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    Genesis Chapter 2

    Three Steps By God.

    Step 1> [6] But a spring rose out of the earth, watering all the surface of the earth. --watered the dust, to make mud or slime.

    Step 2> [7] And the Lord God formed man of the slime of the earth: --formed the body of man.

    Step 3> and breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul. --put the soul into the body, God calls this process infusion, by infusing a particle of Himself, His Essence into Man, making man His son by spiritual infusion.

    Thus God created, a soul. Man became a living soul. Not living flesh as the animals.

    For living flesh here's the following verses from Genesis Chapter 2

    [19] And the Lord God having formed out of the ground all the beasts of the earth, and all the fowls of the air, --from the ground -- mud, slime just as God did with Adam's body. Same process. But for each beast, God gave them whatever He felt like. He's the Creator. The Master Craftsman. Thus, the Inventor of Man and Animals.

    brought them to Adam to see what he would call them: for whatsoever Adam called any living creature the same is its name. --then after they were created, God had ordered them to come before Adam to be named.

    [20] And Adam called all the beasts by their names, and all the fowls of the air, and all the cattle of the field: but for Adam there was not found a helper like himself.

    God does not say, animals but 'beasts.' Beasts by God's definition crawl around on all fours on the ground.

    Man walks. But man was made to fly in spiritual realms, which is difficult to understand for the many.

    The language is specific. Angels fly around. A word we use for birds, which was created to fly. Now why does God include birds? What has man always sought to do? Fly. Where did the idea come from? Watching birds.

    Today, with so much knowledge, man has become too knowledgeable about a great many always useless and worthless things that's no longer related to even, nature. His mind has become filled with idols. Ideas, strange ideas, and therefore strange idols. Distancing him from the created model and the true origination, which directs the soul to the correct destination.

    When I meditate on God, I do not see, machines, toys, that's upon the earth nor the noise. I see quietness and my heart is filled with this Peace that is also a 'sight' for spirits.

    The earth is noisy in sight and hearing. No peace. Man is worse than beasts today, because of this new knowledge which creates and created more idols which he fashions, according to the knowledge given to him by Satan.

    The Knowledge given to man from God is Wisdom, where none of the afore mentioned exists.

    And for those who are inundated with these idols, they have found their heaven and their gods. A fleshly purpose. Their souls are dead. Thus, they proclaim many things. "We have no need to believe in your God. We have found our heaven." This is what they're really saying. Of course this changes over time, from idol to idol, god to god, heaven to heaven.

    Baptism regenerates the soul, a 'resurrection,' the first one Christ is speaking of. The resurrection of the soul from it's dead, inert state, due to sin of origin. The soul when created by God is not dead, but alive, then --this is the part you need to pay attention and understand very carefully--He infuses the soul into the womb. What happens? It, the soul comes in contact with 'original sin.' If the woman is not Baptized, she, the woman has not had 'the sin wiped,' the soul dies, because of sin. It lays, inside, inert, not alive to God. This is the majority. A dead soul cannot understand you, which means it cannot understand the Spirit.

    Then, what happens to Catholics? They listen to these kind. This is called "Going Astray." They do not know this far inbetween difference. Why certain souls do not receive your light? Prayer? Pray for the world to be 'Baptized.'

    This is Jesus words: "Go all of you Baptizing them in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." For what reason? For what reason?

    To make them capable of hearing the Spirit once again. To restore to them, the Grace which makes them once again agreeable to God.

    How to convince these? "Prayer." God does more through your prayer than you can with your words. This is why Jesus says, to keep your prayers simple with a few words. Faith, leave the rest to God and some day, that person will return to you or seek someone else, because God is calling that person, just like He's calling everyone else. God wants us to merit rewards, thus, the harvest is ripe. No laborers! They do not know how to pray! Prayer is everything, because prayer is communication with God.

    You don't need formulas, you don't need to be a giant with exact knowledge, just need your hearts sentiments. That's it. Your good will. God does the rest. You cannot say one prayer every two weeks for someone. You should be praying for everyone every day.

    Check out and use "Prayer Devotional Scripture Section" in the Forum, it's there for this purpose.

    Read the Life of St.Pio. He was a tough on people. He wasn't a slouch, a lush, someone you could walkover and convince, to see it your way. No. He was teaching young people how to avoid sin. Young people today, have TV, Internet, more than previous decades of "how to sin." How to ruin yours and others lives. This is the times of 'increased knowledge.' More knowledge doesn't mean more good, it means more ways of iniquity. Man in the world walks in the ways of sin, pride, iniquity to find more pleasure. Thus, the world is spinning ever increasingly in speed to the Abyss where Satan is waiting to eat them. Devour them, gulp them down. Their spirits. Your spirits. His food. You're his food. He doesn't care for the flesh, he wants your souls. He is incorporeal and the corporeal has no taste to the incorporeal. Gulps 'em down, faster than you can blink. Slurp. That soul was tasty. That's what he says, and then he seeks more. Never satisfied, insatiable hunger.

    There are so many blind fools out there, but Satan tells you without you thinking it's him, that God does not exist and man was not created but, hatched, transmigrated, reincarnated, evolved from an amoeba, all sorts of silly ideas. They are silly and, because man is a blind fool accepts them. Hey! Guess what I had a thought! Hey! Guess what I had an idea! Hey! Guess what, so forth and so on. This is humanity at its best folks. This goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, month after month, year after year. It has not changed.

    Wisdom is known of her children.

    Thus, remember the lesson of the Creation of Man. You were created by God.

    Peace be with you always

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    What is this similar to, when God begins His attempt to raise a soul?

    It's like giving a dead battery a jump start. Some Energy transfer.

    Giving the soul the needed umph, to get over to being Baptized. To hear the Words that brings Life. To start the souls 'resurrection.'

    There are a thousand ways, which God does this. Someone in Heaven, an appointed Saint is praying to God for certain souls to be 'saved.'

    Did you save your battery?

    Your soul is more than a battery. Only God can jump start it.

    Peace be with you always

    Post on Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:08 am by Poem

    Here God tells us that Adam had offspring according to human likeness and image.

    Genesis 5

    [3] And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years, and begot a son 'to his own' image and likeness, and called his name Seth.

    Genesis 1

    [26] And he said: Let us make man 'to 'our' 'image' and 'likeness':

    Meaning: To 'Our' as 'They' 'God' 'Spirits,' to Their Spiritual, Supernatural, Spiritualized Self. Let us make man similar to Us but We will create for man the robe called 'flesh' which the angels do not possess.

    A stark contrast between what God created and what Adam begot.

    Review, God's creation and Adam's procreating offspring. Meditate.

    The Order has changed.

    God still generates souls and infuse them into the womb.

    For Abortion, people, who are fighting for the life of the fetus.

    Life starts when God generates a soul, this is done in Heaven. Then God infuses the soul into the womb where the male donation and the woman's donation are present; the Lord works the process to join the two donations and adds the soul. Without the life generating soul the two donations are dead donations. It is at this precise moment when the two donations are in the canal of the woman the part of the woman where the 'egg' lays, that the soul is infused this completes the procreation instant. Then the fetus grows in the womb.

    Life starts for the flesh when the soul comes into it.

