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    Find the Good in Evil


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    Find the Good in Evil Empty Find the Good in Evil

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    As in the days of Noah, as in the days after Noah of the time of Moses, of the time after the Law, only a few hear and understand.

    The Lord said, everything under heaven is for our good because God has so said.  The evil and the good exist.

    To find what is good in the evil and turn into good.  Reversing here.  Example: God took the evil done to man and has provided a way out of evil. Such as Pain and suffering done to man can then be used for fasting.  Pain and suffering causes one to either, become empathetic or more resentful. An evil done to man, pain and suffering. Evil made it's mark in man leaving its gifts as so said.  Evil gifts. Satan mimics God as much as possible to lure man to his side.  He takes the good and passes evil through a good thought as was done with Jesus. As was done with Eve. As in done in all generations of the children of Adam. The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It knows both but chooses to do evil. Because it became the avatar of Evil.  Always using what is present in our world. He takes a woman for example and says, isn't she a beautiful? All the details to make it sound so sweet and good. He did this with Jesus. And not only woman, but, afterwards, money, power, riches!  Oh, this will make your woman happy.  Power! Seek power! Become the magistrate, the governor, the congressman, the senator! Use the power to impress her! Do it man!  So Satan took what God created as 'good' and turns into evil use through his cunning.  Pretty crafty.

    Here it is the most pernicious lure of them all.  Money.  It is worth nothing actually it is paper and metal sitting in wallets, on top tables, in purses, in bank accounts, in cash registers, in pockets, etc.,.  The love of money is the root of all evils.  What happens?  Money is a love. After a while that's what happens. We are created with affection, sentiments to attach. These are subtle so subtle one does not notice it has taken place.  That is life. To attach originally freely to one other in holiness, purity of heart, mind and soul. Intelligently, integrity, justice, -- and finally it leads to love.  Money is a thing that drives people to work, to steal, to rob, to do harm, because in the spoofing that has happened, man is forced to believe this is the only way to have life on planet earth. Without it, cannot get a loan to get the mortgage, pay the rent,  lease a car, an office space, buy food, so forth.  Forced.  Satan forces. God does not. Man was given one test: the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil to stay clear of it. From it came every evil known to man.  Whatever is not holy and pure, justice, Wisdom is not of God and comes from the pit, the abyss where the monkey of God exists to give his advice. Then, if you listen to it, it then has poisoned your heart and mind. Thus so much here.  So much.

    Free will.

    Some man in times past, got an idea called a way to barter to trade. But the thought actually came from the pit.  A value is placed on the worth here. An illusion.  Whereas before all this they worked and everything did not cost a penny.  The value system was different entirely. They had to work to eat to build shelter, clothing so forth.  They did not have cars, tools as we do today, electricity, fans, motors, so forth. They had nature full and bare. No pollution.

    These thoughts along these line:  I have to work to feed myself, to build a home, make clothing, shoes, everything else to live in some form of comfort.  I have to protect myself and family from the cold, the heat, dog days, wild animals.

    God punished Adam for disobeying, tossed him out of Eden and said, you shall work for your food, home, etc.,.  Later on, this thought comes, why do I have to work? I want something for my hard work!  Therein led to what is eventually called money. Progressed to this word.

    So, God allows this since free will exists for man, he didn't listen to God anyway.  God gave the command and man did not listen.  God punished man, and many men still don't like it. Why do I have to work!  How many countless souls have thought this?  Thousands.  Sin, came in.  What happened during Noah's time that God wiped them all out?  Sin. They lived according to the senses of the flesh.  They did not work.  They had orgies.

    Work is a punishment by God for disobedience.  Sin called lusts exists. If man doesn't work, he spends his days loitering and having orgies among other things.  Something to occupy his time, he's bored. He is separated from God, not alive and thriving and enjoying God. He tends to the lower nature, his fleshly senses.  He is devoid of holiness, purity, goodness, higher thinking, wisdomless, no justice, lack of so much good. Though he possesses a soul that comes from Divine Providence.

    Money then is allowed by God because it gives incentive to work. It teaches all kinds of things we do not really meditate on. It becomes a good when good will is applied.  The reasons we know why because it has to be earned to pay for our existence on the miserable earth with sin galore.   The worldly man doesn't understand. He is born and then taught to earn, make a living and what for he says?  

    Sin brought all this.

    So money which is slavery of the highest kind, so subtle and real. because it leads to every dangerous vice.  The reality. Man decided to be ruled by Satan and Satan's spittle is money the means to lure to greed, avarice and every lust.

    Thus, we who come to the light and God shows us, that if we use money as a means to and not the sole reason of existence, it is an evil, and to take this evil and turn and use it for good. To use it as coins for heavenly charity.  Charity, corporeal works to use for spiritual works of charity.  To not attach to it. But to use it as would someone who eats and drinks to exist.  A means for good. To help the dying, the sick, the orphans, the widows, the homeless, as Jesus shows us in His Life -- the Gospels. His teachings for to guide man to justice in God. He teaches man to conquer his lower nature, learn good morals, changing the way he thinks. New thoughts must be made. His will must be changed. It seems impossible. But nothing is impossible to God. God is the Bounty.

    In previous times of the past, people had ways around money. They had their farms in the back yard and they traded things for things.   But it has been in use for generations. Those attracted to earthly glory.

    For Gods Just, the faithful and the Just, they only desire to do God's will.  They see the good in everything. Because they do not have the Negation. They are not ruled by Satan.

    Jesus said, Satan rules over those that are sensual. And that sensuality is the carrier of all vices.  7 capital vices: Pride, lust, envy, anger, covetousness, gluttony and sloth. These are the major branches the opposites of faith, hope, charity, temperance, prudence, justice and fortitude. The just in God have these 7 virtues and God talks to these just souls. Teaches them guides them, protects them, loves them. Heaven is theirs.

    So, I do not want to be ruled by Satan. Is this your thought as well?

    Peace be with you always

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