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Jesus Tempted By the Devil in the Desert

Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:06 am by Poem

Book: One
Chp: 46
Page: 254

46. Jesus Is Tempted in the Desert by the Devil.

24th February 1944. Thursday following Ash Wednesday.

I see the solitary land which I already saw on my left-hand side in the vision of Jesus' baptism in the Jordan. But I must be some way inside the desert, because I neither see the beautiful, blue, slow flowing river, nor the green strips of vegetation which coast its banks, and are nourished by its waters. There is nothing here but solitude, stones and such a parched earth that it has become a yellowish dust, raised now and again by the wind in small eddies, …

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1944: Satan's Snare for the Saints

Sun Aug 10, 2014 6:49 am by Poem

Notebook: 1944
Page: 561
Chp: Satan's Snares for the Saint's

September 19

In response to certain reflections by me, Jesus says:

“Lucifer is very intelligent, in addition to being astute. He uses astuteness to lay snares, but uses intelligence to consider if and when and how he can cause Me affliction and ruin a creature. Believe, too, that he never wastes his time to no purpose.

“Consequently, since, though he is omnipresent on the earth, he has so much to do among the many men inhabiting the globe and, though man's limited attention and scanty desire for good make Lucifer's power …

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1943: Mary's Christmas Ecstasy

Sat Mar 22, 2014 3:59 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Chp: Mary's Christmas Ecstasy
Page: 600

December 25, 1943

Mary says,

"The Blessedness of the Christmas ecstasy came to me like the fragrance of a flower enclosed in the living vase of the heart throughout life. Indescribable joy. Human and superhuman. Perfect.

"When the coming of each nightfall hammered the painful memento into my heart--'One day less of waiting, one day closer to Calvary'--and my soul emerged therefrom cloaked in pain, as if a wave of agony would swallow me up on Golgotha, I bent my spirit over the memory of that blessedness which had remained alive in my …

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1945-50: The River of Grace

Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:50 am by Poem

Notebook: 1945-50
Chp: The River of Grace
Page: 476

January 6, 1948

Before I was left by the Most Holy Voice, I said, "O Most Divine One, now that you are speaking often again, they will say that this is not good. Because Father Berti told me that he had convinced them that now You, O Most Divine One, speak very sporadically."

He replied:[Jesus]

"I do as I wish. I have shown that I come every day or do not come for dozens of days, nor do you fill those voids with words of your own. And this is a lesson for them. I have done everything to convince them. But it is as written: 'We played the flute …

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The Eucharist as Greatest Miracle

Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:48 am by Poem

Notebook: 1944
Page: 643
Chp: The Eucharist as Greatest Miracle

December 27

On receiving Holy Communion from the hand of Father Migliorini, I rediscover my joy in the Eucharist which Compito had canceled out, that is, the visible presence of my Jesus alongside Father Migliorini. I smile at my sweet Jesus, dressed in white...and, while offering my thanks, I wonder why He is standing to the left of Father. I think his place out to be on the right.

Jesus responds to me, satisfying my desire to receive light, and says:

"In my pose there is teaching on faith, respect, and humility. How …

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1943: Words of the Holy Spirit

Fri Aug 02, 2013 1:01 pm by Poem

Notebook 1943
Page 601
Chp Words of the Holy Spirit

December 25

"Holy Spirit says,

"I am Love. I do not have my own voice because my Voice is in the whole creation and beyond the creation. I am in the whole creation. Like the ether, I spread through all that is; like fire, I inflame; like blood I circulate.

"I am in every word of Christ and flower on the lips of the Virgin. I purify the mouths of the prophets and saints and make them luminous. I am He who inspired things before they existed, for it is my power that, like a heartbeat, moved the creative thought of the Eternal!

"Through …

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1943: The Church of Rome at the End Time

Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:01 am by Poem

Notebook 1943
Page 472
Chapter The Church of Rome at the End Time

November 11

Jesus says:

"Let us together propel our gaze into the times which, like a placid dawn following a stormy night, will precede the Day of the Lord.  You will no longer be present. But from the place of your rest you will exult over it, for you will see man's combat nearing its end and sorrow fading to give the living time to fortify themselves for the last brief convulsion of the Earth, before hearing the command assembling it in all the living, past and present, from the times of Adam onwards.

