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    A look back on the conversion process from human ego to spirit.

    Being born to atheists and I do not say this lightly, I grew up not knowing Wisdom. Not knowing Love.  God to me was a distant star maybe even  a nebula out past this galaxy if other galaxy's really do exist.

    I was drafted into the Episcopal Church by way of a lawyer who had to rescue me from my own self destructive nature.  Atheism is in fact destruction of a true soul which God grants to each of us. Without the One who gives Wisdom, a soul is actually dead to Him after the soul enters a graceless womb, wherein the parents of this flesh's infant are atheists themselves.  I spent much time watching movies and television shows made by other atheists who do not believe in God nor know God.  I say 'nor know God' because I found out that those who 'know' God, have a lot to say about God, just as any person that knows another person that talks about them in a good loving way. Can't stop thinking about them, because they genuinely love that person.  Genuine love.  An atheist does love another person whether atheist or not atheist but, I tell you, love is in those whom are genuine people.  Thousands of us humans are in fact atheists.  Adam's first son was an atheist and had jealousy towards his brother.  Adam's children were Adam's children and not as God would have wanted man to be born.  That is by God's Grace.  This is most difficult to see and accept that God wanted all children born of a woman be like Mary giving birth to Jesus similar.  The issue is, Satan instigated Eve to have intercourse with Adam.  The Evil instructed by some powerful sorcery and words rather than God through the Holy Spirit Grace.  As Jesus explained how perfect the First two were in creation unstained, innocent, no incentives to lusts, prior to the Evil One, they were fresh like dew on the grass that was untainted.  Perfect in creation, but not perfected in Love.  That was the goal of God's for them. To become perfected in 'love.' Obedience is where they had failed.

    As a result of their failure, as Jesus explained about Daniel's vision concerning the 4 beasts, the first one is referring to man who was a demigod, losing grace, and becoming atheists, the denial of God.  Adam and Eve denied God in reality.  If I do not accept your word as truth, then I reject it outright. Because, I don't agree and I have other interests.  However you may rationalize these thoughts I just presented if you do not accept what God has stated, you reject it.  Simple.  I may later realize what God said was 'truth' because He told me what would happen if I chose otherwise.  I wanted another way.  So we find that through this first rejection led to 'death' and many evils.

    As parents who know what will happen to their child if they do something in error (name it) the same did God with Adam and Eve. He knew the Evil there presented itself as lure and falsehood, spoke to them and commanded them, His most dear children, so as not to not lose them, and enter some hell on earth and for the rest of those coming afterwards, simple words which they being the First ones created in perfection with no memory or other mental issues, would understand perfectly.  So we see Adam saying the woman, you gave me did this and I ate as well. She brought this fruit which seemed good but turned quickly into a terrible mistake.  Instead of saying to God, I made a mistake, they blamed.  So we see this trait here passed on to rest of rest.  Blaming.  

    When converting to the true Faith here, after having lived as human being in the human ego, a process takes place, where we undergo, ego change.  This is perhaps hard to even describe.  Once we were gong ho, now we are not so gong ho. A change is taking place from lower to higher nature where the lower human nature is slowly but surely becoming lesser and lesser.  What John the Baptist used, I must become lesser and He must become greater. But an ego personality change.  A new character being formed the soul coming to life from embryo taking over. I noticed I could not act in the old human ego because my soul's ego had taken over. What is going on? The old man is going bye bye.  St. Paul talks about this as well. His old self, being sunk to the grave sort to speak so his soul's ego would rise. The old person who had been living and this is tough because the old guy is no longer in charge, the new guy is and has nothing to do with the old one.  I just watched in my mind this old guy not able to say a word. It is there in memory but has nothing to do with the new guy, the regenerated soul coming to life.  The old has to be fully buried.  The prayer of Jesus which St. Azaraiah gave to Maria and is in that book.  

    'Teach me to do your Will. Teach me to live; teach me to suffer; teach me to obey; teach me to die. First to myself, and then to all that could seduce me and resurrect the human ego. Teach me, so that "the precepts of your mouth which I have repeated for everyone' may burst into flower, first of all in the pure field of my heart, and prosper and bear fruit of eternal life without birds, thorns, darnel, couch grass, and passers-by destroying what You have sown in me.'

    When we truly convert from the old to the new, we encounter the human ego, we don't know that it is this we are noticing within.

    Jesus talks about this as well. We get an idea from this chapter: Man's Two Opposed Memories in the Quadranetti Notebook which is not being sold any longer.  Yet, we really do not understand well enough to identify it properly. We just notice this part of us that is unable to make any decisions to act any longer.  It just feels dead and you hear the thoughts like watching a vision inside sinking, sunk, is now below whereas before it was in the limelight the main person with all it's thoughts.

    The human ego cannot ever rise again. It wreaks havoc.  It is self seeking, self embellishing monster that has no wisdom.

    The human ego is what St. Azaraiah's book calls it.  The prayer of the Great Victim.  St. Paul calls is entirely something else in his epistle to the Romans.