    Mankind without knowledge from God, only listens to Satan and Satan the killer of mankind only seeks to destroy man. How many servants of Satan out there? Many. All those men and women who give consent and do the work, are all Satan's servants.

    Babylon is a treacherous place, where every evil under the sun, is present and at work.

    Genesis Chapter 5 from the start:

    [1] This is the book of the generation of Adam. In the day that God created man, he made him to the likeness of God. [2] He created them male and female; and blessed them: and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. [3] And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years, and begot a son to his own image and likeness, and called his name Seth. [4] And the days of Adam, after he begot Seth, were eight hundred years: and he begot sons and daughters. [5] And all the time that Adam lived came to nine hundred and thirty years, and he died.

    Notice: God called 'their' name Adam. Adam called the woman Eve later on, after she had a child, became pregnant.

    Before she became pregnant she was called: woman.

    Genesis Chapter 1

    [23] And Adam said: This now is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man.

    Genesis Chapter 2

    [1] Now the serpent was more subtle than any of the beasts of the earth which the Lord God had made. And he said to the woman:

    When the woman given the name Eve; a name given.

    Genesis Chapter 3

    [20] And Adam called the name of his wife Eve: because she was the mother of all the living.

    Now you have to look at the time frame and the facts. The words that are used. We look at the time frame. She was not called Eve until Eve gave birth to Cain.

    Next: Adam called her Eve because she was the mother of the living.

    In revealing the Beginning origins, God uses specific words to make clear, who's doing what, and where man started and where man split. Separated.

    The Gospel is really telling how God wanted Man to be. The Immaculate Woman being, obedient to God, and Jesus being born as a result of Her obedience.

    The Beginning two Chapters of Genesis reveals creating by God, and the third chapter reveals the disobedience of Eve.

    So, God had a short lived joy of creating man and woman. He was not 'pleased'.

    God the Father was displeased, and anguished over their disobedience. The countless souls of men and women lost to Hell because of their disobedience.

    Then we read where God the Father is 'Pleased.'

    The obvious one: "This is My Beloved Son in whom I am well Pleased." From the Gospel where Jesus is Baptized in the Jordan.

    The Second One: When the Virgin Mary, says: "Be it done according to what you have said." She says this to the Angel Gabriel. And the result: God descends in the Second Apparition to Mary. The first one was She was full of Grace.

    This is the announcement by Gabriel in the same visitation, for Angels bring the Message of God who is All Truth. No lie is of the Truth. Thus, God and the Angels do not lie. But man listens to Satan and rationalizes and does not see the Truth but a doubt. No Faith in your hearts to begin with. Thus, you do not receive the Mystery at all. The Truth has not place in your minds and hearts.

    The Angel says: "Hail Full of Grace."

    She, Mary, the Virgin Mother was Full of Grace before She made her acknowledgement to God. She acknowledge God right then. For She had Truth in Her, being Full of Grace. It is that simple. She Full of Grace then, received the Presence of the Lord, His Essence came into Her to generate the Son of God. As we all should have been if, Adam and Eve had been obedient to God. The Disobedience of Eve, caused and made provisions for the Future Obedience of Mary.

    Where, Eve, had pleasure in copulating with Adam to have Cain and Abel, but she had birth pains and other associated punishments, Mary had no pain and punishments, except to suffer for sin and sinners around Her. She suffered the pain of, and for Jesus because Sin had Killed Him. Sin, killed the Son of God. Sin in man. Evil men given to Satan and satanism. Not given to Love and Peace.

    God knowing the future of Man and promising to Adam to redeem his children one day, foresaw, that the Word of God will have to become a Man and suffer and Die. God had foreknowledge, but every will is free to choose. God does not bump souls on and off, circumstances created by Satan and men instigated by Satan, bump souls off, and God sends His servants to get souls back on, but, free will has the play. To choose, to think, reason, make the right choice. Thus, God, foresees, yet, until that moment comes, it is not for certain, thus, God sends a warning, advice, never a forceful hand to avoid disaster. Disaster. God warned and gave advice to Adam about the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. To both of them. They did not observe and take heed. And this trait is passed on. Grace would have healed this, but, it was a thing of test, a point of test. To overcome this. Thus, it is our lot to grow and make the right choices in life. Moral choices.

    Today the world is not interested in morality. It is interested in being entertained. Lusts of the mind, lusts of the flesh, pride of life. To live as 'just' flesh. These kind occupy Hell for eternity. Eternal Flames of Hell. A Roasting Pit. Bring barbecue sauce, give it to satan for he will be eating your flesh and soul.

    Thus, when God foresees the future, it is not entirely going to play out as it is foreseen. What do I mean? For when God foresees the future of any given soul, God sends advice beforehand to advert this disastrous future for that soul. Advice, lessons, teachings, otherwise it is called forewarning. Now if the soul responds to the advice, lessons, teachings then, the forewarning, issued thwarted the Enemies, revenge. Revenge, this is correct. For the Enemy of God and man, seeks revenge only. Revenge is in his mind continually. He is rabid with revenge. Rabid. Beyond obsession. Rabid means, sick. Ill, twisted, demented so forth and so on. So the next time you think of the Enemy of God and Man, imagine a sick Demon, foaming at the mouth desiring to eat you, after having, bitten you with poison. Making you soft and tender.

    The Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. That's the Demon.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:37 am by Poem

    Here's a Partial Truth meaning not the whole sum of the Truth, but is Truth.

    Eternally Begotten of the Father. This is His Divinity as the Word of God. This part of Truth.

    Firstborn, First-begotten of the Father; This 'Man' Part, the part that we do not comprehend because, we are blinded by the Eternally Begotten Part as His True Divinity as God.

    Jesus was Fully Man and Fully God, Now He is Fully God as Man, the God-Man.

    As mentioned in the three Lessons of Genesis, How God made Man and How God made Woman, Jesus as the model.

    If Adam and Eve remained Faithful, Cain would have been Born of God. God being Cain's Father and Eve being his Mother while Adam having his rib in Eve, the two becoming 'one flesh' which really is, from one flesh Adam came the Woman because of the 'rib.' This part is also, like Eternally Begotten of The Father, where this blinds us to not see the intricacy of God's action and thought.

    Thus, every man born from Cain onwards, is born of the image of flesh, while God infuses the soul into a womb, the fetus.

    Study and meditate to understand God's true Design.

    Think not as a man. But allow the Holy Spirit to bring the Word to your heart, your heart is the field sort of speaking to where, seeds are planted and from the nourishment of Light, they grow, the seeds transform from seed to a living plant.

    Jesus is the model for what Man would have been if Adam and Eve remained faithful to God's command.

    However, I do not have the much needed advanced vocabulary so it may seem to be confusing. Nevertheless, after you read the whole Poem of the Man-God and the Notebooks, if you have planted the seeds of the Words spoken, and remain faithful they will sprout.

    However, if you mix the humanized versions that you hear from human pride, you will be at a loss.

    The Catechism of the Catholic Church has many things in it, but it will not teach you, what the Lord taught to Maria. In fact if you have read through the first two Notebooks, the Lord was reproaching them for a great many heresies. Thus, the priests were upset and did things to hurt Maria's writings, but, remember, there are more faithful laity then angry heretical priests, so Jesus instructs the 'Faithful' and these faithful ones do more work than many priests that have made themselves fat with material interests. Many of the priests over there just have a job. And not true shepherds. Several are disappointed because they were looking for 'vain glory.' They saw, big spot lights and and what they believed in was a phantom. There are many reasons why someone becomes a priest besides being 'called.'

