The Science of the Gospel is Taught Well, But Not The Spirit of the Gospel


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    The Science of the Gospel is Taught Well, But Not The Spirit of the Gospel

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    Jesus seeing the future times of man, had spoken a word of prophecy to the Apostles before He Ascended back to Heaven.

    [Read Book 5 Chapter 631 Last Teachings Before the Ascension]

    St. Paul by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit even speaks of such a time in his descriptive wording.

    Now what is the letter, without the spirit of it?

    This here statement says, they know the science of it well, because they studied it with their eyes looking for evidence of what the Holy Scriptures is teaching and revealing, but, they are not 'taught' the spirit of it, the power to understand God, the truth, Wisdom. Without Grace, no one can understand God. We see this evidence quite clearly today throughout civilization which encompasses the entire world. Why have they not understood nor recognized God in a good way? No Grace. Grace teaches what is Good, shows you. Good will, that is your love, brings God's Benign grace. Anyone, that practices, good will, has God with them already, whether they know it or not. But they sense 'good.' The Lord even goes as far as stating, that if any man obeys God's Law, God honors and is with them. He loves them. And they have God in a special way. There are many Catholics, who do not even obey God's Law, and thus, they feel so far from God. A distance is between them and God, when they could be in 'Union' with God, by having Grace. The earnest gift to man, "Grace." Catholicism brings Grace to any person who wants it. To be engrafted into the Living Organism called the Catholic Church. Grace is the pinnacle for Man on the Earth, so that he can be confirmed in Grace when he departs the flesh and his soul embarks before God. To have lived and died in Grace means you automatically enter Heaven without having to endure Purgatory. Catholicism brings to man the Way to Heaven directly without having to wait in Limbo or be justified in Purgatory. God gave to man, a direct entrance.

    This should tell you that, man has to work to get to Heaven, labor, and Jesus uses the several words: 'conquer' as in win, 'obtain'. All through laboring to get there, while He gives us the necessary aids. Aiding man. Thus He uses the words, persevere, be constant, --encouraging words, instead of, "it's so hard," "the Way is a major struggle" why? Encouragement. Love encourages. But if you bump heads with Love who is also Justice, you get the chastisement. If you abandon ship, you defect, marauders, mutiny, betray, you get the chastisement. God has to be exacting, because Man is demands, is slothful, selfish, imprudent so forth. The Language of Love stands their, He gave you intelligence, to reason, so you should know it is going to be a struggle, He shouldn't have to tell you, because you should see this with your own mind. But He's their telling you to encourage you and not to give up, because, He would not advice something we could not do, not capable of. God created man, God knows what man is capable of and incapable of, man's ability, man's intelligence, man's will, man's soul, man's strength, man's weaknesses, man's physical strength, so forth, He made us and knows us, because He made us. He's not a blind fool, and ignorant Creator. But the All Intelligent, All Wise God.

    As you begin to walk with God, you begin to see God as a Father, who knows everything. It is precisely because we do not know Him that we make all kinds of accusations, and our own ideas, very limited ones at that. To know a person, means to 'Know' a Person. But for us, God is Love, and as we get to know Him we learn 'Love.' That's the way it should be. No man, should make one see otherwise. Jesus points to the Father, Jesus obeyed the Father, Jesus did what the Father instructed Him to do. And if we see Jesus life correctly, we see Jesus came to love, and spread love, to teach man to love. Those that hate, make a lot of noise to deflect. Because the Enemy of Man and God is Hate. Hate doesn't need any reason, except it hates. Malice is the nature of hate, to destroy. That's the nature of Hate. To make man not love, to convince man not to love. To poison man not to love.

    The Gospel, teaches spirit and life. Nothing else. Because, God is Spirit and Life. To be like God means to live in the Spirit to have Life. Without the spirit, we have no life. We would not be born from a woman. We would not be born at all. No soul, no life.

