Book 3 Multiplication of His Word


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    Book 3 Multiplication of His Word Empty Book 3 Multiplication of His Word

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    Book 3
    Chapter 352
    Page 413

    Jesus says:

    « And this is another thing which will annoy difficult doctors: the application of this evangelical vision. I will not make you mediate on My power and kindness, or on the faith and obedience of the disciples. Nothing of that. I want to show you the analogy of the episode with the work of the Holy Spirit.

    See: I give My word. I give everything you can understand and assimilate to nourish your souls. But you have been made so dull by fatigue and inanition that you cannot assimilate all the nourishment which is in My word. You would need so much of it. But you are not able to receive much. You are so poor in spiritual strength! It burdens you without giving you blood or strength. And the Spirit then works the miracle for you. The spiritual miracle of the multiplication of the Word. It enlightens for you, and thus multiplies all its most secret meanings, so that you can feed on it and thus not collapse exhausted along the desert of life, thus you do not have to encumber yourselves with a load that would crush you without strengthening you.

    Seven pieces of bread and a few fish!

    I preached for three years and, as My beloved John says, "if all the parables I told and all the miracles I worked were to be written to give you substantial food, capable of taking you as far as the Kingdom, without fainting through weakness, the whole Earth would not suffice to contain all the volumes". And even if all that had been written, you could not have read so many books. You do not even read, as you ought to, the little which has been written about Me. And it is the only thing you should know, as you have known the more necessary words since your childhood.

    So Love comes and multiplies. He, too, Who is One with Me and the Father, "feels sorry for you who are dying from starvation" and with a miracle that is being repeated throughout centuries, He multiplies twice, ten times, a hundred times the nourishment of each word of Mine. You thus have an infinite treasure of celestial food. It is offered to you by the Charity. Draw from it without fear. The more you draw from it, the more it will grow, as it is the fruit of Love.

    God has no limit in His wealth and possibilities. You are relative. He is not. He is infinite. In all His works. Also in His power to give you, every moment and for every event, the light you need, in any particular moment. And as on the day of Pentecost the Spirit, infused in the apostles, made their word understandable to Parthians, Medians, Scythians, Cappadocians, to the inhabitants of Pontus, to Phrygians, and made it like their mother tongues to Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Libyans, so it will comfort you when you weep, will advise you when you ask for advice, it will share your joy when you rejoice, through the same Word.

    Oh! if the Spirit elucidates to you the sentence: "Go in peace and do not sin", those words are really a reward for those who have not sinned, they are encouragement for those who are still weak but do not want to sin, they are forgiveness for repentant souls, and mild merciful reproach for those who show only a shadow of repentance. And it is only a sentence. And one of the most simple ones. But how many there are in My Gospel! How many, which, like flower buds after a shower and springtime sunshine, open in large numbers on the branch where there was only one, and cover it all, to the joy of those who admire it.

    Rest now. The peace of Love be with you. »

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