    It is really the exchange of presence in us.  The human ego versus the spiritual ego.  The human is straw, it only seeks what is below to gratify it's satiation.  Hunger. The lower nature associated with the flesh which enters into the mind of the soul and takes it over so we do not really understand this at all.  We go through the process not really able to identify what is going on to us. Ego vs ego. Man's Two Opposed Memories is what Jesus calls it.  Memory of humanity and memory of the soul.  What a mess!  

    Jesus in the Eucharist 'Bread and Wine' aids us in conquering the human ego.  Where only 1 species is presented, you get only a bread piece, the bread and no Body.  He simply doesn't honor this priests sacrilege is direly disgusted in an disobedient shepherd and does not come down to transubstantiate the Bread and the Wine.  How is this possible? Obedience to His Command. Simple. Adam and Eve did not obey God and look where mankind is.  Disobedience leads to 'death.'  Loss of Grace. And then loss of Heaven.  If Jesus had not come, those in Limbo would still be there. Those in Purgatory would still be there.  The act of Adam and Eve was a very big no no which we do not really understand the consequences at all.  Their act has lead to Atheism being the predominant occult and irreligion.  

    More on this as we progress in the thought.  

    Peace be with you always

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    Post Thu Feb 08, 2024 6:24 pm by Poem

    Jesus the Word of The Father, The Wisdom of the Father says, Grace is strength for the entire man: soul and flesh and blood. Makes the flesh ennobled, gives refreshing waters, increases spiritual strength, gives Wisdom, increases Supernatural Love, gives the Word of the Father Made Flesh.  

    Some people mistake greatly when Jesus says, I am the Bread of Heaven.  Thinking Body of Christ as Bread only not the other most important portion: His Blood. Oh, Bread of Heaven. The Lord spoke to those of His Time on earth, which understood Bread meaning the 'meal' which includes other substances to eat and drink. A meal consists of in general food and drink. Food to eat and drink to aid. Two. This is a great error and tremendous mistake passed on.  They go as far as concluding that in the Bread Body Blood Soul and Divinity exists so one is necessary. But they have concluded by their own and not lead by the Holy Lord God.  Their conclusion.  A Pharisaical act in the end.  

    The Lord specifically said take and eat, take and drink. I will then raise you up on the last day. What is the last day?  Well when your soul departs the flesh which ended.  And the Last Day which is Judgment Day to bring all those who fed on Him into Everlasting Life.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post Thu Feb 08, 2024 6:38 pm by Poem

    One of the very important teachings and all His teachings are very important, of Christ which He taught the Apostles is, the more a soul wants to be with Jesus, and is advancing on the Way, the more the Monkey of Hell is intrigued and is 'new' prey. Satan, works up his appetite here and goes a 'fishin' for new meat. Countless ways Satan works to make a Christian fall.

    This is no longer taught, the clergy are so fat with idols and human science that they deny the Devil is working to snatch souls away from God, Christ, The Church. Pompous. They call it something else. Human science in the works here. Well who created man and spirits? the Universe? These are more lost then who knows! Lost.

    Jesus rebuked the Pharisees at the Temple in Jerusalem many times. But they did not understand because they were looking for the Earthly Empire. A Chosen Race to Rule over the rest of mankind and be better than the Gentiles. Wrong kind of Pride here. Humility did not pass down properly from Moses. So this thought, which causes great harm to Religion propagates down through the generations to the Last Day of the Earth. Read the comments by Jesus about this in the Notebook. The Word of God knows the Future. God already has said in many words, the Future is only known by Him. Thus the books of The Prophets telling of the future on earth for every one to read and exercise wisdom and good judgment.

    The summary here: the world of man many souls are lost over all the time on earth from beginning to end. Lost. Few make it compared to the countless many.

    It is clearly written. Yet, ignored. This ignoring is what creates the few who make it, and the many who do not. Ignorance.

    Peace be with you always


    Post Thu Feb 08, 2024 7:09 pm by Poem

    « Come, then! What are you afraid of? »

    « I don't know… I don't know myself… I ask and ask… And every time, while it seems easy to me and I make up my mind to come when I hear You, afterwards, thinking it over, and what is even worse, when I ask this one and that one, it seems too difficult to me. »

    « I will tell you how that happens: it is a snare of the demon to prevent you from coming. He frightens you with phantasms, he confounds you, he makes you ask those who are in need of Light as you are… Why did you not come to Me direct? »

    « Because… I was… not afraid, but… Our priests and rabbis! So difficult and proud! And You… I did not dare to approach You. But yesterday at Emmaus!… I think that I understood that I must not be afraid. And now I am here, to ask You what I would like to know. One of Your apostles, a short time ago, said to me: "Go and do not be afraid. He is kind also to sinners". And another one said: "Make Him happy by confiding in Him. Those who confide in Him find Him kinder than a mother". And another one said: "I do not know whether I am mistaken, but I tell you that He will say to you that perfection is to love". That is what your apostles said, at least some of them, who are kinder than the disciples. But not all of them, because among Your disciples there are some who sound like the echo of Your voice, but they are too few. And among the apostles there are some who… frighten a poor man like me. One said to me with a smile, which was not a kind one: "You want to become perfect? We, His apostles are not, and you want to be so? It's impossible". If the others had not spoken to me, I would have run away, completely discouraged. But I am trying for the last time… and if You also tell me that it is impossible… »