    Back to, Science of the Gospel.
    Their reasoning is worldly pertaining to all the sciences created by man, and they use this reasoning method which they are conditioned to, because of No Grace. Union with God. They cannot elevate higher. God imparts graces in small or greater portions according to the need of the moment. A Father. And Satan gives his portions as well to lure them away from, Good. He lures the flesh, which is his instrument. Read the Holy Hour of Jesus, and understand the Fall of Man. Man ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which transformed him from a living soul to a man. Read Daniel Chapter 7 Commentary by Jesus in the Notebook of 1944 or 1945. Jesus explains, what the transformation is using imagery so you can grasp what the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil had done to what God created, "a living soul."

    Boy it is a pain to type when you have so much to say. My fingers just can't keep pace and thoughts get lost or back logged. This happens often. And why there are typos.

    When an inspiration comes, it comes, I hear and see it, but to write it, to pull the impression and impact together, is another thing entirely. Especially since I'm being persecuted by the Devil himself. He is angry at me for writing the Truth. Never ceases, his pestilence, his malice. But, Jesus was persecuted in the same manner. Thus, I am counting my blessings in Heaven, I repeat St. Paul's words, I counted worthy by God Himself for doing the work. Then you can add all the good that comes for enduring such pestilence. No pain, no gain, no persecution, absolutely no reward. Merit.

    Run with the world enjoy your one life. But when you stand before the Judge-God, and He says, why didn't you follow My instructions, and you reply, "I did not know," He will say, "I do not know you." Why?

    Because of Adam's Sin, the deeper truths of Adam's sin, created, other gods. So you make yourself another god, and a child of Adam the Sinner. The sinner does not Advance to Heaven. Only sinners who convert. Thus, Adam's act, left every man this separation from God and every man must make a choice to follow God or to stay in Adam's sin.

    Now I remind you, that Adam did repent and God saved him. But the consequence of Adam's action caused every man to remain in the separated state upon birth. Once a man or you are born, you must make a conscience decision to choose what to do every day, every moment, you are breathing. God is not to be ignored. If you do not accept His peace offering, you do not live forever in Paradise with God. You forfeit. It really does seem unfair doesn't it?

    We can put the blame on Adam. But that doesn't change the reality of his action, the consequence of his action. We are the offspring of this consequent action born in Sin. Sin is Separation from God. Not a union whatsoever.

    Thus, God gave to man a way back to Union, Good graces with God and to become sons and daughters once again.

    The world which should have been governed by God, but isn't--part of the consequence of Adam's action--is now governed by all the consequences of Adams action. Who's in control of this? Satan. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. There is no Good in Evil. Do not think Satan is good. If you do, you have not had your reasoning exercised to discern perfectly what is Good and what is Evil. The Good that can come from this Evil tree is that, you see evil for what it really is. Some embrace the evil and some don't want it. They want only Good.

    A hard lesson any way you bounce it. we live in the harsh reality, not "paradise." Man does not know what Paradise truly is. Adam and Eve had Paradise on Earth, they gave it up. Another consequence of Adam's Action.

    So, we see, after being grilled by evil, I hate it. I can't stand it. I want Paradise with God.

    Thus, the good that can come from that "tree."

    If you responded like me, you good and it really doesn't matter if you go straight to Heaven or straight to Purgatory at the moment because you know where you stand when deciding which tree to eat from. The one on the left is the wrong one it has dire consequences, which we testify to. But those living in fame and fortune have another story to tell. They come to hate the fame and fortune which Satan lured them to. How many Hollywoods have a story to tell? Well, not all have such to tell, but many have. While many have died, and many still live in the delusion the image Satan gives them. And as soon as they are no longer needed by Satan--for he uses them as bait to catch more fish--he gets rid of them. They become useless. For it's about fleshly glitter, which 99% of mankind runs after. The Fleshly Glitter!