"I have already …

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The Lord Does Not Desire the Death of Any Soul

Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:13 am by Poem

Ezekiel Chapter 18

One man shall not bear the sins of another, but every one his own; if a wicked man truly repent, he shall be saved; and if a just man leave his justice, he shall perish.

[1] And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: What is the meaning? [2] That you use among you this parable as a proverb in the land of Israel, saying: The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the teeth of the children are set on edge. [3] As I live, saith the Lord God, this parable shall be no more to you a proverb in Israel. [4] Behold all souls are mine: as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the …

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1943: Reflections on Jerusalem

Fri May 03, 2013 11:33 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Chp: Reflections on Jerusalem
Page: 508

November 26

Jesus says:

"Let us introduce a pause into the commentary of Isaiah. You are so tired, my friend, and suffering so much that you need comfort and not an extra burden. My words, moreover, are not in disharmony with the subject we are dealing with. But, rather, they are like a 'solo' in the prophetic epic announcing my coming, my mission, my glory.

"We shall thus make a gift to father, who is guiding you and is desirous of hearing about Mary, like a child whose mother is far away and who wants to receive news about her so …

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1943: To Choose Between A Blessing and A Curse **READ MANY TIMES**

Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:55 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Chp:To Choose Between A Blessing and A Curse
Page: 593

December 22

Reference to Deuteronomy Chapters 9-11

Jesus says:

"To recognize the benefits which are received is, even among men, an obligation and a sign of a gracious heart. You judge the ungrateful. And rightly so.

"But, how should God judge, then? When you succeed by God's assistance and see your enterprises prosper, why don't you find a word for Him who has given you that joy? Why do you say, 'I have done this'? Why, swollen with pride, do you exclaim, "The Lord necessarily had to listen to me because I am …

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Book 5 Chp. 631. The Last Teachings before Ascension-Day.

Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:37 pm by Poem

Book: 5
Chp: 631 "Portion"
Page: 847

22nd April 1947.

Jesus is speaking to the Apostles:

"Finally, consider that the world, age, diseases, time, persecutions conspire against you. Therefore do not be avaricious with what you have received and do not be imprudent. For this reason transmit the Priesthood in My Name to the best disciples, so that the Earth may not be left without priests. And ensure that the sacred character is granted after a severe examination, not verbal, but of the deeds of him who asks to be a priest, or of him whom you judge suitable to be one.

Consider what is a …

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1943: Reasons for the Gift of a Long Life

Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:23 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Page: 223
Chp: Reasons for the Gift of a Long Life

August 9,

Jesus says:

"Those who are not familiar with love and whose conscience is not tranquil fear death. And they are the majority! These, when they feel threatened by death because of illness, or age, or any other event, grow fearful, become afflicted, and rebel. They also try, with all their strength and by every means, to avoid it. Futilely, for when the hour is indicated, no precaution is of use to stave death off.

"The hour of death is also right because it is given by God. I alone am the Master of life and …

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1943: Forms of Contemporary Idolatry

Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:42 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Page: 455
Chp: Forms of Contemporary Idolatry

November 5

Jesus says:

"When a man, even when far from knowledge of the true God, knows, by the elevation of an upright soul, that there must be a God and in his heart raises an altar to the unknown God of whom Paul speaks, this man is much closer to God than those who, after having been instructed about the existence of God, have wanted to apply human theories to God's wondrous works.

"Even more idolatrous and even more accursed than those adoring a star or an animal are those who worship their thought or the thought of other …

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Book: 5 602. Other Teachings on the First Parents and on the Parallelism between Cain and Judas.

Fri May 04, 2012 9:40 am by Poem

Book: Five
Chp: 602. Other Teachings on the First Parents and on the Parallelism between Cain and Judas.

5th April 1944.

Jesus says:

« In Genesis we read: "Then Adam named his wife Eve, because she is the mother of all those who live".

Oh! yes. Woman was born of the "Virago" whom God had formed as a companion for Adam, building her from the rib of man. She was born with her sorrowful destiny, because she had wanted to be born in that way, that is with her sorrowful destiny. Because she had wanted to know what God had concealed from her, reserving for Himself the joy of giving her the joy …

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1943: The Eternal Knowledge of Events in Creation and the Eternal Immolation of Christ

Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:03 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Page: 274
Chp: The Eternal Knowledge of Events in Creation and the Eternal Immolation of Christ

August 28

Jesus says:
“When I say I am ‘the eternal Immolated One,’ I am not stating a new concept. Those who were closest to Me—Peter and John—have the same concept. Nor can all those who meditate on the works of the Father and of the Son and of the Spirit have a different one.

