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    Do You Go to Heaven Just Because You Were Baptized?


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    Jesus Dispells a Great Myth With 'Catholics' Who Baptize Near Death A Great Lesson Here!

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    September 17, 1947
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    Epistle to the Colossians

    Jesus says:
    "(Chp:Verse~1:23) It is useless to receive Baptism and the other Sacraments, except for Confession on the verge of death--when it is sincere and honest--and Anointing of the Sick, unless you live by persevering 'well-grounded and firm in faith, resolute in the hope of the Gospel.' Indeed, these gifts of infinite value turn against you for your condemnation. For more is asked of those to whom more is given. For the Gospel is Life. For the Sacraments are Strength. For in Christianity everything is active, and woe to those who, with so much Life infused into them, are lukewarm and indolent, vegetating and not working with the great powers which they have been given so as to appear always, 'holy, immaculate, and irreproachable before the Most High.'

    "(Chp:Verse~2:12) The animal man--for such is man deprived of Grace; that is, just as he is when born of woman--in the eyes of God is like a dead man whose corrupt body may not enter to contaminate the Eternal Temple where the throne of God shines and into whose corrupt body He who fills all Creation with Himself cannot come, omnipresent over all that is, with Power in inferior created things, with Power, Wisdom, and Love in man, a superior creation.

    "But it is not enough for God to have created you. The Perfection of Creation, He wants to dwell in you with His Threefold Perfection, possess you before giving Himself for your possession eternally, enjoy you before you can enjoy Him in Heaven. And Christ, obeying the Father and Love, thus became incarnate and immolated Himself to make the water of Baptism not a rite, but life. Christ does this: He grafts you into Life, and Baptism is the agent. Just as if--if it were possible--a surgeon, taking a child dead at birth and joining the child to an active matrix, were to make the baby live, Baptism does the same with you. It takes you when dead. It immerses you in the wave, which is water, but in reality it is blood, My Blood, and restores you alive with the Life which is Grace.

    "(Chp:Verse~2:20) Consider the great freedom of the Christian, fortified by the Life he has received. The Apostle says, 'If, then, you have died with Christ to the elements of the world, why do you subject yourselves to these precepts--do no touch, do not taste, do not use--as if you were still living by the world?"

    "A great truth! Which I said to My faithful ones: 'Those who belive in Me will cast out demons, drink poisons, touch serpents, step on scorpions, and pass through fire and water and in the midst of wild beasts, and nothing will harm them until I, Life, so grant to robe them in the martyrs' crimson.' True Christians ought not to fear the world and its powers; the former and latter set snares even in the most natural things, like enjoying food, fruit, a flower, a caress given or received, or affection, and good things, created by God so that man, his son, would find joy therein, turn into posions, serpents, scorpions, water, fire, and wild beasts.

    "Have the fulness of Me in you, and without prohibiting for yourselves what God has granted you, just as He granted it to you--with justice, prudence, and temperance--and you will be superior to the snares of the demons and the senses. For I, who overcame death and sin, will strengthen you against the things which can become sins and death."

    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Wed May 04, 2011 4:49 pm by Poem

    No. Straightforward, for I had learned this much later on in life, much later.

    When we read the Gospel, Jesus says, 'if you believe in My Name, you will be saved.' I used to say to myself I believe in Your Name Jesus!

    But, what else was I doing? I was imitating Jesus in what He said to do. One of them being denying myself, taking up my cross to follow Him. I practised this as a protestant. But, lacking the other parts of what He said I had to do 'next' kept me from being persistent, constant and faithful to His 'Entire' Doctrine spelled out in clear precise wording in the Gospel. As a result, the Gospel which is clear and precise, became foggy and unclear to me. This thing I just described happens to many thousands, even though they maybe still persistent, constantly persevering, they feel still somewhat as if they are missing something, the not complete feeling. The words Jesus said, if the Son has set you free, you are free indeed, really is simple, but today, so confusing to a great many. To be free means to be free from Sin. All the weapons of Sin inside you. All the malice of the tangles of Sin and it's ramifications from within you, so that the Kingdom of God can be built as should be for all. One must empty the vessel of earth and put in it the things of the spirit.

