The Great Tribulation. What is it Really? What is God Saying?


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    The Great Tribulation.  What is it Really? What is God Saying? Empty The Great Tribulation. What is it Really? What is God Saying?

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    A piece of scripture first from Revelations Chp 7

    [14] And I said to him: My Lord, thou knowest. And he said to me: These are they who are come out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and have made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

    Jesus explains that His entire life on Earth from Birth to Death, was a great tribulation.

    Jesus explains the great tribulation that comes upon mankind.

    There is then two different meanings to 'great tribulation' in the Text. A Christian that lives for his God, lives a life of great tribulation as did the Master. Bare with me, because it is somewhat difficult to explain at the moment. Yet, there is two distinct explanations to 'great tribulation' in the Text.

    Jesus explains the martyrdom of life in such a way as to explain that when man fell from Grace, man's life became a great martyrdom. When man was chosen and created to live a life of Blessedness without having known, Evil, Pain, Suffering, Loss, Death.

    1) Loss of Grace is great tribulation. Each soul that has not Grace is living a miserable life in the martyrdom of life. Man was created to be king alongside the King. Once you understand what God had created, then you will comprehend, that man not in grace lives a martyred life, and therefore in great tribulation.

    In the Beginning God spent some time creating a Paradise called Eden just for man. This was destroyed by man and Serpent. God withdrew, leaving man in great tribulation and loss of Grace. Man martyred himself. Thus the martyrdom of life in the Notebooks, and Poem of the Man-God. Man gave himself, great tribulation by separating himself from the One Who is Life Itself, God. God generates Life, God is Life. Satan destroys Life. Man has lived in Darkness upon the earth, because the Light which lights man's soul, is not in the soul. Man lives with or without Light.

    Now what happens? While the earth is in great tribulation, Grace returned to give Itself to whomever wanted It.

    God is working constantly, perpetually to bring souls out of great tribulation. Mind you, one has to overcome as Jesus overcame. Look closely at Jesus' Life. You will see He did not live in riches, was constantly harassed, but, He had Peace, which is God, He had Grace which is the Holy Spirit, He lived through great tribulation.

    A great tribulation will come upon the whole world, because the whole world brings it upon itself. The culmination of all the miserable souls that live in great tribulation will come and bring a great tribulation. Why? Because it does not have God. As result it only knows chaos, tribulations day in day out, overbearance,

    When one has God, they have Peace. They then have Love. The world does not have either. It just dies over and over again. Not a good way to live is it?

    Give yourself true Peace, relief for your souls. Make this life a merit for the next Life. Use the tribulations for a good purpose. Turn evil in to good, asking for God's assistance. For only God can take the evil's done upon the earth and turn them into a good. For God is the All Powerful, All Mighty, All Able One. Give the wrongs done to God, so, it can be used for good.

    The Text above from Apocalypse thus, is not talking about, a great tribulation mentioned in Matthew 24. It is talking about those who conquered Heaven in the great tribulation of their lives. They went from one set of tribulations to a blessed tribulation, where all they did earned merits to conquer Heaven.

    So, when man rejected God for the Serpent, man cursed himself bringing upon himself great tribulation. And when you accept Christ, God is able to use the tribulations for good, causing them to become merits. Such as your neighbor misrepresents you to others, by, stating fiction. Someone takes away your goods; someone slanders you, calls you a liar. Someone slanders you because you are good. So forth and so on, there are many reasons.

    Eternal Father I offer you the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with all Its Love, All Its Sufferings, and All Its Merits.

    First to expiate all the sins I have committed this day and during all my life. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Second to purify all the good I have done badly this day and during all my life. Glory be....

    Third to supply for all the good I ought to have done and that I have neglected this day and during all my life. Glory be...


    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Wed May 08, 2013 5:59 am by Poem

    Periods of Tribulations in the Bible, they are categorized in the Notebooks and somewhere in Poem.

    First an brief explanation of Eden, what God had created and given to Man.

    A Paradise. No pain, suffering, ills, evil, death, misery, wretchedness, blindness, so forth so on. Pure Pleasure as stated in Genesis. And not the pleasure of the senses nor of the mind as people imagine today. Corrupted mind and senses. Pure.

    To comprehend all this above which is a grandeur in itself, one must get rid of one's own ideas and see and hear what God gave in his words. Not one's misconstrued thoughts. And this takes time, because of all the human ideas, how a person taught in the world thinks and rationalizes. Wisdom and Light must descend to clean your mind and house of the human schools of thought. Otherwise you will never see the truth.