    The Lord said to His Apostles the ones that remained faithful, 'Come Follow Me.' Although we read Christ in action as Man, He does the same from Heaven, He touches a heart and says, 'Come Follow Me!' Whether to be a priest or a layman, but both to be a Follower of Christ. In both of these categories, we must always be faithful to Christ in the position to which He has called us to. Both are called to suffer. The priest is called to suffer in the imitation of Christ. While the lay are called to suffer like Mary who was not a priest, but represents, the lay in a round about way.

    Trust in the Holy Spirit.

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

    Peace be with you always

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    They did not allow God to continue creating new sons and daughters as Father.

    To be guided by your own will, means 'pride.' For God is the Guide.

    Rest in Him. Let God decide and steer your mind and will, which means, to let go of your own. There's two vices in this: Pride and ambition to do your own will. If God were standing next to you while you were doing some work and He said: Let Me Help, but you reply, No Lord it is my duty, this is what it's like for the whole of our will. In this what we consider 'small' is not small. Our weights and scales are our weights and scales, not God's.

    Let God be your guide in life, your whole life.

    Peace be with you always

    Post on Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:39 am by Poem

    So what's this like what Adam and Eve did?

    It's like taking the can out of tuna, without the can, the tuna is not preserved for long durations.

    God, or Grace clothed man, just like the can clothes the tuna. "The Light was upon Him: Baptism of the River Jordan, the Holy Spirit Descends upon Jesus and 'Alights' Him."

    Jesus explains, Firstborn, Only Begotten, FirstBegotten: Notebook 1945-50 last chapter.

    "Firstborn" in Grace, of Adam, a direct descendant of Adam, the First Man Born this way as it should have been for all men; "FirstBegotten" of the Father; these two, point to Him as Fully Man. To be born, because Adam was already created whom God created a flesh body for Adam's soul.

    Then, "Only Begotten" of the Father, Jesus was the only Begotten, because, no other Man was born this way-exclusive, Man-God, God in Man, concealed in Man; all men should have been begotten of the Father in this way: generation of the soul to coming out of the womb. As every man should have been from the First to the Last 'born.' Adam was directly created by the Father. "Directly," not born. Jesus explains when life starts in Book 1 "Clear Water Sermons"

    Life is not existence. Existence is not life. Also this vine which is interwined around these columns, exists. But it does not possess the life of which I am speaking. Also that bleating sheep, tied to that far off tree, exists. But it does not have the life of which I am speaking. The life of which I am speaking does not begin with the existence of the body and does not cease with the ending of the flesh. The life to which I refer does not start in a mother's womb. It begins when a soul is created by the Thought of God to dwell in a body, it ends when sin kills it.

    "Life does not begin with existence and does not cease with the ending of the flesh". Life begins before birth. Life, then, never ends, because the soul does not die, that is, it does not fall into nothingness. It dies to its destiny, which is the celestial destiny, but it survives its punishment.

    The Error:

    Man falls into error when considering life and death and applying these two nouns. He calls "life" the period of time in which, born of his mother, he begins to breathe, to nourish himself, to move, to think, to act; and he calls "death" the moment when he ceases breathing, eating, moving, thinking, acting and he becomes cold insensitive remains, ready to go back into a bosom: a sepulchre. But it is not so. I want to make you understand "life", and point out to you the actions suitable to life.

    Those Guilty of Infanticide:

    Man, at first, is but a seed that grows, a seed of flesh, instead of gluten or of marrow, like the seeds of cereals and of fruit. At first he is but an animal taking shape, the embryo of an animal like the one now swelling in the womb of that sheep. But the moment that this incorporeal part, which is also the most powerful in its subliming incorporeity, is infused into the human conception, then the animal embryo does not only exist as a beating heart, but it lives according to the Creating Thought, and becomes man, created in the image and likeness of God, the son of God, the future citizen of Heaven.

    Where Jesus says, man begets his own image:

    But that happens if life lasts. Man can exist having only the image of man, but no longer being man. That is, he is a sepulchre in which life putrifies. That is why I say: "Life does not begin with existence and does not cease with the ending of the flesh". Life begins before birth. Life, then, never ends, because the soul does not die, that is, it does not fall into nothingness. It dies to its destiny, which is the celestial destiny, but it survives its punishment. It dies to that blissful destiny, by dying to Grace. This life, hit by a canker which is the death of its destiny, lasts throughout centuries in damnation and torture. This life, if preserved as such, reaches the perfection of living, by becoming eternal, perfect, blissful like its Creator.

    In the Notebooks Jesus explains the Fusion Process where, God generates the soul from His bosom, This is when life starts. [Notebook 1945-50 page 336-338.] also [Notebook of 1943; Jesus explains this several times throughout the Dictations]

    Just as the First beasts after being created, then, mated, and had offspring, but the First Ones were Directly Created By God the Father. They 'mate' as beasts to create offspring. When they mate, they do not mate to enjoy the copulation as lowered man does, sensual. They mate to bring offspring. Nothing else.

    Separation. Remove grace, and man is naked. Man then is no different from the beasts formed from the ground. Grace is what created man, God. Out went grace, or was 'kicked out' by man.

    Forced will. I force you out! Get out! This the same meaning.

    Man then became his own 'gods.' Flesh gods, not spiritual gods.

    Lowered to mud. Thus this statement in Genesis by God: 'for from the earth you came and to the earth you shall return,' meaning becoming one with the ground again, 'dust.' For mud after it has been dried turns to dust.

    For man sought the will of his flesh rather than the will of his soul or the will of God. The soul is God's, it belongs to God. The flesh belongs to matter, for God ordered all the matter into worlds, sun, stars, so forth and from this matter God created man's body.

    To be in Grace means to be 'possessed' by God. God is the 'covering' and indwelling, the deposit of Grace in man's soul.

    Peace be with you always

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    Now that we have gone over the way Man should have been born to how man is born today, let us continue our lesson on, Satan's part in this.

    It is said in Isaiah Chapter 14, that Lucifer wanted to be like the Most High, wanted to rule, take the throne. What did he want to rule over? Man.

    God generates the soul.

    How can Lucifer rule over man if he cannot generate a soul? This is the part, he could not answer himself. Simply because he is not Creator. Lucifer being a created spirit, was not given the ability to create new life. New life creation is specifically God's function and the ability to do so only is in God. Not any other created being can do so. They cannot. Angels cannot create another angel.

    It so happens that God gave the ability to procreate offspring to man and animals, fish and fowls or birds. And the tiny creatures. These are God's abilities and His very will and thought made it so.

    The part Lucifer failed to comprehend was, that God's will and thought alone can create. Not an angel.

    As mentioned above, whom God gave the ability.

    Now if man had remained in Good Standing with God, that is not to rebel, man would have had no part in procreation action. The act. Only woman. She would have never had her flesh violated. And man would never had the need to copulate.

    Since man is the only being on the Earth to violate and rebel against God's order of procreation, which the rest of the Earth did not because they do not experience free will, but are free, a point to consider greatly you men, this creates a paradox for man. He is greatly confused and has never arrived at the defining each state.

