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    Jesus Comments On 'Ten Just Men'


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    Jesus Comments On 'Ten Just Men' Empty Jesus Comments On 'Ten Just Men'

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    July 1 1943

    He further states:

    "On saying 'ten just men,' (74) I did not intend to suggest that the place where there are ten just men will be saved. But it may be understood without error that if ten just and generous souls gather together in prayer, with a holy purpose, to request mercy for a place, I will not reject their prayer. Didn't I say that I will hear the prayers offered by several persons in my Name? My words and my promises are unfailing.

    "But will the persons now gathering together to pray for this purpose be constant in faith, sacrifice, spiritual purity, and purity of intention? If there are some and they are as they should be--true priests (those who pray for their brothers and sisters and immolate themselves are priests)--I will bless them and grant them what is asked for in my Name."

    (74) See June 11. [Referring to Notebook of 1943 June 11]

    Peace be with you always

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    Post Tue Jan 30, 2024 1:52 am by Poem

    June 11 1943

    Jesus speaks:

    "To understand things, you men need to make everything clear meticulously. Periods, commas, exclamation and questions marks, and the are often of no use. But God has no need to split hairs so much in order to understand. He sees in the depths and judges your depths. This is why I said to you, 'When you pray, do not say so many words. Your Father knows what you need.'

    "Your Father understands Maria sees judges with true justice and great mercy. He does not measure with you centimeter. He does not condemn according to your code and does not look with your short-sighted eyes. Even when there is really a sin, but the sinner is so humiliated by it that on his own he judges himself worthy of condemnation. I Mercy say 'I do not condemn you. Go and sin no more,' as I said to the adulteress.

    "You get constant proof that your fellows never understand with true justice. The last instance was last night. Your heart as daughter and your susceptibility as a woman were wounded by a single blow. And from someone who could have known you deeply. Let this demonstrated to you once more that there is no one but God who is infinitely just. Let go of all that is not God. I want you to live by God alone."

    "Do you want an example of how limited human perspicacity is? On transcribing a sentence, thinking the idea was already clear as I dictated it to you, you omitted two little words: in her. Two microscopic little words. But afterwards neither you nor others understood the true meaning of the sentence. 'Indeed. Grace Itself was in her (Mary)'--that is God, Grace Itself, was fully in Mary. A tiny omission, but it caused you not to grasp the meaning of the sentence clearly any longer." (36)

    "So it is with everything. Limited human intellectual vision sees on the surface and often poorly even on the surface. That is why I said to you, 'Judge not.'

    "In order to persuade you and others that what you write is not yours, I deliberately leave gaps in your mind, as in the case of the ten just men who could have saved that ancient city.(37) You had to ask Father.(38) Or I let you make a little modification to show you that on your own you immediately err and I make you not wish to experience this again. In this way I keep you lowly and convinced that nothing is yours and everything is mine.

    "All the good you do even if immense is a trifle when compared to the infinite God who is God and even your most perfect works in terms of human perfection are full of flaws in the sight of God. But if you offer them joined to my merits they then take on the characteristics pleasing to God gain in perfection and scope and become capable of redemption.

    "It is necessary to be able to do everything in Me and while imitating Me and in my Name. Then my Father sees my sign in your works and my likeness and He blesses them and makes them yield fruit. Out of mistaken humility you must never say 'I cannot do this.' I said, 'You will do the same works as I do.' Precisely because by remaining in Me with your good will you become little Christs capable of following Me the true Christ in all the contingencies of life."

    (36) In the dictation of June 8.
    (37) No instance has been found where the writer provides clarification on the 'gap' of the ten just men evidently a biblical reference which reappears several times in the volume. The reference is probably Genesis 18:32.
    (38) Father Miglorini.

    Peace be with you always

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