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The Eucharist as Greatest Miracle

Notebook: 1944
Page: 643
Chp: The Eucharist as Greatest Miracle

December 27

On receiving Holy Communion from the hand of Father Migliorini, I rediscover my joy in the Eucharist which Compito had canceled out, that is, the visible presence of my Jesus alongside Father Migliorini. I smile at my sweet Jesus, dressed in white...and, while offering my thanks, I wonder why He is standing to the left of Father. I think his place out to...

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I am God, the Word and the Wisdom of the Father, your Lord and Redeemer. My Word serves to give not only worldy benefits, but to give the Good which never dies: Eternal Life. Therefore, nothing is more sacred and precious than My Word.

Notebooks, Pgs. 334-337, September 10th 1943

Peace be with you always

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Notebook: 1943
Page: 251
Chp: The Seven Seals.  Commentary on the Antichrist and Judgment

August 20

Jesus says:

"If one were to observe closely what has been going on for some time, and especially since the beginning of this century preceding the conclusion of the second millennium, one ought to think that the seven seals have been opened. Never before as at present have I gone into action to return among you with My Word to gather together the multitudes of...

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QUADERNETTi - Collection of Divine Dictations and Revelations
Published 2006

December 23, 1948


To His Holiness [Pope Pius XII ]2 :

"INVOKE  My Spirit and read.  Read that which He, the Spirit, can illuminate for you. Read the words of those who saw a time [to come], and another time [to come], and yet another time:  the time coming right after them. The time of My Word among men. Your own time. This time.  Read and see.

Hell advances. And...

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Notebook: 1945
Page: 388
Chp: Full Communion with the Trinity

April 18, 1947

Jesus replies to Maria’s question about if man had not sinned would there be the need for the Eucharist as presented today?

“Indeed! You would have had not the particular communion of the Incarnate Word for his faithful, but total communion with the Most Holy Trinity. For I, in descending as a Host into you, bring threefold and indivisible Love with Me, but I feed you with Myself...

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1943 Page 250

Notebook: 1943
Page: 250
Chp: Why The World is Perishing

August 19

Jesus says:

"The world is perishing because it has not kept my Word, because it has neglected and derided it. No human force will be of avail to check the world's race towards the abyss because the one thing which saves is lacking to the world and to the world's forces.

My Law

"An empty space has been created in the mystical forest which I had cultivated for you so...

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Notebook: 1943
Page: 492
Chp:  Loss of Freedom Under Satanic Dominion

1943, November 19

Jesus says:

"The Believer identifies with his god, and the child, with his parent. It is not mistaken, then, to say regarding the forerunners of Satan what Isaiah says in the fourteenth chapter, verses twelve to fifteen.

{--Isaiah Chp 14

12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning? how art thou fallen...

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Notebook: 1943
Page: 427

October 28

Jesus says:

"Too many have wanted to eat with blood. And blood forms a knot in their throats. Blood extorted out of overbearance, pride, lust for power. Too much blood was shed and is shed on earth by those who have lost even the slightest conception of Good and Evil and are butts of mockery in the hands of Satan, who waves them like his banner to confuse and pervert the weak.

"Too much of the 'illicit' has been made to become 'licit'...

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Jesus Explains True Power

From 1944 January 6

"I have told you over and over again--and tell you once more today, the day of Christ's manifestation--that when God is with you, all the forces of Earth joined together are like smoke dispersed by a mighty wind. (Apocalypse 19)

"Power is not in weapons or in the number of those armed.  Power is in the 'portion' which God has with Himself.  God is where there is honesty in life, love for the Lord, and the justice of uprightness."

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From book 1 Chapter on Teaching Jesus to work

Jesus says:

Finally I would like to draw the attention of parents to how Joseph made a clever workman of Me, without any help of pedagogical learning. As soon as I was old enough to handle tools, he did not let Me lead a life of idleness, but he started Me to work and he made use of My love for Mary as the means to spur Me to work. I was to make useful things for Mother. That is how he inculcated the respect which every son should have for his mother...

