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    People Are Not Afraid of Hell


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    People Are Not Afraid of Hell

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    This is true. If people were afraid of going to Hell, they would not be living contrary to the Lord's teaching, "But they are not afraid, and live contrary."

    They live like Hell doesn't exist, and if Hell doesn't exist, neither does Heaven. What a tremendous lie from the Devil, which they believe. This is the one of many grand results of the Sin of Adam and Eve. They listened to the Devil over God.

    God said: You shall die if you listen to Lucifer aka Serpent. Lucifer says: No, You shall not die, 'if you listen to me.'

    Lucifer acts like God. He says, 'I will make sure you do not die.' 'He tells them they will not die.' Rationalism.
    He put Rationalism into them, causing them to 'doubt' 'override' 'negate' God's words of "You shall surely die the death." They were lured, and fooled.

    So the lie is pass down, handed down, through tradition. It remains in the hearts of Men and Women, this doubt.
    This is part of the 'wound' inflicted on Adam. Which is two voice in man. The flesh and the spirit. The flesh of man his heart, says no death. The spirit of man however says, you will die, both in flesh and in spirit if you listen to Lucifer. Thus man struggles, without Faith in God, the flesh listens to Satan and negates the superiority of the spirit. From this man ends up in Hell.

    The Heart of man, his flesh part, the one that we see, needs to be converted to the Truth, and then you shall Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free, meaning free from lies of the Devil and Death, Complete Death. Both body and soul. Once the flesh dies completely to the lies of the Devil, you are truly free. The struggle again I reemphasize is the fleshly heart not converted vs. the soul. The war is waged on man's heart.

    Back to the non-converted:

    We are alive! At least that's the way you feel now. "Oh, I'm living doing the things I want, or at least making a little headway, I'm progressing along the way! Oh, I feel life is not going to end on the Earth!

    Oblivious to your surroundings, absorbed in life, haven't thought about anything, haven't meditated, which means, you have very little thought, you are mechanical, no depth. Still an infant.

    Sure, you graduated High School, even College, and earned several degrees, found good career, stop living like an drone, like the rest of society. You are societies mechanical robot. You have been taught all about the 'Earthly' Day. Nothing more.

    You are a product of societies implementation, societies mind. Oh, you're not doing this? Oh, you don't have this? Oh, you don't follow this? Oh, you don't do things like they do. Peer pressure. If I don't do what they do, I don't fit and cannot be accepted. This is one of the overbearing stress points, and they come after you with horns, but to you it's normal for them to act like this. You're not really free to choose if they force it upon you, coming to you with force, these are servants of Satan, and little force, and you crumble. Oh, how weak you are! No resistance on your part.

    This is the way society works, They've all been coerced, with 'force' in the same manner, generation after generation.

    Cliques. A group of persons, have no money, they find a rich person who is weak and force them to buy things for them. Actually the person is very kind, but the persons, tell them, if want to remain 'our' friends. This childish thinking, either get away from them first, and then tell them, about their selfishness, or tell them about about their selfishness and if they receive correction, you have won true friends. If they rebuke you, then go on your way. Those persons are not real friends.

    The rich remain with the rich, because poor people take advantage of them. They had bullies when they were young force them to pay for their hunger's.

    The poor remain with the poor, because no one remained their friends.

    This is today's world.

    Whereas, in the olden days, the rich sought power. They have obtained power and are the ruling class of people. This characteristic and fact, is seen in the Pharisees of Jesus' time on Earth. Doras the Pharisee, Sadoc, and the many countless others that were part of the Sanhedrin. Pharisaical Attitude.

    The rich have risen to the top. They only care about their riches and their class. They like living in large palaces, being courted about, having people praise them, bow down to them, and so forth, the many attributes are then seen in Poem of the Man-God clearly.

    Ever wonder reading the Gospel in the Bible and thinking this is similar to the secular world too!

    The Gospel teaches man, not just about Religion and Religious people's habits in both good and evil, but about people's traits and tendencies.

    We have a clean cup. We fill it with water. The first water is pure. But over time, we see our neighbors with nice things, big house, they are all dressed well, they are the model class earthly citizens, with all the wealth it seems. You got a taste of what it's like to lack nothing material and then some, they have spoils, the result of someone who thought of others, and they could have said, this is for all. Or they could have said, this is for certain class of people's in our little society.

    There is always a good intention. Both are good intentions, but the latter is good mixed with selfish intention, because they did not think in their hearts for 'all' people's which means there's a high price tag that is not for poorer people's.

    The price's are out of sight now. It is only for the rich. The rich can afford it.

    As the cost of living has sky rocketed, the rich don't have problems with this, because they want to get rid of lower classes and have a world of no lower classes themselves, except for a select few, people are having to live in scanty places, move to lower income areas. This is another method of pruning the earth for the rich, They do not like anyone that is below them. They use them for manual labor. Hence all the factories that America was once booming with, their producing, has all been moved to 'other' countries and no one is able to do anything about it. These rich folks are the ruling class in the world. They do as they please, for their own benefit not for the sake of all the inhabitants. They are the guilty class among the throngs.

    We can go on about their ways and thinking. But it would be too much to talk about. Yet, there are far more poor and lower class of people than the rich. What happened? The Rich became Bully's.

    That's what happened. They come in take over the governments, change laws to suit their needs when it is appropriate.