    Man rebelled against God's order of creation.

    Beasts, birds, fowls, fish and tiny creatures have not. They do not have free will, but are created free according to God's will and Thought. Not according to human will and thought, you men already experience this, according to human will and thought. But in the procreating of newborn, it is God's final act that allows a newborn to be born. By infusing a soul. The life generating life.

    Lucifer thought in his proud mind, that he could somehow still convince God to infuse souls into men, by bending God's will. To think that an angel can do such is truly arrogant. Thus he was condemned to the netherworld where he will spend all his eternal existence in. It is not a probation, it is not a temporary solution, it is final judgment executed before man was created. He will never be allowed to enter Heaven ever. He will never be physically able to stand foot on the earth, Thus he seeks a willing soul to inhabit as I was Incarnate. He is not allowed to roam the Earth free as do the Angels at My side. He would tear you all limb from limb and faster than thought.

    When Lucifer convinced Eve to take the plunge and become the primary's in procreating, this was Lucifer's chance at enslaving mankind. Think about this, God is Grace. Lucifer lost Grace he has no power over Grace. If man has no grace, man has no power. Man is two parts, corporeal the weak chain, and incorporeal, the strength of man.

    An angel is superior to man, because an angel is pure spirit, the likeness of God as spirit in many attributes and ways, but not God. They are lesser copies of God as 'spirits.'

    Man is a unique creation of God, God's masterpiece. Since you have not studied My book you truly cannot appreciate your creation.

    Now let us then focus on a man who was and is not in Grace. Do you think you can withstand the powerful attacks of demons? No, you cannot.

    Thus, Lucifer has thought, that if Man were to lower his guard, and would step over to this side, I could convince him to be their own 'gods.' Thinking they will ascend to be like God. Rationalism. All lies and falsehood. Thus the father of lies, the Liar, the seducer.

    Just so he can enslave you. To rule over you as king and God.

    Once God is out of the way, there's no one to keep Lucifer from his goal. But, again Lucifer did not think, about God still presiding over the procreation process even though man has listened to Lucifer. Without the soul, you men would not exist. Be thankful that God has given this allowance to men who rebel constantly before their Creator.

    Peace be with you always

    Post on Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:48 am by Guest

    I understand!

    I see it!

    God created the First flesh bodies from Mud, or the Mold came from the Earth, The Potter's Clay! Yes.

    God desired to keep the flesh pure so that all souls remain pure. No Sin of Origin.

    Satan wanted to corrupt the entire man, killing him. Death and suffering entered by way of disobedience, the Sin.

    The knowledge Lucifer offered was the knowledge of beasts, how they procreate.

    The flesh creating flesh is what the animals do. Man then, was given this same knowledge as what the beasts do. Which God had created. But beasts do not have a soul and thus, they obey God's command and they roam freely without the abiltiy to reason. They were given instinct and for a lack of better words, programmed to follow a certain way. Yet free. Yet they have a set pattern which means, boundaries.

    God created them, they were created by an Highly Intelligent being that knew what He was doing when He created them.

    To understand the beasts, means to understand, man as flesh. For man imitates the beasts in procreating, instead of God. Thus man imitates the beasts in a quite few things.

    The Lord did not create man to be 'beasts.' But created man to be like God. Genesis 1,2,5.

    In order to change man back to what he is to be, God brought Jesus and Mary to help man restore himself to the true Image of God and the True Design of His Thought. I see it now! I understand.

    Our flesh, was to be generated by God in the womb, rather than man giving seed to the woman, creating flesh. This part where man gives the seed to woman.

    After reading the Virgin Mary's consummation, I see that the Holy Spirit came into Her to generate the fetus and the Son of God came to inhabit Her womb. God the Father presided over the whole process with this statement: "The Most High shall Overshadow thee," meaning He is blessing the whole consummation. And God is most pleased with this. Pure and Holy. Without influence of Satan. His knowledge was void in Christ and Mary.

    I see now that Lucifer seduced Eve to seduce Adam to mate and have offspring according to 'flesh.' Rather than God generating perfect flesh, pure and holy. Like Jesus.

    Lucifer taught them to be lewd and lose their virginity. Filled them with lusts and thus man and woman live in this knowledge to this day. Those who do not Baptize and remain pure. Thus, when two love each other to create a family for God, God blesses the act. But nothing more. The act was not be.

    Whereas God would have kept them pure and virgins. No stain of lust in them. Lust is from Satan. His knowledge.

    As a result the lower nature, the flesh, is predominant voice in man and not the spirit which God infuses to animate man's flesh. The knoweldge of lust from Satan to forincate. The Knowledge of God is not to fornicate. To fornicate means to be in kinship with Satan. For taught Adamd and Eve this knowledge.

    Jesus and Mary came to restore this problem. To regenerate the soul to become the overlord in man's body. To where Grace is able to penetrate and seat as should be.

    Then God has sons and daugthers.

    Yes, I read the virgins in the Notebooks how they did not want to live as man's object of orgies, to remain pure.

    Thank you Poem!

    Grace and Peace in the Holy Name of Jesus.


    Post on Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:06 am by Poem

    I'm very glad you did!

    Since man is not entirely an animal, meaning he has a soul, and animals do not have reason, to think and lust, they are just beasts created to be, showing man, the nature of beasts and not lustful, man who has the ability to reason, Lucifer taught man to lust, to crave the flesh. To be sated with lustful passions.

    The animals I'm referring to and there's quite a many of them are all 'innocent' because God created them that way. They do not possess a soul. They cannot think as God, Man and Angels think. They were not given higher intelligence.

    Now plot a line. From beginning. Put on this line all the animals. Not one of them has changed, morphed into something else. Meaning evolved from what they were to something new. Each one has always remained as they were created.

    Crossbreeding. This is done by man. Not God.

    There other phenomenon which we think is the result of evolution of a species. The mind of God at work. Nothing more.
    The Earth is the Lord's and Fullness thereof. He is doing His work.

    The Creation was given to Man to remind man of God's gift: Life. How mindful God is of Man.

    Psalms 8:5 What is man that thou art mindful of him? or the son of man that thou visitest him?

    God is so mindful of man that he even stated in Genesis: "I give thee all this."

    But the envy of the Devil, struck man and God all in the same.

    This is perhaps the most mysterious mystery.

    This is God's answer to me about this whole thought process.

    There are rules and boundaries. Those who understand them, observe them. Those who do not, break them and live outside in their own ideologies. Fantasizing something else. Those who say to God: "I would have done it differently!" They remain in their own thinking 'freely.' Though I would like for them to become My sons and daughters, they will not listen to reason. They do not want to come. Heaven is a free place, but for those who want to live with Me, in Their Father's House.

    I am like a Man, who gave all of you a coin. I gave you some instructions. Some obscurely, some clearly, some vehemently, but I gave all of you instructions, as I give them to each son and daughter with no variance. It is you who were not completely coherent. Completely attentive.

    Notice 'some obscurely' they were not attentive.
    Notice 'some vehemently' they were angry, or greedy or other character attributed to some lust.

    The middle ones: some clearly. They were attentive and pure. They see Me as I am. The other two do not. They have other interests.

