Putting the Pieces of the Prophecy from the Dictations


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    Putting the Pieces of the Prophecy from the Dictations  Empty Putting the Pieces of the Prophecy from the Dictations

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    Notebook: 1944
    Chapter: Commentary on Colossians
    Page: 84

    "Today a great heresy is taking place, a supremely sacrilegious heresy. The son of Satan, one of the sons, whom I could call one of the greatest, not the greatest one in the past, who is Judas, not the greatest one to come, who will be the Antichrist, but one of those living now for the punishment of man, who has worshipped man and not God, dealing out death to himself by way of man, whereas I, God, gave man Life by way of my death--meditate on this difference--the son of Satan proclaims a new faith which is tragic, sacrilegious, accursed parody of my Faith. A new gospel is proclaimed; a new church is founded; a new altar is raised up; a new cross is set on high; a new sacrifice is celebrated. Man's gospel, church, altar, cross, and sacrifice. Not God's.

    what is this about?

    It's about man becoming a God in his own mind or thinking he is.

    Purely puffed up, yet once man loses who he really is, he then does evil.  Because pride is of evil nature.  It is only evil.  It cannot love and heal make new worlds, bring new life, create new souls, give wisdom and light. There  is only One who can do that.

    The Antichrist worships man.  The human.  Not all humans. Just the being called man. Thus he worships himself.

    This is the worst evil that hits the planet.  For Satan cannot materialize here, so he incarnates himself in a man.  Pure evil.  This is a rather tricky subject. Yet, the Antichrist borrows Satan's power to help him take control.

    But, when you let the monkey of hell in, you get taken over. Possessed.

    Thus the man Antichrist eventually is able to somehow shrug the monkey of hell long enough.  For Satan's power is not enough for the man Antichrist.  So he goes to the enemies of Christ to get weapons to use to bring man under his subjugation. But he ends up killing most of the human race.  Rather a stupid ruler and god.  No subjects to rule. They're all dead.

    We're still in the precursor stage. No Antichrist yet.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:30 am by Poem

    We don't know which ones of the clergy are swept away permanently.
    All we know is that 1/3 of them will be.

    Will the Pope turn? Or will one of clergy kill the Pope and take over saying that the Pope he killed died of some infraction other than being murdered? Don't know. But, it is stated by the Lord Jesus that the Antichrist was a clergy member who fell and tossed away virtues for vice. Gospel for worldly lust.

    We should always pray for the clergy.

    Somewhere in the Dictations it may be the Book of Azariah, at the time of writing way back then, that it is stated that 2/3's of the clergy were already under Satan's command, having tossed the Gospel for worldly lust.

    Peace be with you always

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