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    Be Not Afraid To Speak the Truth


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    Be Not Afraid To Speak the Truth

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    The World loves its flesh! They love it so much,--boy they live short lives--, that they'll do anything to keep it from any harm. Ever notice this? Even when they see innocent people being tortured by the rich and shameless. They do not want to create waves. Even if their rights are stepped on.

    The world is divided into those who are pushovers and those who pushover--bully's. Among other things.

    Now those who pushover are ambitious people. Ambition is a vice which is a sin. They have thickets of vice one after the other, obsession, I want!, I gotta have!, no one deserves that more than I!. Self righteousness. Which makes them gods in the eyes of God. They have fevers of vice, their blood is filled with vice and they need a good cleansing of this poison. Vice is poison for man.

    They are out there trying their best to remove "death" from the flesh. Human science.

    Can't remove death. All men born of woman, 'die.'

    If you live for the flesh you die completely.

    If you live for the spirit, you live eternally.

    Read your Bibles. Study to show yourselves approved by God and not men. Pray constantly.

    Remember when you speak the Truth, 9 out of 10 will despise you, because you speak against false gods.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:43 am by Poem

    The system of the world is made up of 'Artificial Laws' to help those who rule govern. These folks do not know that these laws are placed by men and women who want to keep some kind of civil wrest. Once, mankind realizes that they are being ruled by false gods, and people who have been taking everything from right under their noses, the people will develop a sense of being used, taken advantage of for the sake of making them richer and more powerful. You give up your free will! to those who want to make you slaves. We live in financial slavery along with others. Money, which is truly backed by 'Nothing' not even toilet paper. That's correct.

    If you knew that 'King and Queen' were not doing what they do, for your interest, they would be ousted and nobody would ever follow them again. But, here's the silly part, you would want a 'New' King and Queen to take their place. Why? No One Wants the Responsibility. So right here there's a gap for someone misquided to step in. A group of, can be any, decides they want something from neighbor 'x', but there's no way legally they can get it. So what do they do? They create laws so they can. This is the law of Babylon. Now as the generations of men and women get older, they get 'wiser' to the ploys, rhetoric, lies of these who just want 'things.' That's how it always works.

    In the case of centuries, millennia ago, where there were all kinds of wars, this was the case. Today, it is more 'modern' and less bloodshed then before. Another words in the old days, each 'greedy' person said to be King or Queen, raised up armies to take what they wanted by using their armies to conquer. Pretty sad, but true, it is 'No Different' Today. Just got slicker, because if you remember the Gutenburg Press. Oh yes! It was so unhealthy all of a sudden to be 'King.' They wait and create new ways of distractions and hide in the 'shadows.' These are the 'Secret Societes.' They went 'stealth.' Today they look like regular Joes, but when you see where they live and what they own and what they have power over, lands, people, industry, so forth, you get the drift. There are still Monarchs that have remained, such as the Queen of England with the Princes of in each province such as Prince of Wales. My immediate heritage is of Wales.

    Then there is the Queen of Jordan, Royalty in Monaco, Malaysia, Japan, and other countries.

    Then the world makes these royalties seem like Barbie dolls, oh, how quaint. Non-sense, they are in 'power.' Oh, that was so middle ages, many say! No to bright are you?

    These use new words: New World Order, Illuminati, Skull and Bones so forth. Just their twisting of the words, laying their veils before the 'general public.'

    Wisdom Teaches all things. Cut yourself off from the Laws of Beasts, you'll see the difference clearly.

    Peace be with you always

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