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    Book 3
    Chapter 404
    Page 749

    « We come from the Roman colonies in Greece and Asia. Some of us are Jews, some Gentiles... That is why we dared not come... But we were assured that You do not despise Gentiles... as other people do... The observant Judaeans, I mean, those of Israel, because elsewhere also Judaeans are not so severe. In fact I, a Roman, am married to a Judaean from Lycaonia, whereas this gentleman, a Jew from Ephesus, is married to a Roman woman. »

    « I do not despise anybody... But we must be indulgent to those who cannot yet consider that: As there is one only Creator, all men are of one blood. »

    « We know that You are great among philosophers. And what You say confirms it. You are great and good. »

    « He is good who does good things. Not who speaks well. » « You speak well and do good things. So You are good. »

    « What did you want to know from Me? »

    « Today, forgive us, Master, if we annoy You with our inquisitiveness. But it is a good inquisitiveness because it seeks the Truth with love... Today we wanted to learn from Your disciples the truth concerning a doctrine, which was already mentioned by ancient philosophers of Greece and which You, so we are told, are now preaching once again, making it more extensive and beautiful. Eunice, my wife, spoke to some Judaeans who had heard You, and she repeated Your words to me. Eunice, You know, is Greek and learned and she knows the words of the wise men of her country. She found a resemblance between Your words and those of a great Greek philosopher. And Your words have reached also Ephesus. And as we came to this port, some on business and some to celebrate the rite, we found ourselves among friends and we talked. Business does distract people from thinking also of other higher matters. After filling our emporia and holds, we have time to resolve our doubt. You say that a soul is eternal. Socrates said that It is immortal. Do You know the words of the Greek master? »

    « No. I did not study in the schools of Rome and Athens. But tell Me. I will understand you just the same. I am acquainted with the thought of the Greek philosopher. »

    « Socrates, contrary to what we Romans believe, and also to what your Sadducees think, states and maintains that man has a soul and that it is immortal. Consequently he says that death is nothing but liberation for the soul that passes from prison to a free place, where it joins those whom it loved and where it meets the wise men with whose wisdom it was acquainted, and great people, heroes, poets, and where it no longer finds injustice or sorrow. There is instead eternal happiness in a peaceful residence open to the immortal souls which lived in justice. What do You say, Master? »

    « I solemnly tell you that the Greek master, although in the error of a false religion, was stating the truth saying that the soul is immortal. As a searcher after truth and a lover of Virtue, he heard the Voice of the unknown God whisper in the depth of his soul: the Voice of the True God, of the Only God: the Most High Father from Whom I come to take men to the Truth. Man has a soul, One, True, Eternal, Mistress, worthy of reward and of punishment. It is entirely his. Created by God it is destined in God's Thought to go back to God. You, Gentiles, devote yourselves too much to the cult of your bodies. The human body is really a wonderful work, on which there is the mark of the eternal Finger. You admire your minds too much; man's mind is a jewel enclosed in the coffer of his head from which it sends forth its sublime beams. A great celestial gift of God Creator, Who made you according to His Thought with regard to your figure, that is, a perfect work of organs and members, and He gave you His likeness with His Thought and Spirit. But the perfection of the likeness is in the Spirit. Because God has no members or dull flesh, as He is not subject to sensuality or incentive of lust. But He is a most pure Spirit, He is eternal, perfect, immutable, indefatigable in acting, continuously reviving in His works, which He paternally adapts to the ascensional march of His creature. The spirit, created in all men by the same Source of power and bounty, knows no variation of the original perfection, but knows many of them after it is infused in the body. One only is the uncreated and most perfect Spirit, and it has always been such. Three are the spirits that were created perfect and... »

    « You are one, Master. »

    « Not I. In My body I have the divine Spirit that was not created, but was generated by the Father through exuberance of Love. And I have the soul created for Me by the Father, as I am, now, the Man. A perfect soul as befits the Man God. But I am speaking of other spirits. »

    « Which, then? »

    « The two first parents from whom the race descends; they were created perfect and then they voluntarily fell into imperfection. The third one, created for the delight of God and of the Universe, is too superior to the possibilities of thought and faith of the present world to be pointed out to you. The spirits, as I was saying, created by the same Source with the same degree of perfection, are subject, through their own will and merit, to a double metamorphosis. »

    « So You admit a second life? »

    « There is but one life. In it the soul, which was originally made in God's likeness, passes, through justice faithfully practised in everything, to a more perfect likeness, I would say, to a second creation of itself, whereby it evolves towards a double likeness to its Creator, becoming capable of possessing holiness, which is perfection of justice and likeness of children to the Father. It is to be found in the blessed souls, that is in those who your Socrates says live in Hades. Whereas I say that when Wisdom will have spoken its words and signed them with its blood, they will be the blessed souls of Paradise, that is, of the Kingdom of God. »

    « And where are they now? »

    « In expectation. »

    « Of what? »

    « Of the Sacrifice. Of Forgiveness. Of Liberation. »

    « They say that the Messiah will be the Redeemer, and that You are such... Is it true? »

    « It is true. It is I Who am speaking to you. »

    « So, You will have to die? Why, Master? The world is in such great need of Light, and You want to leave it? »

    « You, a Greek, are asking Me this? You, who are dominated by Socrates' words? »

    « Master, Socrates was a just man. You are holy. Consider how much the Earth needs holiness. »

    « It will be raised to the ten thousandth power for each sorrow, each wound and drop of My Blood. »

    « By Jove! Never was there a Stoic greater than You, as You do not just preach the contempt of life, but You are preparing Yourself to throw it away. »

    « I do not despise life. I love it as the most useful thing to buy the salvation of the world. »

    « But You are too young, Master, to die! »

    « Your philosopher says that what is holy is dear to the gods, and you said that I am holy. If I am holy I must long to go back to the Holiness from Which I came. So never young enough not to have such longing. Socrates also says that he who is holy loves to do things pleasant to the gods. What is more pleasant than restoring to the embrace of the Father the children whom sin had banished, and giving man peace with God, the source of all wealth? »

    « You say that You do not know Socrates' words. How come then, that You know the ones You have spoken? »

    « I know everything. The thoughts of men, when they are good thoughts, are nothing but the reflection of a thought of Mine. When a thought is not good, it is not Mine, but I have read it in the succession of times and I knew, I know and will know, when it was, is and will be spoken. I know. »

    « Lord, come to Rome, the light of the world. You are surrounded by hatred here. You will be surrounded by veneration there. »

    « It would surround man, not the Master of the supernatural. I have come for the supernatural. I must bring it to the children of the People of God, although they are the most stubborn against the Word. »

    « So Rome and Athens will not have You? »

    « They will have Me. Be not afraid. They will have Me. Those who want Me will have Me. »

    « But if they are going to kill You... »

    « The spirit is immortal. The spirit of every man is immortal. Will Mine not be so, the Spirit of the Son of God? I will come with My active Spirit... I will come... I can see numberless crowds and the Houses erected in My Name... I am everywhere... I will speak in cathedrals and in hearts... My evangelization will know no rest... The Gospel will travel all over the Earth... all good people towards Me... and there... I go by at the head of My multitude of saints and I lead it to Heaven. Come to the Truth... »

    « Oh! Lord! Our souls are enveloped in formulae and errors. How can we open the doors to them? »

    « I will unlock the doors of Hell, I will open the doors of your Hades and of My Limbo. And will I not be able to open yours? Say: "I want it" and like locks made with wings of butterflies they will collapse as if they were pulverised at the passing of My Ray. »

    Peace Be With You Always

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