    Those who are in the first and latter, are those who remain outside in their own ideology. Their disgruntled ideology.

    I give to you all free will. You must learn to control and master yourselves and bring yourself to seeing life as it is.

    Wisdom will teach and show you. Give your hearts love. Love will teach you to be soft and gentle.

    Peace be with you always


    Post on Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:26 pm by Poem

    God Created Man just a little lower than the angels. Slightly inferior to the angels.

    Psalm 8

    6 You have made him a little less than the angels, you have crowned him with glory and honour: 7 And have set him over the works of your hands. 8 You have subjected all things under his feet, all sheep and oxen: moreover, the beasts also of the fields. 9 The birds of the air, and the fishes of the sea, that pass through the paths of the sea. 10 O Lord, our Lord, how admirable is your name in the whole earth!

    Let's add the categories of environments.

    God: Dwells in Heaven. Purity, Holiness, Peace, No Evil.
    Angels: same as above.
    Man: --Before the Fall--in a pure environment untainted by Evil, was granted Paradise on Earth. Peace, Purity, Holy, Innocent, No Evil. Similar to Heaven. For God made Earth Like unto Heaven -- with all it's glory on the Earth. The Creation.
    Man: --After the Fall--lowered himself to the level of beasts, to mate as beasts, to live according to the dictates of flesh. 'Learned' beastly ways.
    Beasts: Created to roam the Earth and be companions to Man. Unity. Order.

    The beasts of the field, roam the earth. In certain areas where civilization has cut them off and made zoo's, they are caged from their naturally created environment. A disorder.

    Since man became disordered, and like beasts, rather than remain as slightly inferior to angels, man contends with the beasts for his environment. Contention. If man remained elevated in the state he was created, the beasts would be subject to him as companions. Unity. Peace. Harmony. God created harmony. Man brought about disharmony.

    Since man learned the way of chaos rather than Peace, the beasts notice and see other beasts of men. Thus, the beasts of the field, contend with men-beasts. The order is discombobulated. Beasts feel threatened by men-beasts. Thus man has put up walls, fences, and killed them off from the area's he wants to occupy. Disordered state.

    The Order:


    Each has their specific environment.

    Man lowered himself. Dropped down to the level of beasts from lofty place. As spirits encased in flesh. His spirit lost --this part I don't have the correct word so bear with me--his wings to maintain the lofty place. Cut off and thus he fell to the earth. Away from the God, who is the Light and plunged into mud. He is used to mud. He wallers in mud.

    Each category above has their specific environment.

    Man was to rule over the Earth as a being similar to God and Angels, but with flesh to experience matter. Thus, he was given the Earth to rule as 'king' of it. A true 'king.' The first man and woman were more interested in being like God to be equal to God, for their interest was not about the earth entirely. They wanted to climb higher. As a result of this hunger, the ended up falling. Lucifer had taught them to be equal to God is to procreate like the animals. Creating offspring, just like the animals, beasts of the field.

    Thus, they did.

    And we are all the result of their foolishness.

    The different categories have different environments. As beasts wander the earth looking for something to kill, this is their view. And it is a simple one.

    The Angels, contemplate God and live in Peace never to die never to cease, never to have invasions of such predators. They are immortal. Just as God is. They live in God's environment.

    The First man and woman lived with flesh, having this matter to experience the life of flesh as 'spirits' which God created.
    But not entirely flesh. They had this as an outer adaptation to sense and feel, breath and smell the Earth and all it's creation. To allow the spirit of man, to have more.

    See yourself as a soul encased in flesh to live and experience these simple sensations without impure thoughts or sentiments. From the perspective of purity. Clean, devoid of lustful passions. Serene. Innocence. This is how it was to be.

    Then all the children born in innocence would have all experienced the same. Purity and cleanliness without the evil intrusions coming from the Envious One.

    Beasts see the wide open fields, they were granted the earth to roam alongside man. To be man's companion as animals, beasts, pets as it is called today, but not pets. To love them. God is love. God created out of love. And the animals respond to love, better than hate or overbearance.

    This is from love's perspective who created them. A companion. A good companion. It is rather interesting to see it this way.

    Man has to raise his flesh and spirit above beasts. Slightly lower than the angels.

    When you live like beasts, you have no morals. You act and live just like them. This is a bit hard to understand, since man has a different substance in him a soul, which he quite doesn't understand. The parallels are quite different in that the environment which man dwells in such as a home, a city with concrete, tar, and metals, it is beyond his imagination.

    What God states is that it doesn't matter where you live, in concrete haven or in the wild, a beast is a beast. The characteristic of beast is what you have to look at. How do you live? By instinct? Or By Morals?

    Beasts have a code which God infused. He gave them specific instructions, commanded them. They were created to live in that fashion which we have witnessed. Man was created to rule over them, and remain in Grace. So he can continue to rule over them as good rulers. Love as the guide. Basis for life. Because we were all created by Love and love was the rule.

    That's how it was.

    Evil was introduced and thus, there is disorder among the inhabitants of the Earth. And many have erred with all kinds of theories. Many circles of thought.

    To bring all man back to the correct teaching, requires a great deal of unmasking the Truth. Because man is free to reason. And he thinks astutely about many possibilities and ideas.

    Conformity. Rules and Boundaries. We must learn them. For we were not hatched or evolved from Monkeys, amoebas or some other.

    When man attaches to other theories, he learns other ideas that are non-conforming to Creation and thus we have witnessed in the history lessons and in public places, such as schools, communities at large, the different theories, but none of them have been proven.

    Creation is massive, yet it was simply created. A higher Intelligent Being had created. And what an Intelligent Being!

    Peace be with you always


    Post on Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:02 am by Poem

    Here's pure logic.

    Since this is a gray area for many, here's the mystery foolproof.

    God made the beasts, or animals from the earth, slime and clothed them according to their kind: lions, tigers, elephants, so forth. Each has a unique clothing, fur, skin, etc.,.

    Human science, dissects, prods, investigates to find out the anatomy and so forth. But, they have yet to say, 'We do not know how they were created, came into being.' Thus, several theories. But none, have absolute proven, to pinpoint their origin and how they were actually created, brought into being. None. Many guesses. But, we are able to delve by dissecting, using tools.

    Yet no matter how sophisticated the tools are, they do not say, nor tell man, how and who created them. None.

    I see sand, I pick up some grains, I can grind the grains to dust and put under a scope to use amplified glass, to look at even deeper into the composition of matter. But, this does not tell me, how they were created. This is how it is for everything under the 'sun.' Everything.

    After having investigated, wearing oneself out, the conclusion is always the same? Who and how? What?

    Now, let's get to the point of my post.

    The first man and woman were created by God. God also created, the animals. Man's body and the animals body came from the same source, mud of the Earth. At the time of creation the mud was 'sanctified' for God's use.

    Let's read what God is, you can read it, God Holy and Pure, All Good. Thus, what He created was not dirt or poor. But perfect.

    When man was seduced by the woman to procreate, man chose to oversee the whole procreation process instead of God. God could have said, 'I will not bless your children.' 'I will not infuse a soul into your children.' He could have. But instead, He punished them, because they chose to usurp and take away God's right as total Father of all offspring. So, God punished them. The woman suffers in labor. Her viscera is torn, she loses her virginity. The man loses his virginity. The man gives the woman seed.

