.  To love means to live with one's soul united, fused to a single fire which nourishes another soul.  Then, in fusion, understanding takes place."

    "I no longer speak from afar, from the heights of the heavens, but take up My Dwelling--and with Me, the Father, Spirit for we are one single reality--in the hearts of those who love Me and My Word is no longer a whisper but a full Voice no longer isolated but continuous.  I am then the true Master.  I am the One who twenty centuries ago tirelessly spoke to the crowds and who know finds his delight in speaking to his beloved ones who are able to listen to Him, and I make them into my channels of grace."

    First of all when Jesus says, Eucharist He means take and eat, take and drink.  After all the counsels He gave, man of the cloth decides to listen no longer to Him but another.  Thus, many thousands are starving from lack of this Food.  The idle shepherds come to mind.  The Lord is the supplier of all from His Bounty for His Flock. He gave in the complex situation man lives in, in 'simplicity'.  A simple Antidote to man.  The All gave Himself in reality if you pay attention to the above, 'for We are One Reality.'  This is complex to man to think and absorb. It was for me and still is because of the way I think.  The Lord is One God, Three Persons.  So I think of God as Three Persons rather than One Single Reality.

    But if man of god fails to give what Christ ordered the Apostles, --what God says is always an order to be taken for the good--then man fails in keeping the faith, the Way, the Truth, the Life. Christ, His words are to be taken literally not any other way. And when man decides man is clever and takes a shortcut, you cut all off from, and speak and act no longer the truth. You then speak your cleverness and this is an heresy. Because you do not maintain. You are then undisciplined. Disciple means to follow a certain set discipline that keeps one from being wild colts.

    When I first baptize myself with a cup of water through the faith given to me, I myself was reborn right then. (My situation was dire but I had the New Testament) God forgave all my sins with one thought from my heart, I am a sinner and I do not want to be one any longer.

    The heart is complex in its thinking has many thoughts not just one or two, but many. Who can count them? Only God. God hears our hearts.  He hears good and bad thoughts.  The evil will is present in man. With the flesh one tends to this if he is a wild colt. The good willed are different, they have good moral standards. The flesh is a base creature it cannot understand the spiritual, it is made from mud, mud only understands mud.  The human ego is built everyday if it remains without the spirit being reborn.  The human ego is used by Satan to live Satan's idea of life because it is not spirit it is entirely human lower nature that is the point of intrusion and the target is the soul. The morals get corrupted if it was once good. Sin corrupts thoroughly.

    The soul remains an embryo.  It needs to grow and be the only ego crushing and annulling the human lower ego. It is complex to talk about, in fact St. Paul did his best to explain it but, only through the union with God, can one understand in fusion what this really is.  Individually.  Many have tried to explain it but cannot fully due to the complexity of it.  God created man.  Man tries to live as flesh only and for the majority this is the case. He thinks he is flesh no soul.  Evidently thinking that life is given and made in the flesh.  No physical proof of a soul.  However, no man has gone to hell and returned. No man has gone to limbo and descended to speak, except those raised from the dead.  We have Lazarus and the few little ones in the Gospel. Then we have the King who rose and speaks and appears to this or that soul at His discretion. The King descends by way of the Eucharist, a more personal way for us in our current situation. (if I explain it will be pages)

    So after this baptism, my spirit came alive.  I had another thought that was not from my own human side, its ego, but from my spirits ego. Reborn in spirit to God. Now I need real Food here for my soul.

    Reading the Gospel, I sought to do as written. The teachings of Christ, His Life, His words. I gathered with Protestants, yet I noticed I was not growing in spirit, there was lacking the Food.

    Years past since I became real Catholic. And upon my first communion I was given a piece of a wafer and no chalice. So I questioned the priest. He gave the speech.  I was not convinced, because Christ said, 'unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you and I cannot raise you up on the last day.
    St. Peter and the Apostles were questioned by the Pharisees and told to stop speaking about Christ. St. Peter said, I obey God. He knew the truth, was then gifted by the Holy Spirit, had Eucharist daily, he had the power from Christ, the Food, the Holy Spirit, the Word of the Father living in his heart. The Holy Spirit alighted St. Peter and the 11 Apostles, they two had The Christ as Food and Word alive in them. Living in them no longer speaking to them from afar but, 'in them.'

