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    The Word on the Altar, the Holy Spirit as Amplification of the Word


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    The Word on the Altar, the Holy Spirit as Amplification of the Word

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    I love this one it is so perfect. Listen children of the Most High God, Almighty Eternal Father. Listen.


    1) The Word on the Altar
    2) The Holy Spirit resting on the soul
    3) Mana
    4) Amplification

    Jesus being Baptized.

    In Jesus as Man and God during His days as Man, was infused the Divinity of the Word of God on the Altar (His Soul as Man) to show man afterwards who are vivified by Grace what it means to be in Grace as He was in Grace.

    The Word of God is mana for the soul of every soul infused being on the Earth. Even in Heaven for saints and angels.

    For in Heaven they receive without hindrances and obstacles. Streaming Light! What Light!

    On the Earth, caked with slime and mud, we have to continually clean off the slime and mud so that we can receive the Pure Streams of Light. The Word is Mana for the Soul: Bread and Wine, Reading the Divine Words and contemplating, persevering to maintain, purity from slime and mud.

    The Baptism of Jesus shows this clearly if you spend time meditating on the episode.

    Jesus being Baptized to signify to 'Us' what we are to do to be accepted once again by the Father, so that the Holy Spirit-Grace, can be restored. To be reborn back into Grace as was Adam and Eve before they fell into the slime and mud, reborn back into Grace as Jesus was Born in Grace. Jesus says He did not need to be reborn into Grace, but for the sake of His Followers, He illustrated the Way to be accepted once again by the Father for any man or woman desiring God. Jesus said: "I Am the Way, The Truth, and the Life."

    The Baptism episode.

    A man, with the Holy Spirit Baptizes Jesus, namely John the Baptist who was, pre-sanctified in the womb, before birth for the dull, with water from the River Jordan. Then immediately after, the Father opens Heaven, as the Holy Spirit is descending in the Form of a Dove, the Father speaks: "This is My Beloved Son. In Whom I am well pleased."

    This is how man can be well pleasing to the Father. It not only means to follow this tradition but to Keep the Holy Spirit resting on you, Who Amplifies the Word resting on your Altar, the soul of man.

    Peace be with you always

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