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    The Parable of the Wise Rich Man and Poor Ignorant Young Boy


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    The Parable of the Wise Rich Man and Poor Ignorant Young Boy Empty The Parable of the Wise Rich Man and Poor Ignorant Young Boy

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    Book 4

    Not the whole chapter just the points of interest:

    Jesus is telling the parable to young children and perhaps the adults are behind these children although it is not said they are:

    "The king took him to the desks and read stanzas of poets, episodes of heroes, descriptions of countries.

    "Oh! it is beautiful to read. But that is not what I would like.

    "What, then? Tell me, and I will give it to you, my boy".

    "Oh! I don't think you can, o king, notwithstanding your power. It is not a thing of this world.

    "Ah! you do not want works of the Earth. Here, then: here are the works which God dictated to His servants. Listen" and he read some of the inspired pages.

    "That is much more beautiful. But to understand it properly, one must first know God's language well. Is there no book which teaches that, that can make us understand what is God?".

    The king was quite astonished and did not laugh any more, but he pressed the boy to his heart.

    The man instead laughed derisively saying: "Not even the wisest men know what God is, and you, an ignorant boy, want to know? If you want to become rich by that!…

    The king looked at him sternly while the little fellow replied: "I do not seek riches, I am seeking love and one day I was told that God is Love".

    The king took him to the grim desk, where the little dusty roll tied with a string was. He picked it up, unrolled it and read the first lines: "Let little ones come to Me, and I, God, will teach them the science of love. It is in this book, and I…

    "Oh! that is what I want! I will know God and by having Him, I shall have everything. Give me this roll, o king, and I shall be happy".

    "But it has no value money wise. That boy is really foolish! He cannot read and he takes a book! He is not wise and he does not want to learn. He is poor and he does not take treasures".

    "I will strive to possess love, and this book will teach me. May you be blessed, o king, because you are giving me something which will no longer make me feel a poor orphan!".

    "At least worship him as I did, if you think that you have become so happy through him!".

    "I do not worship the man, but God Who made him so kind".

    "This boy is the true wise person in my kingdom, o man, whereas you have usurped the reputation of being wise. Pride and avidity have intoxicated you to such an extent that you maintain that a creature should be worshipped instead of the Creator, simply because a creature was giving you stones and human works. And you have not considered that you have gems, and I have had them, because God created them, and that you have rare rolls containing the thought of man, because God gave man an intellect. This child who is cold and hungry, who is all alone, who has been struck by all kinds of sorrow, who would be excused and justifiable if he became intoxicated with the sight of riches, this child knows how to express just thanks to God for making my heart kind and he seeks but the one only necessary thing: to love God, to know love in order to have true riches here and in future life. Man, I promised I would give you what you would choose. The word of a king is sacred. So, go with your stones and your rolls: multicoloured pebbles and… straw of human thought. And live trembling with fear of thieves and moths: the former the enemies of gems, the latter of parchments. And be dazzled by the vain flashes-of those chips, and be dis-gusted with the sickly sweet flavour of human science, which is only flavour and not nourishment. Go. This child will remain with me and we will strive together to read the book that is love, that is, God. And we shall have no vain flashes of cold gems, nor the sickly sweet flavour of straw of the works of human knowledge. But the fire of the Eternal Spirit will grant us, even in this life, the ecstasy of Paradise and we shall possess Wisdom, which is more fortifying than wine, more nourishing than honey. Come, child, to whom Wisdom has shown her face, that you may desire her as a genuine bride".

    And after driving away the man, he kept the child and instructed him in divine Wisdom that he might be a just man and a king worthy of the sacred anointment on the Earth, and a citizen of the Kingdom of God in the other life.

    That is the parable promised to the little ones and proposed to adults.

    Peace be with you always

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    Book 5 before Jesus ascends.  

    Jesus is speaking to the Apostles and Disciples moments before Ascending:

    But this will happen later, and at that time you will know what to do. The Spirit of God will lead you. Be not afraid. For the time being hold the first meeting of the believers in Jerusalem. Then more meetings will take place as their numbers grow. I truly tell you that the citizens of My Kingdom will increase rapidly like seeds sown in very good soil. My people will spread all over the Earth. The Lord says to the Lord: "Because you have done this, and for My sake you have not spared yourself, I will bless you and I will make your descendants as many as the stars of heaven and the grains of sand on the seashore. Your descendants shall gain possession of the gates of their enemies and in your descendants all the nations of the Earth shall be blessed". My Name, My Sign and My Law are blessings, wherever they are known as sovereigns.