“You men are sometimes amazed that God, knowing all things in his infinite Intelligence, should have proceeded to create man, and you almost wonder if God knew or did not know what man would commit.

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1943: The Communion of Saints

Fri Jan 27, 2012 6:46 pm by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Chp: The Communion of Saints
Page: 237

August 14 1943

Jesus says:

"I told you that you are this way because you have had the help of Father. No pride should come to him and no discouragement to you, no amazement to anyone, on account of this assertion by Me.

"I am God and need no intermediaries--it's true. But precisely because I am perfect in everything, in intelligence as in love, I thus know what is necessary for you to spur you on and make you feel how I love you. And this asking for your cooperation to carry out my prodigies is not a proof of weakness on my part or of …

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1944: Miracle of Regaining Strength

Tue Jan 17, 2012 1:41 am by Poem

Notebook: 1944
Chp: Miracle of Regaining Strength
Page: 129

February 3

Jesus says:

"What you wrote on January 30 might spur the distrustful to give preference to their ifs, ands, and buts. I shall respond for you. You wrote,'...When I see that way, the strength of my body, and especially my heart, undergoes great dispersion.'

"There will certainly be 'doctors of the impossible' who say, 'Here is the proof that what is happening is human, for the supernatural always gives strength and never weakness.'

"Let them explain to Me, then, why the great ecstatics--after an ecstasy in which they …

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1943: The Law Given by the Father

Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:04 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Chp: The Law Given by the Father
Page: 589

December 19

God the Father says:

"In the majestic manifestation of Sinai, for men, all for men, I told my Servant the rules to be observed to deserve my blessing.

"And if many of the minute provisions which followed the Decalog--to make putting the Decalog into practice more secure and easier for the men of old--have fallen away in the course of the centuries and with the advent of Christianity, the Decalog has remained and does not change. It shall not change until the last day, and even if it should be granted to the Earth to go …

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1943: Periods in the Life of the Church + Authenticity of God's Words + Maria as Fount

Sat Jan 14, 2012 5:00 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Chp: Periods in the Life of the Church

December 11

In reference to Zechariah chapters 12, 13, 14

Jesus says:

"My Church has already known periods of obscurantism due to a number of different things. It should not be forgotten that, if the Church, taken as an entity, is a work as perfect as her Founder; 'taken as a group of men', she presents the imperfections proper to what comes from men.

"When the Church--and I am now referring to the gathering of her high dignitaries--acted according to the dictates of My Law and My Gospel, she experienced radiant times of …

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1943: Jesus Desire for Our Perfection

Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:50 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Page: 85
Chp: Jesus Desire for Our Perfection

June 15

Jesus says:

"It is natural for the devil to try to disturb you. He can no longer do so with the flesh and thus tries to disturb your spirit.

"He does what is his occupation--that is, try to discourage souls, terrify them, make them waiver. He generally tries to make them sin to distance them from Me. When he is unable to do this, because the soul is quite watchful and the deceit does not enter, he then tries to terrify it and introduce thoughts which are apparently good, but in reality harmful.

"See, Maria. Between the …

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1943: The Need to Pray for Consecrated Women

Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:47 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Page: 87
Chp: The Need to Pray for Consecrated Women

June 15

Jesus says:

"In the lesson on priests I said I would have you reflect on the needs of persons consecrated by special vows, but who are not priests--that is, the virgins enclosed in the monasteries and convents around the world.

"In the mind of the founders, these places were to be as many houses in Bethany where I--weary, disgusted, offended, and persecuted--was to find shelter and love. And they were to be--also in the mind of the founders--many summits where, in the solitude and prayer, pure souls would …

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1943: The Current Need for Victim Souls in the World

Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:46 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Page: 90
Chp: The Current Need for Victim Souls in the World

June 16

Jesus says:

"Every period has had its forms of piety.

"The Church arose amidst the turbulent waves of the world. Virgins and those consecrated lived mixed in among the pagan throngs, bringing into them the fragrance of Christ, which saturated them, and they conquered the world for Christ.