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Modernism - A Catholic Refutation

This is what we are Fighting Today Folks! Open Your Eyes

Notebook: 1945-50
Page: 346

February 3,1947

Jesus says:

"The deepest reason for this gift of this Work--among the many others which my spokesman knows--is that in these times, in which modernism condemned by my Holy Vicar Pius X is corrupted into increasingly harmful human doctrines, the Holy Church represented by my Vicar will have additional material to combat those who deny: the supernatural character of dogmas; the divinity of Christ; the truth of Christ, God and Man,...

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"A Single Judgment and One Life Beyond Death. The Church as the Only Secure Guide. The Lack of Faith of Those Seeking Proofs of the AfterLife."

Notebook: 1943
Chp: Read the Title above
Page: 298

Septmeber 11

Jesus says:

"Many souls are lost because they want 'to seek what is above them, and what is above their capacity for inquiry,' as Sirach says (3:22).

"It's the ancient venom. Man always...

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A while back I had posted the Holy Face of Jesus from the Shroud of Turin indicating the Cross on Jesus' Forehead.
"For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see."

Apocalypse 7:[3] Saying: Hurt not the earth, nor the sea, nor the trees, till we sign the servants of our God in their foreheads. [4] And I heard the number of them that were signed, an hundred forty-four thousand were signed, of every tribe of the children of Israel.

From St. John's Apocalypse...

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1943: Page 285 Read IT!

Notebook: 1943
Chp: Friendship With Mary
Page: 285

September 3

Jesus says:

"Everything is possible for the Mercy of God and the power of Mary, but why risk eternal life by waiting to obtain the good will of repentance at the hour of death? Wouldn't it be good--since you don't know when your being called to my gates will occur--to be true friends of Mary throughout life and thus have a guarantee of salvation?

"For, I repeat, friendship with Mary...

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Hail, Mary Mother of Jesus, I entrust myself to you.

Peace be with you always

From Notebook 1943

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1943 Pray This Prayer to Gain Graces to Build up in Your Soul

Eucharistic Adoration of Jesus

From Notebook 1943, October 27

"Learn from Me to say, 'I have ardently desired. I have ardently desired to come to You, Jesus, who remain entirely alone on so many altars, to tell You that I love You with my whole self....

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1943 Pray this Prayer Often in a Single Day, Everyday without Failure

Notebook: 1943 June 28
Page: 120
Chp: Prayer to and Vision of the Divine Blood

"In the month about to end, I have spoken to you a great deal about my Heart and about my Body in the Sacrament. Now for the month of the Blood I will have you pray to my Blood. Say the following...

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1943 Page 56

"Many times a day--I cannot say to you, 'At every instant,' but if you were a cherub and not a creature with the weariness of matter, I would say, 'Every instant'--repeat this prayer:

'Jesus, who are struck in our churches by the hand of Satan, I worship you in all the consecrated Hosts scattered and destroyed amidst the ruins. Take me...

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Book 4
Page 18

19th July 1944.

Jesus says:

« In My several beatitudes I enunciated the requisites necessary to achieve them and the rewards that will be given to the blessed ones. But while the categories mentioned are different, the reward is the same, if you consider the situation carefully: to enjoy the same things that God enjoys.

Different categories. I have already explained that God with His thought creates souls of different tendency, so that...

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Book: 3

And yet God forgives it, if the soul disowns its wrong doing and proposes to pursue, for the rest of its life, man's true purpose, which is the conquest of eternal peace in the Kingdom of the true God. Have you so far followed an evil path? Are you downhearted and are you thinking that it is late to follow the right way? Are you desolate and are you saying: "I knew nothing of all this! And now I am ignorant and I do not know what to do"? No. Do not think that it is the same as with material matters and that...

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Today's message from Notebook 1943, page 474.