    Thus, flesh, just like the animals, or beasts of the field.

    If we study the beasts of the field, and put two and two together, where God created both bodies from mud, these two die. The flesh returns to dust. Thus, death and decay and pain and suffering. The beasts experience pain. They yelp, when shot or cut, hit so forth. Dogs often, when you step on them, have a wry cry. They feel pain.

    Now, if Adam and Eve had not, taken the procreation to their ways, and allowed God to continue to generate new offspring, the woman would not experience, labor pains, bleeding, water breakage, menstrual cycles, so forth.

    God would have given, and created, bodies, that never die. They would enter into a dormant state. Similar to what the scientists think of for cryogenics, freezing the body. But, God's way is much better, and 'perfect.' This won't happen though, because God provided the Lamb of God to circumvent the deficit, which the world does not care to hear about. Neither do the clergy at Rome. Quite a loss, a great loss. Especially in our times, where, scientists and humanity has had a great increase in knowledge. God provided this knowledge, the increase to aid man to come to see, How Incredibly, Advanced God is. Yet, all they do is search for clues, but never take their investigation to the 'right', instead they take it to the 'left.' Thus, they miss. The page is nowhere near their sight. If you look to the east, you see all there is on the east as much as your eyes can fathom. But you do not see the 'west.' Until you turn to the west. This is where the eyes are pointed, to the 'left.' And thus, they drop down instead of rising up.

    The Lord explained to Maria about evolution. Evolution is a straight line instead of rising up. When a soul sees and looks to the right, there's Light. God raises the soul by levels. He opens the mind or the intellect of the soul and reveals the Truth. Thus, evolution of the soul is where God takes the soul, and raises it by degrees to perfection, to know God's creation is part of it. To understand God's creation is to 'know' God's Mind. He shows the wonders of His work to those who 'appreciate' and give God praise and a warm heart for Him to smile upon. God created all these we have come to know of, to show man, goodness. Gifts, presents, benefits, of Love. To elevate man to love in God. To know God is to love God. And God created, I don't have the adequate word. It is too grand to speak. It is beyond wowing and whooing, awesome, grand, amazing. I cannot think of a superb word that would truly bring what I have inside. This is the point where, it is truly spirit, an understanding of Hearts without words. Thank you Father, for sharing with me, your true intentions and will for Man. I bless You! I give You Great Thanks!

    These are the missing pieces of the puzzle, the mystery that has laid dormant for centuries, millennia. And it is all written to Maria Valtorta, Jesus and Mary explain. But the Holy Spirit illuminates. The Word of God plants the seed through, the lessons. Then coupled with the Bible the Holy Spirit opens the door.

    God leads on the path of justice, truth and holiness. It's on the righthand side. Not the left.

    Man is accustomed to left. It is a conditioning, which has to be broken.

    Peace be with you always


    Post on Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:43 am by Poem

    Page 324
    January 28, 1947

    --Now this is very long chapter wherein Jesus is directing His words to the clergy at the Vatican.

    Notice the dates, and the whole chapter is not typed out on this post but a few paragraphs for your benefit. Covers 20 Pages of the Notebook of 1945-50 and is all in the Notebook 1945-50. Chapter Called: "Christ Replies to Textual Criticism"--

    Concerning the dictations on August 24, 29, and 30 and September 2, 1944. In the pre-Gospel.

    Jesus says:

    "Given the obstinate response of some to these luminous points in my teaching--which ought to open up many horizons for you and help your souls and the souls administered by you to tend towards this rejoicing, which is the recollection, knowledge and recognition of what God is, and enjoy a little bit of Heaven on earth and receive therefrom great assistance for progressing in perfection--let us deal with the topic as if we were facing stubborn children with whom one must never grow tired of teaching, and with arguments which cannot be rejected.

    "What is man? The Catechism states, 'A creature endowed with reason composed of soul and body.'

    "What is the soul? The Catechism states, 'The noblest part of man because it is a spiritual substance endowed with intellect and will, capable of knowing God and possessing Him eternally.'

    "Who created man? The Catechism states, 'God created him.'

    "Why did He create him? The Catechism states, 'So that man may know, love, and serve Him in this life and enjoy Him in the other forever.'

    "How did He create him? Genesis 2:7 states, 'And the Lord formed man from the mud of the earth and breathed the breath of life into life, and man became a living creature.' And Genesis 1:27 states, 'God created man in his image.' The Catechism confirms, 'Man was created in the image and likeness of God.'

    "And how? Perhaps in his face? In the shape of his body? God does not have a body or a face. To become man I had to take on your shape, for I had no bodily shape of my own. God is most perfect Spirit--simple, eternal, with no beginning or end. The Catechism thus teaches that 'man is said to have been created in the image and likeness of God, for the human soul is spiritual and endowed with reason, free in its working, capable of knowing and loving God and of enjoying Him eternally--perfections which in man reflect a ray of the infinite greatness of the Lord.'

    "A ray of the infinite greatness of the Lord. A great truth, since We, as Triune, know Ourselves and enjoy Ourselves with the fullness of joy, generating Ourselves through this joyful love, which is knowledge of our most perfect Perfection. And We wanted you to have Us as an example to create in you the divinized creature that is man, as, a 'son of God.' For this reason we placed Love in you, which is our Essence, and we proposed Love as the goal of Perfection in order for you to come to be with Us without end, just as you were in Us before Creation existed, when We contemplated you, before you emerged from nothingness, so as to be, according to our will, the creature in whom God, who divinely conceived this creature for His glory, is reflected. Now, in God there can be nothing except what pertains to God. Man thus belongs to God and in full justice must want to reach and possess Him after having striven to love Him and know Him.

    "Blessed are those who are able to ascend to the summit of blessedness, which is union with God--that is, knowledge of God, fusion with Love, contemplation of the Trinity, which is One, of the Fire that does not consume, but recreates and supercreates, making the human creature what he was conceived to be by Love: a god who is the son of God. The Father has truly placed the seal of His paternity in his son: the capacity to know and love God, in both this life and the next.

    "God, then, created man as composed of two substances, one called the body--initially created with mud and subsequently procreated with the flesh and blood of man--and one called the soul, which, uniquely created in each case, only once and for one flesh, descends to unite itself to the flesh forming in a woman. Without the soul man would be an animal creature guided by instinct and natural gifts. Without the body man would be a spiritual creature with the supernatural gifts of intelligence, will, and grace, like the angels.

    "In addition to existence, what had God given to the masterwork of creation, represented by man, in whom the two creatures, animal and spiritual, are joined? Gratuitous gifts which theologians divide into: natural, preternatural, and supernatural.

    "Natural: a healthy, beautiful body, with five perfect senses and a rational soul endowed with intelligence, will, and freedom.

    "Preternatural: integrity--that is, the perfect subject of sense, free from incitements of every kind, to reason; the immortality of the body, which would not have experienced the horror of death; immunity from all pain; and knowledge in keeping with his state as a chosen creature and thus great knowledge, which his perfect intellect assimilated without effort.

    "Supernatural: the beatific vision of God, the Grace making man a son of God, and the destiny of enjoying God eternally.

    "Man, then, by virtue of both his origin and the gifts received, could truly call himself, a 'son of God' and know Him as a son knows his father.

