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    Jesus on the Four Evangelists


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    Jesus on the Four Evangelists Empty Jesus on the Four Evangelists

    Post by Poem Sat May 13, 2023 9:12 pm

    Notebook 1943
    Chapter: Jesus on the Four Evangelists
    Page: 607

    December 27, at 6 a.m.

    "It is my four evangelists who, as fire radiating fire, bear my Voice in the direction willed by their inflamed spirits. They bear my Glory to peoples, for they cause Me to be known and with their ardor move the thunder over which my Majesty as God, Redeemer, and Master blazes. Their spirits, eternally living in God, move the mystical wheels and, without human means, give them life, since they are spirits of Life.

    "At a distance of twenty centuries (now as of 2023 is more) aren't they the ones who still evangelize and direct towards Me the mass of humans and that of believers and fill the Roman Church with the holy roar of my teaching, sounding with my Voice, which booms like the voice of an organ under the mystical vaults of the boundless Temple of God which receives you, O Christians who are not faithless, lifeless, or deniers, and extends, as vast as a firmament, over all the Earth and takes in the peoples in the shadow of the Cross and the Tabernacle?

    "Isn't their word--an echo of my Word, which descended into their hearts and became Light in them by the will of the Spirit--which, with the sound of immense waters, conveys to you the tone of the sublime voice of God?

    "In the sound of their steps isn't there the sound of the multitude which their word has attracted to Me, like the sound of an army on its way, the holy army of Christ, their Leader and Lord, who with them overcomes the forces of Hell and conquers Heaven through them and with them?

    "In their appearance (and here I am not referring to the symbolism of the face, but of style) aren't there the ones who convey to you so vividly and perfectly my fourfold figure as a Divine Man in my perfect Humanity, not different from yours in needs and passions, but exalted to Perfection, which teaches you the peaks to which one must carry oneself in order to belong to the Heavens and the way the Father made you for the Heavens? My patience and strength, through which I overcame Satan, Death, and the World, and I overcame you with love and dragged you, like a block of Parian marble, up the slope whose summit is Heaven? My courage, my heroism, compared to which the lion's is nothing, for I don't have the courage of those who assault to nourish their self, but the heroic, sublime courage of Him who lets Himself be assaulted and slain to make Himself life-giving food for those languishing on the Earth?

    "Isn't it, above all, my Divinity which shines and flashes in Intelligence and brings you the Light from the center of the Heavens, and brings you Charity, and brings you Wisdom, and brings you Knowledge, and brings you God, Triune, making you aware of the Father and possessors of the Spirit, carrying you off to the heights in which only those who have made their human heaviness into spiritual lightness fly like an eagle called by a love to eternal unions where you are no longer men, but gods?

    "Don't they teach you--by their remaining motionless, worshipping, when my Voice thunders in the Heavens--the great truth that there is no other voice greater than mine, holier or truer, and that every other voice, every other power, must keep silent and halt when It speaks, to receive it as a priceless gem and bear it within to show it to the throngs and carry them off to God?

    "Doesn't my Glory rest upon them as upon a secure throne, and doesn't my Light shine on these blessed ones who have seeded the Earth with my Word and converted it to Christianity and redeemed it, teaching it about the Redeemer and God, Jesus Christ?

    "O beloved daughter, feed on this holy Word, which they bring you and I give to you. Since you are destined to repeat teachings of the Word, who takes your smallness to confound the great and console the humble, accept the food which I offer you and do not refuse it. If the subject seems disagreeable and inedible, like a heavy roll of parchment, know that I break its seals and crumble its parts for you because I love you and want to nourish you with holy food.

    "Open your heart and satisfy its insatiable hunger, for the heart that has known God is insatiably hungry for Him. My old and new Gospel shall be most sweet honey for your spirit."

    Peace be with you always

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