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    Give assistance to those in need. Charity

    Food, water, shelter, clothing, comfort of hearts.

    Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

    The seriousness of the Japanese disaster has struck all the worlds citizens.

    The good things that have come from this even though it is very painful:

    1) To see the Japanese, do what they do in times of disaster, shows respect and honor for each other.

    Can the rest of the world say these things about themselves? Contemplate.

    2) They care for their neighbor more then themselves. A great virtue. As Jesus teaches.

    3) I saw a man who lost all, giving food which was meant for him to others. He thought more of them then his own welfare. Incredible! This is what I was waiting to see in the heart of the Japanese person. A great virtue.

    The Lord allowed this to happen to show the world how a group of, a race of people pull up their bootstraps when the chips are down, and look what we witnessed, the horror and yet they have great virtue. Incredible to see this. A great uplifting. I cannot, even after all the tears I shed for the losses incurred there, say enough. No words can fully describe what my heart and intellect witnessed.

    Thank you Nihonjin for your virtues.

    May Our God, the Good Almighty Father, shed many many graces to help all of you in the coming future days.

    Ganbare Ganbare, Makunochi

    Peace be with you always

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