Poem Of The Man God The Gospel As Revealed To Me

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    Greetings Brchrys Wonderful Site News


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    Greetings Brchrys Wonderful Site News Empty Greetings Brchrys Wonderful Site News

    Post by Poem Thu Jan 25, 2024 12:37 am

    Brchrys's site has become unavailable for one reason or another. As we were not aware of this until recently.
    His site which was well maintained and put together is not available at the previous address.
    It remains unknown. Hopefully someone had reconstructed an exactness to what was.


    Thank you brchrys for the Dictations you presented to the world at large. May God always watch over your soul.

    Peace be with you always

      Current date/time is Thu May 23, 2024 9:54 am