    An interesting few words Jesus spoke to some disciple of His concerning another person: He said, concerning this other person a 'Jew' he is full of the wrong knowledge. There's no 'room' for Me and My Doctrine.

    I was speaking with a great friend the other night, who revealed to me one of St. Augustine's, encounters. Saint Augustine was on the beach, and a child or a boy was working to put the ocean in a hole on the beach. The boy said, can you help me put the ocean in here? Or how does one put the ocean in this small hole?

    It is the same with God. God is Infinite, yet, He became Incarnate in Flesh. God is Infinite, yet He puts tiny souls in flesh to dwell.

    Do you see the impossible to man, but possible only to God? And to those who truly believe that God is able?

    Only God can build His Kingdom in Souls. 100% desire from you is all it takes and God does the rest while observing His commandments, Jesus two great Commandments on top of them.

    Just because you were Baptized, doesn't necessarily mean you go to Heaven at death. It means you or someone else understood about Heaven, whether, clearly or vaguely.

    Baptism cleans and makes you acceptable for God to build His Kingdom in you. But you must observe Jesus' Doctrine word for word in the Gospel. And to assist you is the Paraclete. He comes to reveal the Gospel, the words of the Master.

    God had setup and built the Way for you to enter Heaven by doing all that the Master had instructed. That, is what it means to Believe in His Name. To do what He says. Obedience to the Word of God.

    Baptism is one of the Sacraments. The Eucharist is one of the Sacraments. These Sacraments are 'aids' like medicine. How many Baptized Agnostics are there? Plenty. Can they inherit, conquer Heaven? Certainly while still on the Earth. They would have to repent of their 'denial' as Peter did and God would forgive them. How many Baptized fallen away Catholics are there? Plenty. Can they inherit Heaven? Certainly. Same circumstances as the others. One must remain in Grace. Are you going to take the chance on someone obtaining Heaven for you? What if they suddenly stop sacrificing for you?

    Salvation is an individual thing. Certainly one can gain Heaven on the sacrifice of others as long as that person is good. Are you going to take the chance of not slipping? That's what the Sacrament of Confession is for, when you slip. The likely hood of someone being really good and not knowing God is slim and very few. But they exist. Our prayers help sustain them. But you, are you going to take the chance of someone sacrificing for you? So, Baptism which is necessary, doesn't mean you get to Heaven. One can always revert back to a stained state by sinning causing the Sin to return and that being said, the latter state is worse than the previous, because, one wilfully, sins causing the stain to return.

    Jesus said, that when one loses Grace after having received it, one can regain Grace by the prescribed Sacraments, hence, the Sacraments are an aid. When one loses Grace one should do his or her best to understand the fault so as not to do it again before Confessing. But this is done through reflecting. Patience in understanding. Satan prods men and women to sin through the flesh causing Grace to be removed.

    Then there are our faults which is an imperfection that needs time to straighten out.

    Also, Satan will say things like, 'you don't need to go to Confession.' Just like he said to Adam and Eve, 'you won't die the death.' His advice is always counter to what God states. Jesus calls him the Negation. Satan negates what God states, he says the opposite. Jesus says, when you sin, go to Confession. Satan says, no you don't. You get the picture? Jesus says, to become strong and healthy you need to feed on Him in the Eucharist. Satan says, no you don't. Do you think Satan wants you strong and healthy? Do you think the all envious one who sees you have the right to Heaven and doing what Jesus says to obtain Heaven, is not envious that you have the right to Heaven and are struggling to obtain Heaven? Do you think he won't suggest and prod? The all envious one does not sleep and does not stop attacking through many means. He will stop at nothing to see you don't make it to Heaven. He uses the flesh, the world and he's the Satan.

    Lastly, Religion is not a selfish ideal, it is about God's Will, in the now and the hereafter.

    God's will, now means to Love Him in His Word and to bring this love to others.

    God's will, in the hereafter, means you did what He instructed in the now so you can have an eternal rest. A true Permanent Vacation.

    Peace be with you always

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