"Then came the the period of austere separations. To bury oneself to the world, according to the views of the time, was necessary for perfection and the ongoing redemption of souls. From the monasteries, from the …

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1943: To Love the Heart of God in the Eucharist

Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:30 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Page: 53
Chp: To Love the Heart of God in the Eucharist

June 4

Jesus says:

"I love all souls. I love those of the pure who live as my Heart desires for your good, of the meek, as I am meek, of the generous who expiate for all and continue my Passion, of the merciful who imitate Me in regard to their brothers and sisters. I love sinners because it is for them that I became the Redeemer and went up onto the cross.

Their sins bring Me pain but do not extinguish my love for them, do not extinguish the desire to clasp them to my breast once they have repented. I love the little …

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1943: The Explanation of Grace -- (One of the Many in the Notebooks)

Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:28 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Page: 58
Chp: Jesus' Explanation of Grace

June 6

Jesus says:

"Today I want to speak to you about grace. You will see that it is related to other topics, even if at first it doesn't seem that way to you. You are a little tired, poor Maria, but write all the same. These lessons will be of use to you in the days of fasting when I, your Master, do no speak to you.

"What is grace? You have studied and explained it many times. But I want to explain it to you in my own way in its nature and in its effects.

"Grace is to possess the light, power, and wisdom of God in …

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1945-50: The Bible as All Truth; Failure of Human Science; Light and Salt

Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:29 am by Poem

Notebook 1945-1950
Chp: The Apocalypse of St. John the Apostle
Page 587

Sept/Nov 1950,

Jesus continues speaking:

"The truth about everything is in the Book. For it is the word written through the inspiration of Wisdom--that is, of God. Everything else is pretense, imagination, and human deduction. Only one never errs: God. Man, even the holiest or the most learned in human culture, can always err when speaking or acting as "man"--that is, when not moved by the Holy Spirit, when not illuminated by the Light-Jesus, when his gaze is turned away from the Father-God, no longer seeing Him in …

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The Forerunners of Christ's Coming

Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:31 pm by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Page: 487
Chp: The Forerunners of Christ's Coming

November 17

Jesus says:

“You make yourselves instruments of Satan by performing works of iniquity.

“Great or humble, you are no different in acting. You are overbearing and thieving. The great, with great overbearance and thievery. The small, with overbearance and thievery which are always greater than their condition would lead one to believe could be possible, and they are still not content and long to be something more to oppress and rob more.

“There is no social group immune from sin. And those among you who are honest …

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The Final State of the Wicked

Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:59 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Chp: The Final State of the Wicked
Page 221

August 7, 1943

Jesus says:

"You read in the Book: 'He [the wicked man] will be led to the tomb and keep watch with the throng of the dead: pleasing to the gravel of Hell, he, will draw all men after him and an innumerable crowd before him.'

"All mankind is sinful. One single creature did not savor, I won't say 'the bitter taste,' but 'the bitter smell' of sin. And that was Mary, my very sweet Mother, She who did not cause Me to miss the Paradise I had left to become Flesh in your midst and redeem your flesh, for in Mary I found the …

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The Final Confrontation - Era of Peace, Christ's Kingdom on Earth

Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:52 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Chp: The Final Confrontation
Page: 475
RE: Isaiah 4:2-6

November 12

Jesus says:

"When the time of my peaceful Kingdom comes--and it shall come, for I have promised, and I do not fail to keep my promises--the good on earth will all come to Me. It will be the period about which I have spoken to you, the period when the spirit will have reached that evolution whereby you will spontaneously separate into two parts. Those living outside the spirit will lie in their darkness, waiting to be the militia for the Prince of Evil. Those living in the spirit will come into the …

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1944: Commentary's on Daniel Chapters 12, and 7

Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:13 am by Poem

Notebook: 1944
Chp: Commentary on Daniel Chapter 12
Page: 105

January 23

Jesus says:

"The archangel who overcame Lucifer and who stands guard over my Kingdom and the children of it will be the one to rise up as a heavenly sign in the last time. This will be the time when Israel is rejoined to Christ's Rome and there are no longer the two branches of the people of God: the blessed one and the one accursed for its deicide, but one single trunk to be called Christ's because it is living in Me.