    "What is Grace? The Catechism states, ' Grace is a supernatural gift which illuminates the mind and moves and comforts the will so man will do good and refrain from evil.' But it is love, above all. God's Love for his favorite creature, who is man, a love elevating the creature to the nature of the Creator through deification, in such a fashion that the words of Wisdom are fitting: 'You are gods and sons of the Most High.' (Psalm 82:6, John 34:10) It is moreover, a means of salvation, since man needs means of salvation, having remained weak through the consequences of sin. Indescribably active, when it does not encounter impediments or inertia in you in regard to the works it seeks to carry out in you, it sanctifies the creature and the creature's actions and has three lesser branches emerging from its sublime trunk which are called: actual, sufficient, and efficacious grace. But it is a single Grace: a transforming principle, a divine quality inherent in the soul, like light whose splendor, enveloping and penetrating souls, cancels out their stains from sin and communicates a radiant beauty to them.

    "This is taught by the Church in the conclusions of the Councils of Trent. And I, the Teacher of teachers, contemplating Grace for what it is, in the eternal is of God, say that Grace is a principle transforming the creature into a son of God, a divine quality which is thus similar to the Light from which it comes, whose splendor, enveloping and penetrating souls-whether it is a gift given (as it was to Adam) or a gift given back (as with the Catholic Christians restored to Grace through the merits of My Sacrifice and the Sacrament instituted by Me)--communicates to them not only a radiant beauty, but the capacity to see and know God, just as the First Man knew Him by seeing and comprehending Him with his spirit filled with innocence and Grace.

    "Grace, then, means restoring man to the capacity to love and know God, Grace, then, is a light to see what is Immense Darkness for man's thought, but Infinite Light for the spirit in grace. It is, then, a voice and a very wise voice; sight, most luminous sight to contemplate God; a gift given to assist the soul's desire to know God; a means to remember the Origin just as the Origin wishes to be remembered; and an instrument for the deification of the creature. And the more creatures, through their own will and through the justice attained by way of a loving will, grow in Grace, the more what is union with the Divine will grow in them, along with wisdom, which is one of the divine attributes, and, with wisdom, the capacity to comprehend, know, and love Truth and truths. For Grace is the Spirit of God, who enters into man with all his gifts, transforming, elevating, and sanctifying man's faculties and actions. And, among these, the first one and the main one is love. The action through which you were created.

    "To love is to know. Only those known are loved. The more one knows, the more one loves.

    Peace be with you always

    Post on Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:00 am by Poem

    Created in the Image and Likeness of God.

    Image: Spirit

    Likeness: Character: love, intelligence, free will, joy, peace, gentle, kind, mercy.

    The Likeness factor.

    Satan put his,-another- likeness into man, when man listened to the advice of the Serpent and acted. Then came, evil into man, changing his likeness which God had put, created originally. What comes from God is of God. The Soul is God's embryo, His Essence. So man has two likenesses as a result of the Sin. God and Satan; Soul and Flesh. Yet the image is from God, the Soul and Likeness at infusion, and as long as we maintain virtuos living according to God's Commandments. The likeness is also in the soul when God creates the soul, the Likeness of God. The likeness changes from God's to Satan's when the soul acts out Satan's likeness: Pride, Sensuality, Avarice, corrupting the Image of God, turning the soul into another Satan: Hatred. Be careful of Hatred. This is Satan's face, image and likeness. Remembering always, that Pride causes another Satan to appear in the flesh, thus, the flesh is Satan's instrument which we must overcome. When the a regenerated soul comes in contact with the flesh--Satan's instrument--Satan fights back using the flesh. Thus,

    It is like this: Vice: planted in the heart to bruise the intelligence of Man, his soul.

    Virtues need to be obtained to cancel the vice. Thus, vice is folded downwards and virtue is bending the vice downwards, so the soul can have God descend and rest, keeping the Serpent bent down--the flesh--until the flesh becomes subject to only virtue. Then Satan is completely defeated in your body. Jesus demonstrated this for us. He came as the model to us to obtain. If we notice and look carefully, Jesus defeated Satan in his body. He said, many things, about this, but must read Poem of the Man-God to understand what He says about this. He said, I do get tempted, but, it does not disturb Me the least, because I have overcome the human idea of happiness, and the human idea of many other things: Humanity. Humanity is fallen and cannot see as Adam once saw, and as Jesus sees. To overcome humanity all of it. Because humanity lives separated from God and has other ideas of happiness, love, peace, joy, and so forth. But not the supernatural true reality of each. God comes to give us Life and give it Abundantly, not material abundance, but, true inner spirit, spiritual, for our souls, overflowing with Joy, Peace, Love abundant life, for God is not a material God, where many get confused. God is Spirit. He created the material Universe as a 'gift' to mankind of His great love for Us.

    Satan a pure spirit, rejected God, and became the Proud, Fallen Angel, Hatred. He voluntarily changed of his own free will. Wanted to be 'God.' He saw God create, and thought--reveals his pride--that he could do the same. He said: "I know the words, I know how to invoke to get power, like God, all I have to do is speak the words and it will come to appear." This is foolish thinking. God did not grant to Lucifer, the power to Create. This is a fine line here as far as I can see. God granted to Lucifer the 'participation' to act as God's instrument. We use instruments to aid us in making something: For instance cooking, we use blenders, coffee machines, ovens so forth. God gave to spirits, because God is Love, to participate in Creation to aiding God in a much different fashion than man on earth, when dealing with aiding. Heaven is Overflow of Love. We do not know what this Overflow is, because it was cutoff when Sin entered man. No sin can enter Heaven. That is why we have to have the methods we have today, so Sin does not enter Heaven, causing the Overflow to become corrupted, and keeping man from being 'extinguished' before he his complete in conversion. Imagine you a imperfect and incomplete work, in progress, becoming extinguished before your time? So God has, in His long foresight setup the way to purify souls that want Heaven, from the Sin, and Poison which is in the flesh, that corrupts the soul. The soul is God's baby. The flesh was turned by Serpent and Man into just flesh, the animal man more personified then it was meant to be. He changed from Innocence into Defiled.

    These likenesses from Satan are implanted in the heart of man. The wound to Adam's heart. Damaging the intelligence, the soul. Thus the soul dies due to Original Sin.

    Every man born is born in Sin of Origin. Everyman to have the fighting chance to overcome and raise his soul above the flesh must be Baptized and then receive all the Sacraments necessary to regenerating on a daily basis, until God pulls the soul out or death takes it.

    The Soul is infused where the heart is in man. To give life to man. The heart needs to pump blood and beat. When the heart no longer beats, man's flesh is dead. The soul departs momentarily afterwards.

    Pride, Sensuality, Avarice are then in the heart, which penetrates into the soul, making the soul, corrupt and converted to Satanism.

    Thus, to remove from the soul these growths, one must use the Sacraments and meditate on the Word of God, doing good deeds, persisting and persevering to the end. Because, sin are like weeds that come when we are not looking. So we have to be gardeners of our own souls and hearts. The heart then needs to be cleansed, of pride, avarice, sensuality. A sensual heart is a lustful heart. Jesus does not come to souls stained with lust. Lust is sin. God is not Lust. God is Love. Lust is Satan.

