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    Sometimes We're Afraid of Going to Confession


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    Sometimes We're Afraid of Going to Confession

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    We would like to think we are really good. But what happens when we succumb to temptation and sin? What we do after we sin gives us clues.

    If after you sin, you meditate and find the answer, then go to a priest to confer even get some counsel before going to confess to find out why one sinned, this is good. You are wise. Because you really want to not sin.

    If after you sin, you hide it from the Lord, this tells a few things. Pride. Why? Because your image of yourself, is lofty and you couldn't think yourself to be able to sin. And thus, you hide. What happens next is fear subsides, because the fact that you were afraid and hide yourself, says, you're guilty and fearful of admitting your mistake, thinking you will be anathema, kicked out, harshly reprimanded, along these lines.

    I know, I do this sometimes. I think I'm beyond sin and whap! I get tempted, I entertain the lure and then, I may not act right away on the temptation, thinking I dispersed the thought, but later on because I did look at the image the thought was projecting, it sorta calms down and subsides, later it comes up. Why? It had time to gain momentum while hidden. It grew. Vice grows in darkness. Not in the Light. The Light exposes the Darkness to illuminate. Satan hides in darkness as a shadow.

    An evil thought, any vice, sneaks its way in, because there's some darkness already inside you. The first breach is the entertaining of a vice. At the first breach, you must confess to a Priest, before it becomes a monster of which you sin. The monster overwhelms you and forces you to commit the act. This is how vice works.

    Virtues work with the same basic principals. You entertain the good thought, you nurture it and then later on it overwhelms you and you are doing good. It then is the virtuous monster that works slightly different from the forceful vice monster where you are overtaken by it.

    Virtues, are more peaceful, yet powerful in the peacefulness. The power is there, but, benign to our human sense and sentiments. There I have said, human sense and sentiments--the really emotional kind. The one's that make the body go nuts at times, this is vices work making you feel it in the flesh.

    Virtues make you feel it in the soul. Where having God, you're at peace and the peace is active, but still. How is this possible? The light is always active constantly generating. The Light is Power. It gives Itself to our souls, yet we don't feel it is, because of the sheer power, it is able to penetrate without opening holes creating voids. It just nourishes. Like being under water falling. Like a shower. The water is running unto your body soaking every part. The Light however does this without violence as with water. Just remove the violent water.

    The Light comes in bursts. Too much light burns out the soul. God knows and regulates the amount. We are not fully regenerated souls. Fully regenerated means, ready for Heaven. Regeneration requires purification and Wisdom. Knowledge of Love. To grow in Love, to know how to love. Purification because, evil knowledge is present in our bodies, which means on the earth spread like a filthy covering. It infests the heart of man, because the soul of man is in the heart.

    Therefore, see what you miss when you do not go to confession? Be good to yourself, at the first mistake, meditate why it happened and then, resolve to go as soon as possible. Sin removes Grace. You're without God in you and on you. You have cut the umbilical cord to God.

    Peace be with you always

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