    The Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier is about to come and you will be replete with Him. Ensure that you are as pure as everything that is to approach the Lord. I also was Lord like Him. But I had put on a garment over My Divinity to be able to stay among you, and not only to teach you and redeem you with the organs and the blood of that garment, but also to bring the Holy of Holies among men, without it being unbecoming that every man, even an impure one, could lay his eyes on Him, Whom the Seraphim are afraid of looking at. But the Holy Spirit will come without the veil of flesh, and will alight on you and will descend in you with His seven gifts and will advise you. Now, the advice of God is such a sublime thing, that it is necessary to be prepared for it with a heroic will of a perfection that may make you resemble your Father and your Jesus, and your Jesus in His relationship with the Father and with the Holy Spirit. Therefore, perfect charity and perfect love in order to be able to understand the Love and receive Him on the thrones of your hearts.

    Get lost in the eddy of contemplation. Strive to forget that you are men and strive to change into Seraphim. Throw yourselves into the furnace, into the flames of contemplation. The contemplation of God is like a spark that flashes from the friction of steel on flintstone and gives fire and light. The fire that consumes the opaque and always impure matter and transforms it into bright and pure flame is purification.

    You will not have the Kingdom of God in you, if you do not have love. Because the Kingdom of God is the Love, and appears with the Love, and through the Love it is established in your hearts in the brightness of a huge light, that penetrates and fecundates, removes ignorance and gives wisdom, devours man and creates the god, the son of God, My brother, the king of the throne that God has prepared for those who give themselves to God, in order to have God, God, God, God alone. So be pure and holy through fervent prayer that sanctifies man, because it plunges him into God's fire, which is charity.

    Peace be with you always

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    Many many believers have believed that what Jesus has spoken is metaphorical and is not 'truth.' in short not doable, unobtainable, this cannot be real... all the many thoughts of this to no end... it is just to rouse one to the faith, a hype, a emotional binge, sentiments to rouse of the flesh and its senses.  Wow!  I am stoked! Let's go! This kind of non-sense.  The angels in Heaven do not become emotional, but, are spirits whose reasoning mind is strong and does not bow to what is below them.  They have affections of spirit.  They love God. Love is an affection.  For the human being this affection comes from the heart, the flesh which works closely with the spirit of man.  Affections.  The mechanical person is  like a robot, and thinks in the mind only not having affections.  So they are mechanical and these are likened to those who read and do not have 'the spirit' of the letter.  Because the spirit of the letter is 'love.' Love is an affection.  Heaven is filled with souls and spirits who 'love.'

    If this were not the case, saints would not exist in times past and all would remain, as 'flesh' beings only, no spiritual whatsoever. Complete and utter denial of all that is spirit. In fact Non-existent. I need a word that is opposite of allelujah to say the least. 

    Elevation of spirits with true love for God.  Affections. A simple but powerful part of the nobler part of man: his heart.  A dead heart, is dead in affections.  Robots. Mechanical.  Calcinated bones moving by motion, like it was pushed, rather than being inspired and motivated by the Spirit of Love.

    I hear and heard from many believers who I looked up to as pillars for my faith.  And they do deny this out right. Because, they believe mechanically and not in the 'spirit' of the Word made Flesh and prior to His Becoming Flesh, He spoke to the Prophets of the Future and then Became the Voice on the Planet called 'Earth' our place to start and then end up where He is in the Father's Bosom.  Flesh and blood has not spoken to me. But the Spirit of the Eternal One has.

    Man got stuck and stranded on the earth on the way to Heaven.  He is wallowing in the mire thinking the mire the human science is all from God when none of it is from God. Human science is human science lower nature, lower than man's own spirit.  

    God made everything, but the science that made them is God's.  Separated from God, human science is exactly human science, not worth any spittle. Heaps of dung.

    Spirit. I come to raise spirits back to 'life', Your souls.  

    Peace be with you always

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