    Peace be with you always

    Post on Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:59 pm by Poem

    Well, I have to apologize for so many posts, but, I have not changed my stance, nor does God.

    The conclusion:

    Born in Sin all men and women. Must be Baptized and walk in the Way to remove this Condemnation which Adam and Eve created.

    Born in sin means, born of Satan's will, to remove Grace and plant evil in man. Man then is born, of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Born, not created as was Adam. Adam the mold messed up, and changed man's creation. Man no longer was a living soul as God created, but a living animal as Satan willed. Remove Grace and add an incentive to earthly living, thus making man more easy to do what Satan wanted. Without this insertion, into man, Satan would have been a non-entity.

    What' this like today with all the modern toys? Well, the Monkey has instigated man to creating a chip to forcing man to do what is commanded by, the sick twisted madmen, that want to control man's behavior. They implant a chip the size of a dime, and give it commands from some location. If you do not do, they push a button to torture you till you succumb. Electric shock, noise, whatever to bend you to doing their will.

    Satan put into man, a gene, or DNA puzzle piece, effecting his thought, the heart, to incline towards, sin. Once you are in sensual sins, 'sex' you are stimulated, your senses, sentiments-heart, and thought are thinking about, copulating with one another, as a result, your are sensual, every active thought and action is based on 'sensual.' Thus, St. Paul has a long list of these sins in descriptive words to tell us of. These are a result of falling into Adam's sin, to become sensual to have sex just for pleasure, as beasts, who devour flesh. Once you are sensual you do not reason properly, you choose things based on taste, because your appetites are purely sensual, you chose based on the sense and can no longer obey, God's Commands. You are just flesh, and not a --(living soul who is not sensual, but, is filled with Joy, Peace and is loving). The difference between Love and Lust is clearly seen here. A sensual man mistakes love a true sentiment coming from his heart, and he only reasons, that love is lust, to have sex, to arouse the senses. This becomes life for them. A different state of living. Everything is based then on 'sex.' If I have sex with so and so, I will have achieved love and he/she will return love the way I have loved. A true sentiment did arise from your heart, but, because you are corrupted, you think having sex is love. Not so. Love is God and God defines what love is. Thus, we must have God teach us what true love is. God is Love. Not sex, lust, and all the other ideas that form from these vices.

    Adam the man and Eve the woman, were called "Adam" before they sinned. Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bones. Two parts of Man, the Man and the Woman. Read Genesis carefully, take explicit notice of the changes it is only seen, through careful reading, which the Holy Spirit must show you else, you fall into error as always.

    The Serpent 'eaves drops' in on our conversations with God.

    The Serpent, Negates, God's commands, and if you are not firm in God's Commands, you are doing what the Serpent recommends, by his advice. Sin.

    Adam Sinned--Adam and Eve combined two one flesh. God withdrew, Grace departed, Adam no longer was two in one flesh. Now they are two separate flesh because it takes, woman and man to procreate now. Before Adam sinned, they were 'one flesh.' Thus, newborns would have come from Adam--two one flesh.' The earth is one, not two, another words you would have to take two earths to make another earth, thus a third earth.

    When Adam sinned, two separations occurred:

    1 from God, Grace left.
    2 from each other, male and female no longer two in one flesh.

    This is the mystery here. but, as mentioned several times, without Grace, you cannot see and remain 'ignorant.'

    The earth is one. Meaning it is not two. It takes two parts to make one new. Or several parts to make a cake, food, parts, so forth, Combing.

    In this we see the active work of the Intelligence of God, which for fallen man without Wisdom cannot ascertain. Not possible without Wisdom, Grace, God revealing.

    The Old Testament says, during Moses time, that God said, I will give to such and such My Wisdom to make him capable of making My "tent." So without God giving us, knowledge and understanding, to reason, we cannot do God's Will. He calls this, "Wisdom." An all encompassing Knowledge that gives sight, illuminates ones mind to see what it is that needs to be done from God's thought. His Thought. Not ours.

    So we must have God share His Thoughts with us in order to understand God. This is Wisdom, God sharing His Thoughts with us, then to act on this Wisdom, comes Grace, the Holy Spirit, yet, one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit is Wisdom. So through one of these seven gifts, the Holy Spirit imparts, supernatural Knowledge. Thus, it is the work of the Holy Spirit who is there as the Invisible God, the Third Person, who completes what God wants us to do. We then become His instruments on Earth to do His Will. He will take from Me, what is Mine and give it to you. Jesus explains the Holy Spirits, JOB, what the Third Persons Function is.

    Heaven is the completed state. No more work, we have learned everything and are complete within ourselves to be able to Love God freely and abundantly if we followed Him in Life. Life is a struggle, so don't give up!

    It's like a man crawling in the desert, thirsty, hungry, and fainting always, even has to rest, sleep and says, "I have fallen, I have to rest, I may die, in fact I am so famished and weak, that I cannot go further. Lord, I wanted to so much, but I have fainted." Your desire here is most important.

    I did not reach Love, Lord, I wanted to! Yet, God sees you have exhausted yourself, and comes to the rescue. What did you do? You trusted in Him. You did not trust in flesh, you did not look and lean to the left, to the right, to the back and so forth, but you remained in that desire and thought, even when the Tempter was pinging you to lean left, right and backwards. You stayed steadfast. See this?

    You fainted because, you had no more strength. Our weak and pathetic state which God knows full well. He is testing your resolve. Do you trust in God to be your entire Bounty?
    Yay or Nay?

    This must be your steadfast resolve. Then, what Adam did, will be cancelled out not only in the first stages, but all stages. The first stage is to have the Stain Removed. The remaining Stages is the work your labor of love, towards God. You cannot win without the Sacraments, Grace, Light of the World, because Jesus had to defeat Satan in order for us to receive the Pure Unstained Methods for us to get out of Impurity, Sin. Man by himself could not achieve, Pure forms to become Pure. God provided the Perfect Medicine. The Medicine is the Sacraments, namely Baptism, Confession, Eucharist, then, you get Grace to Purify you. We need Wisdom through a set of instructions to imbue our minds with Knowledge to reason and make correct choices in life. Discernment. To grow into a fully reasonable man that discerns, good from evil and remains firm, steadfast, stout in Good only. Shunning and rebuking evil in all it's appearances. Evil dances in front of us to lure, harass, accuse, so forth, because it is Hatred. It hates. It knows nothing else. It is from a certain perspective, 'stupid' because it 'rejected' Love and Wisdom. Life Eternal.

    So, on the left is the retarded monkey who comes because he is rabid, bent, silly, twisted, mad, sick, ill, and full of hate to seduce and befriend to reduce you to Hell, loss of Heaven.

    On the Right is God, with all Good. It is a tough road, because of the above, who sets up traps and snares.

    The Gospel, teaches us how to grow into another little Jesus, one day, like the saints, trampling on Sin and Satan. Overcomers of the flesh, the world and the monkey demon.

    Pride and haughtiness, must avoid and uproot. Confession and Eucharist. Keep going. The torn in your side that was not fully repelled due to weakness, must keep going, to receive graces to strengthen the weakness. Receive Jesus, asking always for forgiveness, --humility, humble. God loves the Humble, rejects the Proud.

    Peace be with you always

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