"Then, since the number of the saved will be complete, the resurrection of the flesh …

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1944: Lack of Charity as an Obstacle to Conversion

Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:51 am by Poem

Notebook: 1944
Chp: Lack of Charity as an Obstacle to Conversion
Page: 91

January 19

Jesus says:

"My poor daughter so sickened by what surrounds you, both at home and in your country, listen to Me. Last night I was close by to you, a comfort which is not lacking to those suffering without separating from Me.

"If all were able--instead of just cursing over all of life's troubles, afflictions, and misfortunes--if all were able to come to Me when their neighbor offends, nips, harms, calumniates, deceives, degrades, or strikes with indifference, anticharity, or incomprehension, as if with a …

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The End of Babylon is Coming

Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:09 am by Poem

Apocalypse 18; 19

[19] And they cast dust upon their heads, and cried, weeping and mourning, saying: Alas! alas! that great city, wherein all were made rich, that had ships at sea, by reason of her prices: for in one hour she is made desolate. [20] Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath judged your judgment on her.

[21] And a mighty angel took up a stone, as it were a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying: With such violence as this shall Babylon, that great city, be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all. [22] And the voice of harpers, and of …

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1944: "Stand the Worlds' System on Its Head "

Tue Dec 06, 2011 6:23 pm by Poem

Notebook: 1944
Page: 193
Chp: Wisdom of Martyrs

March 2

Jesus says:

"My martyrs have possessed Wisdom. And, along with them, my confessors. And all those who truly love Me and make this love the goal of their lives to possess it.

"This does not appear in the eyes of the world. Rather, to be just seems like weakness; it seems like something which has been superseded. Almost as if, in the course of the centuries, changes in the relations between God and the faithful have taken place.

"No. If I attenuated the severity of the Mosaic law and gave you resources of incalculable power to help …

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The Child Jesus Says To Those Who Love Him

Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:51 am by Poem

Notebook: 1945-50
Chp: The Child Jesus Returns
Page: 157

January 4 1946

The spiritualized and glorious figure of St. Peter appears to me. He orders:

"Write this for your Father: 'I, Head of the Priesthood, say to you: "Be vigilant, for Satan, like a roaring lion, is circling around you trying to devour and destroy. Woe to us priests if out of carelessness we let God's flock and God's food be devoured by the perpetual adversary!"' There is nothing else to be said. May you, little voice, receive ever greater grace and knowledge of Our …

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1943: The Seven Last Plagues. The Earth as Babylon Among Numerous Worlds

Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:50 pm by Poem

1943, August 22
Page: 259
Chp: The Seven Last Plagues. The Earth as Babylon Among Numerous Worlds

Jesus says:

"The Seven Last Plagues correspond to the seven peels of thunder not described. As always, these are figurative descriptions wherein reality is not totally excluded, however. I will explain to you what I deem appropriate to be explained to you in them.

"The first is the ulcer"

"Beginning with the times of Moses I punished creatures who had committed unforgivable sins against Me with disgusting diseases. The body of the sister of Moses, Mary, was covered with leprosy for having …

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1949: Christ Hidden In Appearances

Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:48 pm by Poem

Notebook: 1945-50
Page: 536
Chp: Christ Hidden In Appearances

September 11, 1949

Jesus says:

"To be able to love one's neighbor entirely, see Me in each one."

"It is very hard to be able to see You in some. You, that are true, faithful, constant charity; You, that are truth, justice, mercy, patience, temperance--all the virtues, all of them!"

"It is true. Too many neighbors, even those who are externally Christians, are the opposite--completely or partially--of what I am. But strive to see Me in each. An act of faith which can provoke in you an act of love for those who, in reality, do …

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1944: Holy Hour of Jesus

Sat Nov 13, 2010 5:43 pm by Poem

Holy Hour of Jesus

Extracted from THE NOTEBOOKS 1944, June 14.1944


“’If I do not wash you, you will not take part in My Kingdom.’

“Soul that I love, and all of you that I love, listen. It is I who speak to you, for I want to spend this hour with you.

“I Jesus, do not separate you from My Altar even if you come to it with your souls damaged by wounds and diseases or wrapped in lianas of passions which humiliate you in your spiritual freedom, handing you over, bound, to the power of the flesh and its king: Lucifer.

