Poem Of The Man God The Gospel As Revealed To Me

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    Some Important Advice for us all in Growing With these Works


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    Some Important Advice for us all in Growing With these Works Empty Some Important Advice for us all in Growing With these Works

    Post by Poem Sat Mar 25, 2023 5:04 pm

    As we grow more and become more able to see greater, we certainly see more than a few ways a certain event, incident, teaching, episode, which is present.

    One day when led and inspired it will be a certain point. Then later on, whether it is years, months, days, doesn't matter which one, but for certain future, we see more views and more thoughts. This is considered, growth from one perspective. From another, another point of view. From another more wisdom and understanding. Since we are finite and not infinite in our minds we miss hidden portions, the all view is not within. We are created as children of God. God is this Infinite Mind that Sees All possibles.  As time permits and as we allow the infusion of the Holy Spirit, this mind is then present with us.  The Perfect comes to be part of the finite to teach and mature one's mind, ones understanding, increasing our view point.

    The Lord Jesus spoke of how the innocent and pure see as an eagle sees while soaring. The eyes of an eagle can see the smallest of details while in flight. It's eyes have the ability to zoom in while in flight. Thus it scoops its prey. This view is given to those of human kind when the Holy Spirit has alighted the soul. This is evident in Jesus and those pure and innocent. It is spiritual sight unlike the eagle who has natural material sight a corporeal creature. The incorporeal souls are then able to see due to the gift given by the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus. God in us, with us.

    Peace be with you always


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    Some Important Advice for us all in Growing With these Works Empty Re: Some Important Advice for us all in Growing With these Works

    Post by Poem Sat Apr 15, 2023 5:58 pm

    This is the Fifth Gospel, and the most accurate to date, and it is not included in the Holy Bible of the Catholic Church due to the rather large amounts of visions given to Maria Valtorta.  It does take some time to come around.

    What may happen to any given individual who reads them? Or desires to?

    1 May be reluctant at first, but the continuance to read along, are actually seeing Jesus as the Savior, Teacher, Redeemer; from womb to Resurrection.
    2 A soul looking for the gaps found in the Gospels, that leads to unanswered questions that happens quite often can be found in Poem of the Man-God, now called The Gospel as Revealed to Me. In other words, the gaps are quite filled in.
    3 Is Nihil Obstat of any concern to Catholics to be sure one isn't being led astray? For some yes, for others no. Quite diverse. Depends on their Maturity, reasoning skills. But as with any books out there must use discernment of the spiritual kind.
    For instance is the Bible or does the Bible have a Nihil Obstat printed on each copy?  (This user here has the Holy Bible Douay-Rheims Version from Saint Benedict Press in Association with Tan Books, who has never seen a Nihil Obstat on any Bible printed by any printer/publisher).  The Church has already approved in a different format.
    If not why then is a Nihil Obstat of such great concern?  When a soul who is inspired by God to write a book for the benefit of the Faith, and it is quite profound, because they proclaim that God has visited them as well as given in visions to write, --instructed--visits occur, instructions are quite detailed to priests, and other individuals of any walk of faith or non-faith, this becomes of great concern to the Clergy.  Apparitions, locutions, visions, inner voice.  Books like Divine Mercy in My Soul, where Jesus visited and spoke.
    How it can be of great importance, due to heresies, agnostics, nostics, etc., they who seek to destroy and lead astray by false doctrines and there are quite a large amount of this on the scene. Our Planet wide spread.
    4 If it brings inner peace, the godly kind and you are being converted to and growing in spirit, increasing your faith, your justice, your intellect spiritually, making you more and more holy and pure, then it is a evident you rising up.  Formation of spiritual soul to love God and neighbor.  To love and be charitable, the faith by works.  Intimate with the Living God, Lord Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit.  Testament, testimony, of true faith in God.
    5 Many do believe. Many still read each book and have read them quite a number of times over 5 times. Many go back to certain parts to refresh.  You get the point. It is the Gospel, which Jesus states to know and love.  The Gospel.  The mystery of conversion comes about by reading and taking in the Gospel. It teaches what is most necessary to spiritual success with God.  To live the life as Christ lived the life for man's benefit.  To as Jesus states in the beginning of these Words of His, return man back to 'origin.'  

    What does this mean really?

    It means, God did not tell man to live in Sin, but to avoid and live free and clear of it so as not to be fallen from Grace, the oneness with God, and to lose infinite treasures of Life.

    Man seeks within themselves the true life to have the life that is unending, doesn't die the death but lives on forever.  No one wants death, which is to not be living any longer.
    Everyone seeks to live but near the end of ones life, they struggle, fight, due to fear, due to wanting to live on, and then resign to the struggle, accept that death is.  This is what Sin brought to every living human being, the result of one mans sin. He was the first one. We are the lineage in the generations of this one man who did not think about the future for his children, but was selfish and thought about himself, his life at that present moment, only himself.  Pride.  Pride is straw, doesn't nourish the mind, but blinds it cannot see but his or herself only, nothing beyond themselves.  

