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    These are from reading Poem and Notebooks.  

    First point,  thoughts that are not of peace are from below.  These come all the time.  The enemy of God and man has nothing better to do but to harass.  It is a tempering point.  Helps to strengthen ones mind and emotions.  At first it doesn't seem that way.  Later comes the Wisdom.  It is a nag. How to refine your thoughts?  Can't escape living amongst those less fortunate.  

    Satan is the Sin. He is the very first sinner.  He brought sin into being. He is the Sin.  So from here you can expand your thinking. He is dung. He is noise.  He is trash. A heap of dung.  He has no place in the Kingdom.  He is not worth your time. But, we must defeat him, and this is by God's help.  Without God's help you cannot defeat him.  

    What was Jesus?  He was man.  God became Man.  And he lived and died as Man.  He as God always defeats Satan.  Because God is Perfect and Supreme.  So, Jesus as Man, defeated Satan with God's help.  Pretty simple.

    The second point is Judas Iscariot.  He is the epitome of man.  His character type and personality is in just about every man and woman born.  He was totally human in reasoning and will.  Could not grasp heaven.  He wanted earthly riches and glory.  

    But his ways are common thinking for those who want earthly riches and glory.

    Yet, God would have forgiven him, if he came to that point.  He was proud thus did not.  Therein, pride is the first stumbling block to his salvation.  He wanted to be great in the hierarchy of Jews Law and Religion.   He lacked humility thus he was not able to understand heaven.  

    If you read the 5th book before the changes took place to the 10 books, after Judas betrays Jesus, he returns and talks with Mary.  She asks talks to him about asking for forgiveness.   He rejects due to his pride. His pride kept him from receiving what She was saying.  He did not have the ears to hear.

    There's always time to change, repent and little by little, turn away from pride.  ..

    The Spirit of the Eternal says to never give up.  Always hope.

    Peace be with you always.

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