[ Full reading ]
1946: Preparation for Death

Sat Nov 13, 2010 5:32 pm by Poem

Spiritual Preparation for Death

Extracted from The Notebooks 1945-1950, (July 14, 1946).

Jesus says:
"I have dictated a Holy Hour for those who were wanting it. I have taken the veil from My Hour of Agony in Gethsemane to give you a great prize, because there is no greater act of confidence between friends than that of revealing to the friend one's own suffering. The smile and the kiss are not the supreme proof of love, but tears and pain made known to the friend are. You, My friend, have known this. Since you were with Me in Gethsemane. And now you are on the Cross. And you feel the …

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Book 5 Chp 638. The Blessed Virgin Takes up Her Abode at Gethsemane with John, Who Foretells Her Assumption

Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:03 am by Poem

Book: 5
Page 890
Chp: 638. The Blessed Virgin Takes up Her Abode at Gethsemane with John, Who Foretells Her Assumption

21st August 1951.

Mary is still in the house of the Supper room. All alone in Her usual room, She is sewing some very fine linen cloths, like long narrow table-cloths. Now and again She raises Her head to look at the garden and ascertain thus the time of the day by the position of the sunshine on its walls. And if She hears a noise in the house or in the street, She listens carefully. She seems to be waiting for someone.

Some time goes by so. Then there is a knock at the …

[ Full reading ]
1943: The Need to Pray That There May Be Sufficient and True Priests

Sun Oct 17, 2010 2:32 am by Poem

Notebook: 1943
Page: 83
Chp: The Need to Pray That There May Be Sufficient and True Priests

June 14

Pray, offer, and suffer a great deal for my priests. A lot of salt has become insipid, and souls suffer on this account, losing the savor of Me and my Doctrine.

"I have been telling you this for some time, but you do not want to hear this. And you do not want to write this. You draw back. I understand why. But others before you have spoken it, by my inspiration, and they were saints. It is useless to want to close one's eyes and ears so as not to see and not to hear. The truth cries …

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1944: Commentary on Isaiah; The Father's Words on Jesus as the Light Sent into the World

Fri Oct 15, 2010 8:38 am by Poem

Notebook: 1944
Page: 235
Chp: Commentary on Isaiah; The Father's Words on Jesus as the Light Sent into the World

March 25

Isaiah 7:10-16

The Father says:

"What my son of old, out of holy fear of God, prudently did not want to do, resisting temptation I had sent him as a trial, is what you are now requesting, not because of a temptation coming from Me, but through a regurgitation of your rebellious spirit guided by the forces of Evil, instigated by your Enemy, whom you love more than you love Me, your Most High Lord above there is no other.

"You ask for a sign. You ask for it …

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1944: The Little Apostles and New Pharisees

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Notebook: 1944
Page: 440
Chp: The Little Apostles and New Pharisees

July 20

Job 34:29

Jesus says:

"The Following had already been expressed since ancient times: 'If God grants peace, who can condemn?' [verse 29]

"And yet those doctors of the Law who always accused Me, and who knew to perfection the words of the Book, judged it differently. Why? Because they knew the Law in its letter, but did not comprehend the spirit of the letter. They are in every way like the doctors of today who, with ridiculous and cruel pretexts, judge and condemn My favorites, and Me with them.

"They also …

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1944: Commentary on Daniel 3:8-97: The Importance of Giving Thanks

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Notebook: 1945-50
Page: 147
Chp:Commentary on Daniel 3:8-97: The Importance of Giving Thanks to the Father

February 8

Jesus says:

"Come, little John. After having rejoiced in the vision of your Jesus, who loves children--and you along with them--let us go together to read my and your Daniel, in the place where he speaks of the three children who pleased God because they had the faith, fidelity, and trust proper to children and believed tenaciously, believed unhesitatingly, believed even in a tremendous trial because they loved 'the Lord God with their minds, with their hearts with …

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Book 2 Chp. 273. Jesus Walks on the Water.

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Book: 2
Chp. 273. Jesus Walks on the Water.

4th March 1944.

It is late in the evening, almost night, because I can hardly see on the path that climbs up a hillock studded with trees, which I think are olives. But the light is so faint that I am not sure. The trees are not tall, but they are leafy and twisted, characteristically olive.