    Thus, we all have inherited these characteristics in the flesh which incumbers the soul greatly if not regenerated and living alive and thriving in Grace.  The soul can die as well without Grace, it withers, lingers, remains either an infant or embryonic due to the lack of nourishment. Or it dies of sin infestation. The flesh is fed by material means. The soul is fed by spiritual means.

    The Lord Jesus is Judge, since He resurrected. God-Man.  The Lord Jesus since He resurrected was given all power in Heaven and on earth By the Father.  He merited it all.

    The Lord Jesus as a Man, was quite different in speaking as compared to Lord Jesus Judge, High Supreme Priest.  He does His duty.  Thus the differences seen evidenced in the Notebooks in comparison to the Fifth Gospel-- Poem of the Man-God, The Gospel as Revealed to Me.  The contrasts are evident.  God-Man.

    In the Notebooks we are reading Jesus as High Supreme Priest, and Judge in the words presented; God speaking to His people.
    In Poem, we are reading Jesus as Man, the Lamb of God, the Passionate One, the Teacher, the Rabbi of Nazareth, the Galilean, God hidden in Man, the one chosen by God to save His people by example. Man-God.

    The Lord Jesus is God. To God all should prostrate honor be humble, and listen.

    In Poem, as Man-God, God hidden in Man.
    In the Notebooks, because He is now in Heaven as God-Man, God.  The words are of those of God for His people, the eternal High Supreme Priest above all Vicars and priests.
    Reprimands, words of judging nature, speaking to get souls on the ball here! Let's Go He says!

    The Church has its deposits through Christ, God. All dogmas come from Him. All the Wisdom, knowledge, of this Religion comes from Him.  The Holy Spirit enables us to understand them, when the Holy Spirit is upon us and in us residing and possessing us and we possess Him.  We cannot give what we ourselves do not possess.  In this case words of knowledge, wisdom to gain understanding, to grow our love for God.  Love grown in each soul then imitates God in this attribute.  We simply love as God loves to a degree of His infinite love which flows into us, living in us, and we live loving all the time.  That is the goal. To become love. God is Love. Be love. Love is supernatural in origin and descends down to earth, God pours out love, to us, so we can become love. Down it comes.

    Peace Be With You Always


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    Some Important Advice for us all in Growing With these Works Empty Re: Some Important Advice for us all in Growing With these Works

    Post by Poem Wed Sep 27, 2023 6:35 pm

    Valtorta is lots high meat.  Not for the younglings.  

    Grounded in the faith. Established. In most cases for matters of faith. However, one can learn the true faith from this Gospel and be converted.
    What is meant is that, since these are greater depths, should at least have knowledge of the Faith from living it and reading the Bible, having
    influence of spiritual nature with God. God calls in mysterious ways to souls.

    If you try to chew this, and you are just curious, it is not going to settle well from the beginning. However, if you are a starving soul, it will aid greatly.

    Thus, those whom the Lord shows, the Lord shows.  He it is that makes one capable, like Moses, like Elijah, but they each had their time to drink the milk.  

    Must become Seraphim, forgetting you are men and women.

    Be saints, the Food which Christ gives to the souls makes saints. He comes to aid our error, our fallen nature due to sin, due to errors all around.
    We learn to form from our wrong thoughts that happens as we grow in the spirit. We make many errors, have learned errors, etc.,.
    Reading this properly gets one out of error.

    So to get in line, we need His Way. His way is spelled out. Faith. The Holy Spirit being the Author of the Gospel. How's this?
    Well, it takes time to form this thought. Jesus did not start His mission until after He received the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Godhead.

    So, we see that Jesus was a Man after all but, a unique manifestation of God in a Man. Thus, many Pharisees rebuked the 'Man' because they thought of Jesus as a 'man.'

    The Book of Isaiah, many Psalms, and many other books of the Prophets, foretell of Jesus coming and what He is. But, to those who read without the soul, to them, they are looking for a means that is earthly, human. Rather than what Jesus really is and came for.

    The human earthly man seeking earthly living, empire, kingdoms, looks in the Prophets words for earthly kingdom and empire. Searching for and having justification. Ah, this is what He means! Thus an error which then propagates into a thicket. A nest of, wrapped in the endless error.

    Whereas, God sent Jesus to be our Saviour, Redeemer from death to life for to inherit God's Kingdom in the everafter. The earth as a plain for man to get his clothing--flesh to wrap around the soul. This is a most difficult thought to accept for those seeking earthly empires.

    Man is created to enjoy God starting here and going on forever.

    Peace be with you always

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    Some Important Advice for us all in Growing With these Works Empty Re: Some Important Advice for us all in Growing With these Works

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