    The Life is Christ. Jesus says, I am the Way, the Truth and the "LIFE".  To recreate man Christ gives us His Perfect Flesh, Perfect Blood, Perfect Essence, unstained uncorrupted incorruptible period.

    Man reads he is a sinner and stays embryonic doesn't experience the Way the Truth, the "LIFE". He lives as this thought and doesn't graduate: I am a sinner. He remains a regenerated soul but- embryonic. Still a infant in and out of the womb in this case. He does come to what Jesus says above.  He is then his worst own enemy. The ego so proud. No humility, cannot hear Jesus coming from them. You hear them the man, not the spirit of God. Despair is pride, doubt is pride, in fact sin originated from a disobedient self interest. Fear to be afraid. Satanic origin is fear of this kind. Despair, doubt is Satanic, of atheism. The True Faith says, one thought, there is no negativity there is no negation going on. Faith, Hope, Charity. Christ had to suffer. We suffer as well but, Christ makes it possible for us because He is the fortress, He allows us to trample on the Enemy by Having Him in Us. Christ is us the hope of glory. God is the Fortress, the Single Reality. St. Peter and the Apostles having Christ in Them a more personal depth here, then tramples allover the Enemy. And they had the Holy Spirit upon them and in them. So the Single Reality they possessed and God possessed them, the right kind of possession and obsession.

    When one does as Jesus teaches, the soul becomes a spirit of God. You hear the Jesus in them, you hear his Wisdom in them, you see a resemblance of Christ in them. Any word of Christ which they may have for you. You hear the Wisdom of God, the Justice of God, the virtues in them, you really hear in spirit. You can then know who is of Christ. The Holy Spirit takes the Word and amplifies it, makes it clear and understandable for man below Heaven. [St. Johns Gospel]

    Reborn, attached in union with this Singe Fire to be nourished. Nourishment is required to grow and sustain life. The spirit has to mature to adult.

    The fight and struggle is internal to man. Two natures exists that fights against each other.  Human ego vs. spirits ego.  Those not regenerated, reborn in spirit, its spirit cries out but is drowned out by the human ego.
    A carnal being.  The carnal--mud--created from mud--. Mud does not ascend. The spirit does.  The mud becomes glorified for eternal habitation(s)--two eternal end points--the then separated and made a kingdom of the Abyss of fire and brimstone hundreds of times worse and atrocious then the present Hell, who's king is Satan with his burnt to ash subjects.

    Once the spirits ego is set 'free'--I came to set you free says Jesus, Jesus is right here in the words talking about His interest, the spirit, I came to raise the dead spirits, I am King of Spirits says Jesus, Not your flesh-- does 'benefit'.  It is not God's true interest, but, those that arise and ascend, their flesh becomes a glorious adornment to the soul.  King wearing his mantle.  Queens wearing their mantles.  Example, kings wear a cloak that is plush in past days.  But this plush is from God in Heaven, adorned with rubies, emeralds, etc., as read in Apocalypse.  Mediate on these things says, St. Paul, on the things above--meaning of God what is God, not the plush crown, garments, cloak, these are gifts which the Father adorns.

    In Heaven The Lamb of God is adorned by the Father with pearls, gold, the finest. The little kings also get adorned as little lambs of God--for those that were the little copies of Jesus.  

    The priests are this bunch, and those whom saved many souls in many a fashion.  For those who truly love Jesus, they are the holy nation, a royal priesthood, the true Faithful.

    The Four Evangelists speak and resound Christ's Life and are His little lambs to the End Days. They bring Christ to life for us. His words.  His teaching, His example.  

    The Gospel states, man to be reborn, what is this? To be reborn in his soul, and then alive and vivified by Grace through Eucharist. Jesus is God and God is Grace. Then attached to Him fused to Him and the Holy Spirit who is the love of the Father and the Son. The mysterious power of Third Person of the Trinity.  The Fire of Love. The Third Person who created an embryo in the holy womb of Mary.

    The Gospel states that man is a prodigal son. The Gospel states, that man must be fused to the Christ in Eucharist, in Body and Blood.  Then spiritual sense says, Christ is giving us His flesh and blood and Himself as God for God cannot separate one from the other. But mans says he can.  So man thinking here he is better than God, wiser than God, rather than obeying God.

    Peace be with you always

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