Jesus is alone. He is wearing a white tunic and a dark blue mantle. He climbs and enters the grove. He is striding resolutely. He is not walking fast, but as He strides, He goes a long way without rushing. He walks until He reaches a kind of natural balcony …

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Book 3 Chp. 275. Avarice and the Foolish Rich Man.

Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:27 am by Poem

Book: 3
Chp. 275. Avarice and the Foolish Rich Man.

10th and 14th September 1945.

Jesus is on one of the hills on the western coast of the lake. The towns and villages spread on both shores are displayed under His eyes. Directly under the hill are Magdala and Tiberias, the former with its luxurious district strewn with gardens, clearly separated from the poor houses of fishermen, peasants and common people by a little torrent now completely dry; the latter magnificent in every quarter, a town unaware of misery and decay, looking beautiful and fresh in the sunshine before the lake. Between …

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1944: Chp. Description of Hell

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Notebook: 1944
Page: 75-80
Chp: Jesus' Description and Explanation of Hell

January 15 1944

Jesus says:

"Once I had you see the Monster of the abyss. Today I shall speak to you about his kingdom. I can't always keep you in Paradise. Remember that your mission is to recall certain truths for your brothers and sisters who have forgotten them excessively. And from this forgetfulness, which is really disdain for eternal truths, many evils come to men.

"Write down this painful page, then. Afterwards you will be comforted. It is the night of Friday. Write while looking at your Jesus, …

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Heresy, Heretical, Absolutely Not of God

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Previously there was mentioned the new modern theologians, they have integrated, the Agnostic thinking in many a fashion, along with other heresies, these are mixed in.

The list is actually quite long of the things, they deny as truth to true Bible believing Christians. Bible believing means believing Gods words of Wisdom, the Bible is 'the' Book. In it contains all the knowledge necessary to elevate man to understanding God.

The rationalistic man, want's physical undeniable proof of the events, written in the Bible such as, Noah's ark. They conclude that, since this ark is not evident, …

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Book 2 Chp 224. Arrival At Bethur - Jesus Speaks of Love to Conquer and Cure

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Book: 2 "Not the Full Chapter"
Chp: 224. Arrival at Bethur

Jesus speaks: « I solemnly tell you that not only I, but anyone who is united to God by means of faultless holiness, purity and faith will be able to do that and much more. The look of a child, if his spirit is united to God, can cause vain temples to collapse, without shaking them as Samson did, it can command wild beasts and men-beasts to be meek, it can repel death and defeat diseases of the spirit, and the word of a child, united to God and an instrument of God can also cure diseases, make the poison of snakes …

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Christ's New Evangelization

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Notebook: 1943
Page: 243
Chp: Christ's New Evangelization

Jesus says:

"I said that my new coming will have a new form and power consonant with the circumstance (last dictation), and I explained to you what men will be like then. The time of the spirit must come.

"Man has set out from deep darkness and an enormous weight of slime, after having lost the divine Light by his own will, obeying the Enemy's seduction, whose real being is concealed in the fruit which teaches Good and Evil--that is, which has disclosed to man what God for man's own good, had hidden from matter, the mind, …

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Book 2 Chp.186. The Demoniacs of Gadara.

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Chp 186 The Demoniacs of Gadara.

11th June 1945.

The vision «The calming of the storm» which you saw on 30th January 1944, is to be put here. Then the following vision.

Jesus, after crossing the lake from northwest to southeast, asks Peter to land near Hippos. Peter obeys without discussing and takes the boat down to the mouth of a little river, which is in flood because of the springtime rains and of the recent storm and flows into the lake through one of the wild rocky gorges common to this coastal area. The assistants - there is one in each boat - fasten the boats and are ordered to …

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Book 2 Chp 232. Parable of the Lost Sheep.

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Chp 232. Parable of the Lost Sheep.

12th August 1944.

Jesus is speaking to the crowds. Standing on the wooded embankment of a little torrent, He is addressing a large crowd spread in a field where the corn has already been cut and the burnt stubble's are a distressing sight. It is evening. Night is falling, but the moon is already rising. Flocks of sheep are going back to the folds and the sound of cattle-bells mingles with the loud chirping of crickets and the high-pitched drone of cicadas. Jesus takes the passing flocks as a starting point.

He says: « Your Heavenly Father is like a …

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