    You can have your flesh carved up, operated on to make it look better. Plastic surgery and others. Breast augmentation. So forth. Makeup, cosmetics, hair styling, finger nail manicures, dress wear, the list goes on. What to put on my Christmas Tree? Your body has become a christmas tree to adorn and manipulate. Thus, they who practice manipulating their bodies, assimilate this into their thinking, their intellects, and manipulate their whole life and others with them, thinking this is the way to live. Manipulation. Satanic in origin. These are possessed. Those who seek after human origins from a human perspective are possessed. Possessed to seek and disprove God, --atheism.

    What then does Satan's name mean? Jesus gives the acronyms for each letter of his name. Read it. It's in the Notebook. Most of you are taught by Satan's servants to not speak about Satan. This is false to not speak about it as in gain an understanding of the Enemy Of Man and God. You are fighting God or Satan. You certainly speak God's Name and look to gain any understanding to use as a weapon. Thus, you Christian must do the same with Satan. But, only through Wisdom, because Only the Redeemer can free one from Satan. And only those in Grace can defeat Satan. Grace is Union with God, therefore it is God in you, defeating Satan.

    Peace be with you always

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    To conclude in short, because you should be reading Valtorta to gain the Wisdom, so you can understand the Spirit of the Bible, the Gospel.

    Always the Spirit of the Gospel, even if the science of the Gospel is not there evident, because, the Holy Spirit will speak in you, and to you to say what needs to be said. The science then, is deducing and reducing, analyzing and concluding, but, without the Wisdom of God, the Spirit of the Gospel, cannot be transmitted. A single word, said in the Spirit, can change a soul. When we read the Gospel, the Bible, to read, and not analyze, deduce, to find an answer of some kind, is when God is most present. The Holy Spirit must teach you otherwise it is not a true lesson. The science of comes as the result of the Spirit.

    Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit:

    1) Wisdom
    2) Intelligence
    3) Counsel
    4) Science
    5) Fortitude
    6) Piety
    7) Holy Fear of God

    The above explanation can be found in Poem of the Man-God, where Jesus explains, I don't recall off hand which book. Also, in one of the Notebooks.

    Let's say you know the Science more than the Spirit, this is no good. The Spirit is Predominant here, not your science aspect. Because the Spirit, teaches the Science.
    If you find yourself, lacking the Spirit of, then humbly relinquish to the Spirit. Because, the Spirit has to convince the person, with Power and Might. Not by might alone, not by power alone, But By My Spirit says the Lord. In other words, "Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord!"

    For a better understanding what really happens, to us, an no one is perfect, because the evidence, or the zeal, is in you, so I say this for your understanding: "Not by human might, not by human power, but by My Spirit alone, says the Lord!"

    Let the Spirit soak your soul with the Gospel. Let it become a living testament in you. Living that's the key. To live it first, because you don't know how. We don't know how. I don't know how, I am not God. Thus I need to be instructed by God, taught by God, spoken to by God. Live with God. God has to in short, Breathe into you, "the breathe of God." The Holy Spirit breathed into the nostrils of Adam and gave him life. The Holy Spirit gave to Jesus his Flesh from the Woman. A triggering to make a fetus, but, He was not created as was Adam, the first man. He was Born from the Woman. I don't have the exact science of His fetal creation. Jesus never explained the science of it. I believe it is God's mystery that will remain such.

    To walk with God. When we have God, can someone harm you? No. God is there, the Big Guy is there! What does it matter if someone does you harm? God is there. But, 9 out 10, God is there to teach ignorant souls. So the harm that may come, is a result of hate in the person. And if they have recourse to good, they will be sorry for their mistake. If not, they need prayer.

    So in the end, the Spirit of the Gospel is the most important thing. Else, you don't transmit the Light and the Power to convert souls.

    The Spirit is Love. 1 Corinthians 13, without love, I am a noise. Without love, I can speak about the Gospel for hours and many will leave not remembering a single word. Because the Power is lacking when the Spirit is not there. Read Acts of the Apostles for confirmation.