Jesus says:

" the name of His Most Holy King, wants to reign only over spirits.
There will come the day when, disillusioned with men, you will turn to
Him who is already more spirit than man and conserves only that minimum of humanity needed to make you convinced of his presence. There will come from his mouth, which I inspire, the words similar to the ones I would say to you--I, the Prince of Peace. He will teach you the most...

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Ok what is this about you say?

Well it is very Biblical.

Pestilences as we recall came about in the episodes with the Pharaoh of Egypt.

The Lord sent Moses to Egypt to ask for the release of His People yet, Pharaoh rejected many times losing many sons and daughters of the people of Egypt. Many things got ruined, destroyed, but, He allowed them to live for hopefully one day turn and believe in the only Wise God.

When man turns his back on God and listens to himself, humans,...

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[b]Notebook: 1944
Chapter: Commentary on Colossians
Page: 84

"Today a great heresy is taking place, a supremely sacrilegious heresy. The son of Satan, one of the sons, whom I could call one of the greatest, not the greatest one in the past, who is Judas, not the greatest one to come, who will be the Antichrist, but one of those living now for the punishment of man, who has worshipped man and not God, dealing out death to himself by way of man, whereas I, God, gave man Life by...

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Notebook: 1943
Chp: The Final Confrontation
Page: 475
RE: Isaiah 4:2-6

November 12

Jesus says:

"When the time of my peaceful Kingdom comes--and it shall come, for I have promised, and I do not fail to keep my promises--the good on earth will all come to Me. It will be the period about which I have spoken to you, the period when the spirit will have reached that evolution whereby you will spontaneously separate into two parts. Those...

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Notebook: 1943
Chapter: The Church of Rome at the End of Time

Jesus says:

skipping a few chapters because this is the message now:

"Children, begin the march towards the Light of the Lord. Do not go further, groping in the blind darkness. M beloved ones at the head, overcoming every human fear, for I am with you, O those dearest to my Heart, the others drawn along by the example, of my saints-begin this new Exodus towards the new Earth, which I promise...

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Notebook: 1943
Chapter:Two Kinds of Death

Jesus says:

"I told you, God, who created everything did not create death. The sun, which has been shinning for vast millennia, is his work; the sea, contained in its limits upon a globe whirling in space, is his work; the numberless stars, whereby the firmament  is like a region over which jewels fallen out of a boundless open coffer are scattered, are his work; animals and plants are his work; from the colossal...

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Notebook: 1944
Page: 561
Chp: Satan's Snares for the Saint's

Near the end of the chapter,

Jesus continues:

"The more the members strive to be holy, the more the Church triumphs. Because the holiness of the members--I am speaking of the most select--expands to the lower members, elevates them, sets them aflame, and makes them an instrument of sanctification and conversion for members who are already almost dead or completely dead.

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The world lies to its citizens.  It keeps in its citizens in the dark.
For the world is separated from God.  It is not in communion
with God.  Therefore it does not have God's protection nor His Wisdom
to direct and guide.

God is light and in light all is known and no secrets are kept nor hidden.
No lies are given nor told.  Only what is good exists.

Come children to the Light and all will be shown and known without lies.
What is necessary to be taught will be taught.

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Notebook: 1943
Chp: Victim Souls
Page: 570
December 12

Jesus says:

“Even the soul most willing to belong to God entirely is subject to being distracted by the needs of existence.

“It is not necessary to be a slave to them to be distracted by them. But even if you are already so spiritual that you are more soul than body, as long as the flesh robes your soul as the covering encloses the fruit, you are subject to the exigencies of the flesh. When reduced to that minimum which...

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Book 3
Chapter Last
Page 798

Jesus stands up and with His hands resting on the edge of the table He begins His speech:

« You Pharisees wash the outside of the cup and of the plate, and you wash your hands and feet, as if plate and cup, hands and feet were to enter your spirits that you love to proclaim pure and perfect. But it is not for you, but for God to proclaim that. Well, listen to what God thinks of your spirits. He thinks that they are full of falsehood, of filth and robbery, they...

