Can You See Eternity


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    Can You See Eternity

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    Saint John Vianney, the Patron Saint of Priests, once said, "The eyes of the world see no further than this life, but the eyes of Christians see deep into eternity."

    Either you believe in God, or you simply don't.

    The world does not. And that is why it lives contrary to 'Life.' They believe this world is everything and even though they know they will die someday and the length of it being short 80yrs, they work hard at obtaining and gaining to go down in history as 'I did.' Or "I am" somebody and I did it my way.

    Question: Do I have an identity crisis? The world always, "Does."

    Question: Are you a child of God? Or are you an orphan? Trick question you say? No, you belong to God or you don't. You were, created by God, your soul. Your body was injected with poison by Satan the ugly Serpent. How ugly is Satan? Very. You want to look and find out for yourself? Not too bright are we? Read the pages in the Notebook where Maria describes the ugly Serpent. Read it.

    Life on the planet is such that, those who do not believe, do their best to reach some plateau, to grab as much riches as possible to increase pleasure and comfort, the brain needs some form of assurance that it is living. This is why the 'rich' remain rich because they do not want to share their wealth. I did it my way, why should I share my wealth with others, mentality. Read the Notebooks, read Poem of the Man-God, read the Bible clearly, what I just stated is in these books. A dog-eat-dog lifestyle, reason for wars is included. Lets' grab as much as we can now, and live, because we die anyway. This doesn't leave much hope. In fact this kind of thinking and proverb is hopelessness. No hope for the future, no hope for the little people--poor ones, the ones who do all the work.

    The world is heading straight down to the abyss at a fast pace. The modern toys come about, creating more buying. Buy this!

    Man was created to fill Heaven. Instead, man is creating things to fill himself loading himself with boulders, sinking him into the abyss. So heavy, overloaded.

    Idleness is Satan's workshop. Politics is idleness. God defines what work is truly. Man does not live on bread alone, but, on every word that comes from God.

    Man must toil the earth to bring forth fruits for harvest, that is for food, shelter and clothing, the basic needs for the flesh. He must use his body for these things because it teaches man virtue and God blesses all he does. When man does not, as God has revealed, brings forth, thorns and thistles. Read the Book of Genesis. When Adam and Eve sinned, God cursed the earth as well as gave them hardships. They lost Grace.

    Grace my friends has been restored, but you must accept it back. Otherwise you live in the state of Adam and Eve's sinner state: cursed. The earth brings forth terrible harvests, moth and rust does corrupt. This is the result of 'No Blessing from God.'

    Grace has been given back to Man, but man must live in Grace in order for the Blessings of God to take place. Genesis explains this clearly.

    The world does not live in 'Grace.' Thus it incurs, curses. When you listen to the Serpent, you enter "Death and Destruction" When you listen to God, you have Blessing upon Blessing. The choice is given freely to each man and woman. Your choice. Adam and Eve, died. Do you want to die too? They died because they lost Grace which is God. God is Life, He created Life. He gives Life, without God there is no Life. You just exist, wander around aimlessly upon this world and who knows what will happen to you. Watch the news it tells of all kinds of horrible things, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. It should wake you up, but, for some reason it does not. What is this reason? The world does not think deeply, it brushes aside, saying on to the next non thinking thing, I don't want to think. I want comfort, relaxation, pleasure. If you thought in the first place, you would already be half way to Heaven.

    When you get out of the river's of the world, that leads to the Water Fall straight down to the abyss, you see what's really happening and you run. Later as God builds your inner man, He says, pray for those like yourself, that they are able to get out of these rivers. How many have drowned? How many are sitting on the brink of disaster? How many are sunk? Do you love your fellow man? Are you not a man or woman? Weren't you given a heart and a mind, soul and body? Am I not a man?

    Peace be with you always
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