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    If One Does Not Have True Devotion to the Holy Mother of God, You're in Trouble


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    If One Does Not Have True Devotion to the Holy Mother of God, You're in Trouble Empty If One Does Not Have True Devotion to the Holy Mother of God, You're in Trouble

    Post by Poem

    Jesus tells us so much in so few words, regarding Mary His Mother, how everything the Mother asks God, The Son grants.  Many do not understand this very grand point.

    Some instances inspired by the Holy Spirit:

    1 Wedding at Cana. 'Mother, what have I to do with you?'  Means, softly, 'Mother what is it you need?'

    2 Jesus says, to My Mother nothing is denied Her.

    3 Jesus says as the Word of the Father Salvation is in Mary, through Her. This is the crux of this Salvation beginning.  The Beginning of 'Salvation'.  

    Through Mary came Jesus, the Redeemer, Savior, from Her Immaculate Womb. The Holy Spirit descended into Her womb and made Himself an embryo.  

    The Word of God has stated, the Author of the Gospel is the Holy Spirit. (PMG Book 5 last chapter)  The Holy Spirit has stated that He inspired the Father to create man (Notebook 1943 page 601).  And then the Holy Spirit inspired the Father to have God Incarnate to save man.

    The Holy Spirit.

    Now what does Satan want?  A big question here all Catholics should be in the know.

    What does Satan want?  To speed up time here on earth so he can become incarnate and destroy and ruin the earth and souls, to climb up to Heaven and attack God's Throne to try and take it over as stated by the Prophets who speak the Words of God for man to know. So when it happens, it was told long ago.

    A Warning of great proportions for man, to man, for his salvation from Death and its king Satan.

    I hold back nothing. I tell the truth.  If I hold back, I have been unjust and thus God would not be pleased.  How many can be saved? How many will be saved?

    Satan wants to keep man thinking all is copacetic. That nothing that is written is going to happen.  But, who instigates conflicts? Who gives the orders to start a war? A war between neighbors, close ties, family members, cities, towns, nations, a world war?  the Great Seducer Satan. He is the king of chaos and perturbation.  The Conflicted One, The Eternally Accursed One the one who seduces the whole world.  Satan.

    As the Word of the Father has already stated, Satan is most peoples king at present. How many really can attest to this?  Are you seeking popularity amongst humans and not God and Saints?  What is your affiliation, filiation?  Who is it with?  If God no worries and no need to worry about evil. Because Love is the most powerful there is. How is this? Well Jesus rose from the Dead. How many can actually do this and live?  How many?

    Then there are these saints who assimilated and followed and believed Jesus Christ and they raised the dead by being so united to God that they were another Jesus.  The imitation of Jesus, not fakes, and just imitations, but they imitated Jesus Christ as they were inspired by the Lord and the Holy Spirit to follow exactly as stated in the real Gospel.  The Holy Spirit makes the Gospel real to us.  Living.  If you are hearing and feeling His inspirations then do it.  Be like Jesus totally.  Love Jesus in the Eucharist when receiving Him at that moment.  Declare your love to Him.  Love Him. By Loving Him you love the Father.  You Love the Trinity.  Love is Heaven.  

    Love. God is perfectly reflected in the virtue of love.

    Man has fallen so low that he does not recall nor remember God whom he came from. The Soul.  The soul has to be told by godly people where he came from and God. And then still doesn't remember, because of the mark of Sin. What sin has done to the flesh.

    If Sin had not entered, man's flesh would recall God, man's memory would be so clear about God where he came from instantly in a blink. We would say without hesitation and with true love, we are of God and come from God.

    Mary, Jesus' Mother can say this, and so did Mary's parents, Anne and Joachim.  And St. Joseph and those of like  minds, spirits.  We come from God.

    Thus true honest devotion to Mary is essential to every Catholic.

    Remember the Woman the wilderness in Apocalypse.  A Remnant.

    Why is this only a Remnant?  Read further the Apocalypse.  The Dragon, Lucifer, Satan seduces the whole world. Every one lives in this world.  The whole world is seduced by this Monstrosity in Hell.

    Read Jesus Tempted by the Devil in the Desert.  Meditate on it with the Holy Spirit let the Holy Spirit show you what this entails other than what is presented in the words of the temptation.  I forgot to do that and fell into some traps.  These are like, nasty vines that wrap around and strangle.  You cut one branch of a this and another sprouts, so forth.  Have to grab the root and tear it out then burn it aggressively.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post Thu Jan 25, 2024 12:48 am by Poem

    Please take the time to read what Jesus said concerning His Mother in Book 4 Chapter 509. At Nob. Judas of Kerioth Lies.
    it is very profound and I believe some books are written covering this in depth.
    The Notebooks are full of Her comments and inspirations.

    Please find yourself loving Her. Because in doing so one makes Jesus very delighted and Mary will be with you starting on this plane of living. There are many novenas of devotions to Her, many prayers, and many ways to come under Her Mantle.

    Please brothers and sisters take the time to seek Her out.

    Jesus spoke in great depth and details concerning Her and even said that Apocalypse belongs to Her.  She had St. John, the Beloved write this book.  She said, 'Jesus! I want to save My children and the Fathers.' Jesus replied, 'nothing is denied You Mother.'

    Peace be with you always

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