    1 After creating Paradise, Death comes into mans life, by man's own choice. Free will to choose, and one must learn obedience anyway. The first Parents failed in their choice, and became disobedient souls. Thus, what propagates down the road is two different thoughts, Good and Evil. These two will battle it out until the last man is born, because the First Parents were not confirmed in Grace and made the choice to have both, Evil and Good, but more Evil than Good. God cannot live where Evil is present. Thus God instituted Religion to help aid man to have God once again. Religion is God's. Man coerced by Satan rejects Religion, a 'Good' to help man out of Hell. Man is then, poisoned by Satan. Man's mind is poisoned, along with his heart and soul. Satan is then, the one who is your guide, always keeping you from Salvation, a way out of Hell. Your choice. If you could see the Monster talking to you in your face in your heart, in your mind, you would run as far away as you can. You would then, believe God's words are truth and you have listened to a Lie all your life. Live for yourself man! Do it if it feels good! You won't die! Be your own god! He just uses and twists free will around, but, you are not free by any means. He is controlling you, telling you how to live. And according to his means, his means is to use you to destroy yourself while destroying others. That's all he does and he does it cunningly, astutely, cruelly, craftily, subtly.

    2 So man falls from Grace, tribulation. First period.

    Second period; Great Deluge, flood during Noah's Life time that cleansed the earth of unrecoverable souls. Totally corrupted, no one besides Noah and his family is able to be saved because they no longer were capable of turning from Sin. They became hardened children of Satan. Now it's hard to say if the entire race had been sent to the Netherworld. But, that would be the case entirely since only Noah found favor with God. No one else.

    Third period Jesus' Great Tribulation. Jesus brought Grace back, restored the Gate of Heaven, gave to the whole world, rather than just Israel, the opportunity to conquer Heaven by following the Master and his doctrine.

    Forth Period not yet here, but on our footsteps, is the coming Great Tribulation much like the Great Deluge to cleanse the earth of uncovertibles,unrecoverables, that is to cleanse the earth of little Satan's. A remnant shall be saved.

    Fifth Period. Satan's last hoorah.

    The above is all stated in Text, the Bible, Notebooks, Poem of the Man-God.

    Peace be with you always


    Post on Wed May 08, 2013 6:20 am by Poem

    Now the other explanation of great tribulation to somewhat assist your thoughts along.

    Jesus' entire Life on earth, from Birth to Death, was a great tribulation. Now if man had not sinned in the first place, there would be no tribulations upon the earth, all men would be living a blessed, bliss filled life on the earth. Death, misery, wretchedness, blindness, nakedness, starvation, deprivations, so forth would not exist. Thus, Jesus would not have had to be Born, Incarnated. No need.

    Since God lives in Paradise in Heaven, and He had to come down to where Satan is turning souls into proselytes for his dwelling. Putrid mud, slime, disgust, Sin. Pride. He came down to save man and in order to come down, He had to become one of us, that is to be a Man. This is the way God had chosen. Whether you accept it is your own choice and fate. You have a free will, but, your mind is not free neither is your heart. Because you're listening to the one who keeps you away from True Freedom. Thus, chained and stoned.

    So for God, the earth which is in great tribulation because it does not have God, to come, He came to be amongst the blind, the wretched, the miserable, and the dead, which to Him is great tribulation already, because the earth is not a Paradise but, a Hell.

    Many periods and categories for Jesus, during his great tribulation. Being born as Man, being chased out of Israel, being hated for no reason, other than He wanted to save, being stoned on a few occasions, being constantly rejected and harassed, accused falsely, persecuted, mocked, beaten, scourged, made a spectacle, then finally nailed to a scaffold.

    From the period of His Resurrection till the present moment, still rejected, mocked, slandered, persecuted, so forth, but, He is Mercy and Justice at the same time. So, those who mock Him get punished. Those who reject Him, He doesn't stop trying. Those who persecute Him, He shows them Mercy, those who slander Him, He shows them Mercy.

    Reason for Mocked, is because it is stated, God will not tolerate being Mocked. The reasons are laid out in the First Three Commandments. He is God, our Creator and Father regardless of your belief. That is why mockers are always punished.

    Those who came out of great tribulation, who made themselves clean by the Blood of the Lamb and of His Testimony. They are true Believers of the Christ, Catholics. Not any other religious brand.

    There is only One God, One Religion, One Doctrine, One Christ. Thus, those on the glassy sea are they who from times past, conquered Heaven. They are the Saints of God, from Adam to whoever died and passed on to Heaven. Not those slain during the Great Tribulation. This interpretation, where many came out of the Great Tribulation is Protestant, and is instigated by the Error.

    Peace be with you always

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