    I lived in Washington D.C. for several decades and observed their behavior their ways. They use false headlines in Newspapers, TV, Media to sway the crowds from their real goals and agenda. They do not care about, what's right and what's wrong, they have their own set rules about what's right and what's wrong. Their own rules, to suit their rotten morals. They have no morals. Because they have been spewing their immorality for decades, centuries as the top ruling class of people, that, the inhabitants, get watered by them and they imitate them.

    How does this work? Ever notice that man imitates what he sees?

    For example: The young rich man, was a teenager, he wanted to fit in be accepted by his peers, his peers happened to be poorer than him or her, and the rich person never had them as friends, because they always bullied him or her to giving them money, paying for their desires, and threatened them saying: If you want to be our friends, give us what we ask, always money but no true friendship. Why is this? The jealousy. The poorer people, want all those things they see in the stores, imitating 'adults' who have job and are able to buy those things they desire.

    Society is a mess. There is no order, there is no love. There is no caring. Only 'business' sell, sell, sell.

    But if we take a good and careful look, The richest ones are the ones that caused this mess in the first place. How? For greed's sake. To heap upon themselves. An insatiable desire to become wealthy, rich, as riches has already been accepted by them, they then seek power, the next temptation. Read the Temptation of Jesus by the Devil. This is how it works.

    This is why I say, these are 'Satan's' best customers.

    Satan's tempts every person, using the same method, same, vice. Vice is his game, his poison. He uses them as 'bait.' A person who does not worship God, is a person who is open to Satan's lures, bait, thoughts and he thinks he is the one thinking these things. No, man is a capacity to be filled. A thought must be implanted. If you are in Wisdom, then you learn Virtue. If you are not in Wisdom, you learn Vice.

    Virtue is of God and only comes from God.

    Vice is of Satan and only comes from Satan.

    This is why Christ says' you will know them by their fruits.

    The Tree of Life teaches and implants virtuous thoughts. Leads to Eternal Life without false riches.

    The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil leads to vice, filling your soul mind heart and intellect with false riches, mistaking them for true riches, all earthly and all selfish, you live for yourself.

    The American way teaches to live for yourself. The Worldly way teaches to live for yourself. Who taught this? Satan. Vice.
    Satan only savors the things of man. Which means, he wants all men to lose the Way. Teaches them to be selfish, gain for yourselves, heap upon yourselves, take care of Number One: You.

    This is what governments teach man. Their laws are purposely misleading, their laws are many filling libraries, who can honestly remember them? Who can honesty follow them? It is all a hoax, to keep the inhabitants at bay.

    These leader's are all wealthy, and they silently with their lifestyle teach the inhabitants, by their examples, their ways of selfish gain. All their ways, are in society, for they created the rules and laws overtime, and they change it as they need to suit their needs. These laws somehow hide their agenda from the not so wise in the world, the inhabitants, taking from them. How come the rich keep getting richer, while the poor get poorer? They make the rules and call them 'laws.'

    Christ, Jesus, God says, this will end soon. The rich have lived their 'one life.' And those who have not lived their 'one life' get to live Eternally with more than what these rich on Earth lived with.

    Giving talents. God gave to the rich to give to the poor. The rich take for themselves only. They give, what they don't care for anymore to the poor but with a greedy giving. They never give their best to the poor. Taking for themselves the best and giving to the poor hand me down's, the worst. They give scanty portions, crumbs to the poor if at all.

    The rich have not understood. The poor have not understood. Thus, the world is condemned. The World. It is upside down.

    Blessed are the small. They shall be greatest in My Kingdom. The rich have no place in My Kingdom. You have rejected My Ways, of sharing and loving one another. You do not fit in My Kingdom. The poor who act like the rich also have no place in My Kingdom, for in you are the same poisons. You just don't know it. You hate, you curse, you do not pray for them. You act just like them without the same earthly treasures, just poor in material and the rich are poor of spiritual riches. You have the same lack of as they, true riches is for your soul. To have delight in the incorporeal. To be filled with Light, Love, Joy, Peace.

    Earthly riches are idols that do not give Light, Love, Joy, Peace. Your soul is full of darkness. The Light gives Love, Joy, Peace. Idols have no Light to give, Love to fill, Joy to caress your soul, resulting in no "Peace." Bankrupt in your soul. God is Light, Love, Joy, Peace. Man is a capacity to be filled.

    The rich have filled themselves with idols of, greed, covet, pride, lust, envy, anger, the Seven Capital Sins thrive in the rich of the world.

    God's Light fills mans soul. God giving to man Himself, Who is the Filler of Man fullest of Joy. God fills man up. And Man is them said to be fulfilled in God.

    Take a container and fill it with all the riches of the world. What do you see? Lifeless material.

    Take another container and fill it with God, what do you get? Life.

    Man is like this container, he has a living soul. God put that soul into man so man can be happy with God. God fulfills all desires of the soul.

    But only a few understand this. Blessed are they who do, for they shall be with Me in My Eternal Kingdom.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:06 am by Poem

    Since people are not afraid of Hell, and feel they will get there, someday, 'they' with this thinking, character and consequently lifestyle, live opposing Heaven. They, see the Light and it's too bright. Some thoughts emerge, "How can anyone see?"

    The answer: Perfectly.

    In the Dark place you cannot see. It is precisely because we have lights, sun and moon, with stars, that we do see. Imagine a world with no 'light.' Imagine.

    Hell is complete "Dark" No light. Zero.

    Come to the Light, who is Divine Light and be free from Dark.

    Peace be with you always

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