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    Thoughts What Kind and What They Signify


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    Thoughts What Kind and What They Signify

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    Thoughts, are incorporeal in nature, they spawn and germinate from this: Your Soul. The intelligent part of man. God fills the soul with Wisdom.

    The soul is intelligent life, a being of God. Created by God. It is invisible to man. He cannot see it. Meaning you cannot look at a mirror nor can you see it with some advanced technology. It is hidden to man's vision.

    Yet, when the soul has become regenerated, meaning, resurrected from it's inert state, you notice a light. A glow. Your face changes. The expressions, the light glow. It some cases, the face really shines, becomes lit up.

    When we are first Baptized is when we are so close to God, for we are at this point reborn in God and God is the one doing the resurrecting, this is why we sense His supernatural presence so strongly, and at this point nothing can harm us. Not even Evil itself. For this is a special time in the souls life.

    NOTE: I was not taught this to this degree. For the ones doing the teaching did not have depth, of this special time in a souls life. Most profound is this. Most.

    When a new man is born, from a woman, the baby if not connected to hospitals and is born naturally, is then, held in his mothers arms. Born in his own house, his father and mother are both there. This is the good way.

    This is what happens to regenerated souls, our Mother is Mary and God is the Father. We are held like just like I just mentioned. For quite sometime until we are able to walk or fly. At this point we are really strong in the Lord regardless of the knowledge, what we have been taught, very little or a greater amount. Because the soul is pure, and purity means strength. True strength.

    Then at this point it is very important, I stress this, to learn spiritual education. Be taught by the Holy Spirit. The Teacher of Teachers.

    Once we stray to other foods, we become sick. And spots occur, this is like eating poison. Or eating junk foods that slowly add fat the wrong kind. Fat lingers. Nourishment injects vital energy. The Eucharist is Vital energy for souls.

    The Bible is nourishment, intelligent nourishment for thought. Eucharist is food for the soul and blood. Eat and Drink. For a soul thinks. Thus, pure thoughts keep it strong. The conscience increases in strength and virility, the thoughts elevate creating a spiritual giant. A saint.

    Everything else, that is, all other knowledge is same as fat that lingers. Fat increases weight. The soul must remain perfectly healthy. Only takes in vital energy and nourishment.

    The Word and Wisdom of the Father, the graces from God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    Jesus, as Word and the Holy Spirit as Love. Love sanctifies. Sanctifying Grace. Love.

    To become so pure as to be white like that of the heavenly white. Incorporeal white.

    Peace be with you always
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