The Words Given To Maria Valtorta Written in English

    Never Be Afraid of God, Whatever You're Feeling


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    Never Be Afraid of God, Whatever You're Feeling

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    Jesus says this often to Maria and to the readers.

    Never be afraid of God, because you will end up losing Grace and Heaven. Instead, act like the Publican who, did not dare look up but said: I am not worthy, Have Mercy on me God a 'sinner.' Jesus even advices this.

    When Adam and Eve who were, full in Grace and God loved them so much, fell, they 'hid' themselves from God's Voice walking in the Noon Air in Eden. They 'hid' themselves, because they were guilty of breaking God's command: Do not eat from that 'tree.' They did. If they did not pass the buck, 'Eve said: the Serpent made me do it', Adam said: 'Eve gave to me and I did eat.' They did not repent. They made excuses point the finger at each other. This is not 'repentance' true sorrow for the wrong they had committed, a very 'grave' wrong. When you sin, do not be afraid but come to the Lord who will assist you to bring your mistake before Him and cleanse you. Remain humble and sorrowful repeating the Publican's words and sentiments so God can repair your soul and intellect and whatever else that was damaged by sinning.

    Never be afraid to come before the Lord as you are today, there are many of you who are. Fear is no good before God, only love. To repent is to affirm God's love for you. Only Love washes away your error and sickness. Sin is a disease and sickness. Lucifer is one sick dog.

    Peace be with you always

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