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    Backlash of Satan --Can you believe it man?


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    Backlash of Satan  --Can you believe it man? Empty Backlash of Satan --Can you believe it man?

    Post by Poem

    Notebook: 1944
    Chapter: Jesus' Explanation of Hell
    Page: 75-80

    paragraph from it;

    January 15 1944

    Jesus says:

    "Their malice, instructed by Satan, whose servants or slaves they are (according to the degree of adherence to the desires and suggestions of the Evil One), does not want these acts of withdrawal and turning back on themselves. It thus cancels out faith in Hell as it really is and manufactures another one--if it goes so far as to manufacture it--which is nothing but a pause to make a dash for other, future elevations."

    END -------

    In many of the comments by Jesus, those sold to Satan --the world--Babylon--, Jesus explains that Satan does not want his servants--slaves to find God. So whenever a soul of God comes to evangelize one of these, Satan punishes them by acts of backlashes, whips, evidenced by those superiors and some sorcery, magic, etc.,.  Whenever a soul of his has lights come to them, Satan puts it out.  Keeps them 'blind' and under slave conditions.  He does his best to keep them thinking they are free.  False freedom.  He blankets them.  He makes sure, his little ones do not escape find green pastures and leave his petty self. The fat cow porkchop gluttonous pig.

    He does his best to pair women and men. False happiness.

    He does his best to be god to them.  False God.

    He does his best to keep them. False Shepherd.
    (with other doctrines with no light nothing for the soul and the true love so much going on here, can't write them all down)

    He does his best to simulate the Good Lord with,  False Kindness, there is no love here. It is all, a mock, a mockery.

    He keeps them locked up.  Real Jail. Bondage.

    Read Isaiah.  

    So if the world is not in conflict, he drums up some servants to go make conflicts.  No true Peace.  All the words of 'peace.'
    The minds of man are so hypnotized that they believe everything is copacetic.  The world is chaos and perturbation.
    Where the Love of God is not, is 'ice' cold.  No true love, no true faith, all false hope.  Everything crumbles because it is built on quicksand, shaky ground. Feel the earth move. Time to cut the shackles, be true and responsible for your own soul and mind.

    So these conflict events taking place in the world are all Satan's handiwork through those sold to Satan. Just a mayhem of overwhelming proportions. Price hikes makes no sense.  Factions warring, no peace and love.  All these are backlashes of Satan to keep them in line.  

    The Voice of God Speaks but Satan blocks.  The children are in darkness where the Serpent roams freely taking whom is unwise.

    4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.  5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and the Lord hath remembered her iniquities.  [ Apocalypse 18:4, 5 ]

    Peace be with you always

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    Post Sat Jan 27, 2024 7:09 pm by Poem

    People desire true love, want to have love. Satan who is loveless, who is the Hatred cannot give love. Thus simulates friendships.

    The created the earth as an altar where souls of men would be the host for God, To have Love.
    This desire comes from God and is His Likeness. to have Love.

    Satan the Negation is Hatred. He wants to convert souls into his image and likeness.

    Spiritual war here declared by Satan on God.

    So he takes vengeance on God through God's created beings.

    Man is trying to find his way in life and walk with God, but Satan comes to sell another version of life contrary to true Life. Thus the Falsehood. He lies. Thus he is the 'Liar'. He sends his demon angels-who once were angels in God's Heaven--to lash, whip, do whatever it takes to keep a souls from being 'free'. Hordes, Legions of demons are on the earth.

    A story about Elijah, a Prophet of God. His sidekick was afraid during one of Elijah's mission and Elijah prayed to God to have his sidekick's eyes opened. And behold it was opened and much to his amazement saw with his spirits eyes, legions of angels.

    So, we can to do the same, because a greater than Elijah has come to Redeem mankind. Filiation as the 'just' in God makes one capable of doing the same. Lord open the eyes of the unbelieving. Show to them, the reality. Thus, when I see. Hordes.

    Trust in the Lord in with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall make straight your path. Proverbs.


    Peace be with you always


    Post Sat Jan 27, 2024 7:14 pm by Poem

    The Lord told us in His Dictations that God only wanted for his children to know love.

    Hate Evil is in the world and has stained man's soul. His flesh compromised by Evil.

    Thus, Wisdom says to not be naive. Be simple as doves, and wise as serpents. These simple words are very deep in meaning and definition throughout one's life span on earth. These words come from the Teacher, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    Jesus as the Man knew His enemy well. He was not naive and then, went as far to teach His disciples who already knew the enemy because they were the privileged chosen to know the Law. The Wisdom of God taught them over the generations. The wise.

    Denial gets you no where. See properly and learn be wise.

    Peace be with you always

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