    « Son, and is it possible that I came to propose impossible things to men? Who do you think it was that put in your heart the desire to become perfect? Your own heart? »

    « No, Lord. I think it was You with Your words. »

    « So are the desire for perfection and humility obstacles to becoming perfect? »

    « No, son. The desire and humility are not obstacles. On the contrary one must strive to have them in a very deep but orderly way. They are orderly when they do not imply heedless haste, unfounded dejection, doubts and lack of confidence such as believing that, because of his imperfection, man cannot become perfect. All virtues are necessary, as well as the desire to achieve justice. »

    « Yes. Also those whom I questioned told me that. They told me that is was necessary to be virtuous. But some said that one virtue was necessary, some another, and they all maintained the absolute necessity of having that one, which they said was indispensable to be saints. And that frightened me, because how can one have all the virtues in a perfect form, how can one grow them all together like a bunch of different flowers? It takes time… and life is so short! Master, tell me which is the essential virtue. »

    « It is love. If you love you will be holy, because all virtues and all good deeds come from the love for the Most High and for our neighbour. »

    « Do they? It is easier thus. So holiness is love. If I have love I have everything… Holiness is made of that. »

    « Of that and of the other virtues. Because to be holy is not only to be humble, or only prudent, or only chaste and so forth, but to be virtuous. See, son, when a rich man wishes to offer a dinner, does he order only one dish? Also: when one wants to present somebody with a bunch of flowers, does one take only one flower? One does not. Because even if he put piles of the same dish on the table, his guests would criticise him as an incapable host concerned only with showing his means but not his refinement as a gentleman who is anxious to satisfy the different tastes of his guests and wants each of them not only to satisfy his appetite with this or that dish, but to enjoy them. The same applies to him who offers a bunch of flowers. One flower only, no matter how big it is, does not make a bunch. But many flowers do, and thus the different colours and scents gratify one's eyes and smell and make one praise the Lord. Holiness, which we must consider as a bunch of flowers offered to the Lord, is to comprise all virtues. Humility will prevail in one spirit, strength in another, continence in another, patience in another, the spirit of sacrifice or penance in another, all virtues born in the shade of the regal most scented tree of love, whose flowers will always prevail in the bunch, but all the virtues make up holiness. »

    « And which is to be cultivated more carefully? »

    « Love. I told you. »

    « Then? »

    « There is no method, son. If you love the Lord, He will grant you His gifts, that is, He will communicate with you and then the virtues which you strive to grow in strength, will grow in the sun of Grace. »

    « In other words, in a loving soul it is God Who acts mostly? »

    « Yes, son. It is God Who acts mostly, letting man put, as his own contribution, his free will to tend to perfection, his efforts to reject temptations in order to remain faithful to his purpose, his struggles against the flesh, the world, the demon, when they assail him. And the reason for that is that He wants His son to have merit in his holiness. »

    « Ah! I see! Then it is quite right to say that man is made to be as perfect as God wants. Thank You, Master. It is now clear to me and I will act accordingly. And You, Lord, please pray for me. »

    « I will keep you in My heart. Go and be assured that God will not leave you without help. »

    END ---- Book 4 Chapter 512 Undecided Young Man. Miracles and Admonitions at Beth-horon

    Peace be with you always


    Post Thu Feb 08, 2024 7:18 pm by Poem

    And Jesus follows the non-commissioned officer, who devours the way with his brawny legs free from hampering clothes. But even striding thus ahead of every-body, he manages to speak some words to Him Who is the first to follow him, that is to Jesus, and he says: « Some time ago I was with Alexander. He… used to speak of You. Chance has put You close to me just now. »

    « Chance? Why not say God? The true God? »

    The soldier is silent for a moment, then in a low voice so that Jesus only can hear he says: « The true God would be the Hebrew one… But He does not make Himself loved, if He is like the Hebrews. They do not take pity even on a wounded man… »

    « The true God is the God of the Hebrews, as well as of the Romans, the Greeks, the Arabs, the Parthians, the Scythians, the Iberians, the Gauls, the Celts, the Lybians, the Hyperboreans. There is but one God! But many do not know Him, others have a wrong knowledge of Him. If they knew Him well, they would all be like brothers to one another, and there would be no abuse of power, no hatred, no slander, no revenge, no lust, no thefts, no homicides, no adulteries and no falsehood. I know the true God and I have come to make Him known. »

    END Book 4 Chapter 512 Undecided Young Man.  Miracles and Admonishments at Beth-horon.

    Nothing is by 'chance'.  Either God works or Satan each has their voices.

    Peace Be with You Always

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