The Word of God Wants to Be Made Known


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    The Word of God Wants to Be Made Known

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    The Book of Apocalypse is no secret to the world, but, its metaphors are.

    The Bible is no secret to the world, but, its contents are a mystery. The world is governed by the spirit of Satan. Satan blinds, its citizens, they don't have Light to shine their intellects to understanding the mystery.

    So, whose going to teach the blind? Satan? Demons?

    The Bible is no secret, another words people know of its existence, yet, the Word of God wants to be made known. All they have to do is 'come.' And God will grant miracles to those who seek, 'goodness.' A way out of misery and Hell. He will convert those souls. He will lift the blinders of darkness.

    Yet, if you preach the same stuff, and not the other stuff, because, people grow in knowledge and understanding, as well as wanting something, that the soul of a person is crying out to go to God. The soul is trapped inside the body, can you hear them crying out?

    It wants to be free.

    The heart of man is flesh, the soul of man is spirit.

    If you understand Original Sin, then you should understand that, every soul born into the world is stained with Sin of Origin. No Grace to lead the soul to God. Souls need to be touched by God, to heal the heart of man and his intelligent mind. These need to be healed, so it can become holy. These need to be converted, so it can tend to holiness.

    The Word of God is meant to be known, throughout the world, instead of sitting on the shelf collecting 'dust' as just existing, unable to nurture minds. It just sits there idle.

    Thus, the soldiers of Light, are few, while the soldiers of Darkness are greater in numbers on the planet.

    Soon it seems the Light will be extinguished, down to smaller numbers, and when this happens, Darkness has completely enveloped the planet, turning the sun dark and the moon. They will no longer shine. A taste of Hell.

    A little note to myself: I was trying to find the days, 1290 and 1335 days in Apocalypse, but, it was in Daniel's 12th chapter. Jesus explains the Abomination of Desolation in the Holy Place and in all the holy places, the Sacrifice of the Mass will be cutoff from taking place in these holy places. No more public Celebration in buildings.

    Many speculate that the three days of darkness represents Earth Days. But, I've come to see that, Heaven is counting 3 days from in eternal time, which amounts to from this perspective, 3 1/2 years. The sun will not shine on the third part, the moon will not shine on the third part, a third of the stars will not shine. Which means, the Sun referencing God, the Moon referencing Most Holy Mary, and the Stars referencing children of God. No Light period from Heaven, "My God, My God was hast Thou Forsaken Me!" Jesus did say that the Church follows the Life of Christ exactly. So, as God had abandoned the Son on the Cross, God will abandon the Church on the cross. Very cool! I like this! But, the Holy Spirit remained with Jesus while on the Cross. So, the Holy Spirit will remain with the Church. For without the Holy Spirit, suffering will be meaningless.

    The World will see the Church crucified by it. Because, the world is the spirit of Satan. Satan instigates his servants to crucify, the members of the Church. Glory! For the Church, the remnants, the true Believers, thus, the scandal. Oh, I thought, the Church would never fall to Hell? It doesn't, it is being crucified, just like Christ, to it can resurrect, rise again: "Glorified." Amen, Thy Will be Done! What happens, the events, that take place on the earth will be cruel, but, it is only flesh. Beasts killing the flesh, but not the soul. Jesus explains that hammer and anvil are needed to shape the soul. And Satan provides these necessary means. Jesus taught that nothing is useless in God's Creation. Everything becomes a tool for good. It was a surprise to me. But, I was thinking in human terms and it struck my humanity as well as my soul. Yet, I understood a great truth. Nothing is useless to God from what He created. He uses evil that is on a lease to shape and form our souls, mind will and intellect. There are several scripture pieces about this as well, but, not so well detailed as what Jesus teaches in the Notebooks and in Poem of the Man-God. In short, God takes the evil, to turn into 'good.' For only God is able to do this, since He is Infinite in Intelligence, Perfect. His mind is so advanced, we truly do not grasp the power of his thinking. He sees every detail, and knows what and when to introduce things into our being. How to shape and form, what tools are needed, to remove impurities. A Mastermind, a Master craftsmen. Perfect.

    In the Notebooks, Jesus explains the metaphors, of Sun, Moon, and Stars, as to spiritual things. Because God is spirit and always talks about Spiritual Things and Matters, and uses parables to explain to dull human beings, that only understand natural things. Thus, to replace the natural with supernatural, using, what man naturally understands to bring about spiritual enlightenment always. But man without the Teaching Chair of Christ, thinks in error, because he man, tries to act on his own, to come up with the 'answer.' Instead of God showing you.

    This is the case 99% of the time, man acting on his own. Adam and Eve syndrome, they acted on their own to know 'Evil.' This same acting on our own applies to spiritual lessons. Though we do bring ourselves an 'act' of our own to God, yet, we do not allow God to dip his thoughts into us, because we are to noisy. God is Peace. We must be at peace in order for God to instill knowledge, through lessons. The parables are these lessons. To translate to spiritual things, the Holy Spirit is necessary. He amplifies the Word of God. Thus, the Word and Holy Spirit are necessary in order to understand the Mysteries of God.

    The learned as Jesus calls them act too much on their own, saying, 'We have learned.' They are not humble, but proud straw stacks, that feed on straw. Pride.

    Large stacks of straw. Can't feed anyone with straw, not even beasts.

    Thus, the Word of God must be made known, in New Evangelization method, because man has evolved in thinking to be able to understand, farout things. The simple rhymes and reasons don't work with this generation except once they have converted. To simplify things to smallest terms. A few words. This takes time, because their appetites for knowledge are greater.

    Every soul has to be 'convinced' of God. This takes a time to happen.

    Peace be with you always
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