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Book 3
Chapter 404
Page 749

« We come from the Roman colonies in Greece and Asia. Some of us are Jews, some Gentiles... That is why we dared not come... But we were assured that You do not despise Gentiles... as other people do... The observant Judaeans, I mean, those of Israel, because elsewhere also Judaeans are not so severe. In fact I, a Roman, am married to a Judaean from Lycaonia, whereas this gentleman, a Jew from Ephesus, is married to a Roman woman. »

« I do not despise anybody......

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Book 3
Chapter 352
Page 413

Jesus says:

« And this is another thing which will annoy difficult doctors: the application of this evangelical vision. I will not make you mediate on My power and kindness, or on the faith and obedience of the disciples. Nothing of that. I want to show you the analogy of the episode with the work of the Holy Spirit.

See: I give My word. I give everything you can understand and assimilate to nourish your souls. But you have been made so dull by fatigue...

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TOPIC: "Pontiff Urges Youths To Make A Mess"

From Reuters Post: Mon Jul 13, 2015

Pope Francis left for Rome on Sunday at the end of a trip to South America during which he censured capitalism, championed the rights of the poor, warned of irreversible damage to the planet and urged youths to "make a mess".

In passionate speeches, the Argentine pontiff urged the destitute to change the world economic order and branded the unfettered pursuit of money as the "dung of the devil"....

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These are from reading Poem and Notebooks.  

First point,  thoughts that are not of peace are from below.  These come all the time.  The enemy of God and man has nothing better to do but to harass.  It is a tempering point.  Helps to strengthen ones mind and emotions.  At first it doesn't seem that way.  Later comes the Wisdom.  It is a nag. How to refine your thoughts?  Can't escape living amongst those less fortunate.  

Satan is the Sin. He is the very first sinner.  He brought sin into being....

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Interesting read, Well Poem Readers Believers, we were told by Jesus in Poem that this would happen. Not shocking at all.  Men are making themselves gods as usual.  But to do this at the Vatican it is well placed by Satan.  

The Faith is always tested and attacked by the Monster of Hell.  and his henchmen.  Peace be with you always,  Remain the Faithful Remnant and never give in, never give up! God is strongest. God is all strength, power, glory!  Alleluyah Amen

This is from the Fatima Network, Lady...

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book 5 chp 574 page 288-289

« How difficult it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, the gate of which is narrow, and the way is steep, and those who are laden with the bulky weights of riches cannot go along it and enter! To enter up there only the immaterial treasures of virtue are required and one must be able to part with everything that is attachment to the things of the world and to vanity (pride). » Jesus is very sad…

« What is impossible for men, is possible for God, because everything is possible for God....

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The Gospel is love. I said: "My Word is Life". I said: "God is Love". So let people know My Word and have love in them, that is, God, to have the Kingdom of God. Because he who is not in God, does not have the Life in him. Because those who do not receive the Word of the Father will not be able to be one thing with the Father, with Me and with the Holy Spirit in Heaven, and they will not be able to belong to the only Fold, which is as holy as I want it. They will not be vine-shoots joined to the Vine, because he...

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Notebook 1943
Page 601
Chp Words of the Holy Spirit

December 25

"Holy Spirit says,

"I am Love. I do not have my own voice because my Voice is in the whole creation and beyond the creation.  I am in the whole creation. Like the ether, I spread through all that is; like fire, I inflame; like blood I circulate.

"I am in every word of Christ and flower on the lips of the Virgin. I purify the mouths of the prophets and saints and make them luminous. I am...

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Gathered from the Notebooks

"I am Love. Give Me your love. Like the ether, I spread through all that is; like fire, I inflame; like blood I circulate. "Love will bend God, Love will open the hearts of men and give them spiritual sight, Love will lead man back onto the ways of God. When you love, you will no longer do evil, "May my Fire dwell in you and set you aflame.  "I am Love."

Peace be with you always,

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