    Thus, there are many priests and lay, that teach science rather than the mystical power of the Spirit. Only God can save, remember that. We are privileged when God asks us to assist. Because God wants man to have the Spirit. A union of. The Communion of Saints at the Round Table of God.

    And aren't you tired of the same stuff? My appetite went south after a year. Because I heard the same dead sermons from the science monitor of the year. No Spirit means No Life. Read Poem of the Man-God with your spirits. Ask the Lord to speak to you while you read. And everything changes. The pages leap to life!

    Peace be with you always

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    Notebook: 1944
    Page: 440
    Chp: The Little Apostles and New Pharisees

    July 20

    Job 34:29

    Jesus says:

    "The Following had already been expressed since ancient times: 'If God grants peace, who can condemn?' [verse 29]

    "And yet those doctors of the Law who always accused Me, and who knew to perfection the words of the Book, judged it differently. Why? Because they knew the Law in its letter, but did not comprehend the spirit of the letter. They are in every way like the doctors of today who, with ridiculous and cruel pretexts, judge and condemn My favorites, and Me with them.

    "They also applied condemnation to Zacchaeus. God had granted peace to His repentant servant who was returning more to the house of his Father, than of his Master. They condemned Him and His servant because, according to them, Zacchaeus's form of repentance was not enough. Naturally! It did not have those hypocritical forms, wholly external, which they, the Pharisees and Scribes, loved: forms used to deceive the world with a false holiness which was only a sham, because the inside was and remained infected with their vices. Zacchaeus's was a true repentance, from his heart.

    "I said: 'It is from the heart that those things come forth which contaminate a man.' But from there also come forth the things which sanctify him. From this tabernacle which contains, as in a golden pix, your spirit in which God incarnates Himself and resides through a spiritual transubstantiation, there come forth good thoughts, right intentions, the firm will to be saints, the heroism which gives you Heaven, the sincere repentance which cancels from the mind of God even the memory of your faults, and brings you to Him and He to you for His Fatherly kiss.

    "For My favorites, too, the Pharisaic world, always existing and working, judges and condemns: 'This is a "voice"? It cannot be. What has she done to merit it?'

    "'Nothing and everything,' I answer. Nothing, if one considers her wretchedness with respect to the power of God and His perfection. Everything, if one considers her generosity which is wholly given to God, and to God alone: a generosity working under the humility of an ordinary life, loving even to the point of consuming her physical strength, obedient in the great and in the little things, even in the trifles for which I ask, in order to keep her always docile to My desire and to try her continually in meekness. Believe that only she who loves 'with her whole self ' can, with a smile, give her life to God Who asks it of her, give it like a fruit which she brings to her lips: the sacrifice of a parent, or of a holy affection: or like the word which I tell her to keep silent, or the sacrifice of her house and her bread, as also of her rest which I tell her to cancel in hours of profound weariness, in order to continue to serve Me.

    "If I give her peace, who will be able to condemn? Condemn what? That which God judges worthy of blessings and caresses now, and of bliss hereafter? Condemn the good which she does to herself and to others? Imitate her and do not condemn her. And be ashamed, O useless servants, O Satanic blasphemers, for no longer knowing how to serve the Lord your God; for no longer knowing how to receive, to understand and to speak the words of the eternal Spirit; for no longer knowing how to make yourselves bread for the souls of your companions, but rather: coldness, poison, chains.

    "Condemn what? The way she speaks or writes? Oh! see, O angelic spirits, O blessed possessors of Paradise! observe these little men: being unable to raise themselves up in flight anymore with the broken or missing wings of their own mind, with it they judge that others cannot do so! Observe these blind moles who, being unable to see the sun themselves, deny that it exists and that others see it! Observe the song less crows who, unable to repeat the harmonies that others have learned from Heaven, deny that voice even exists!

    "But there where the wings of the little bird enamored of God are insufficient, the angelic wings rush down and lift it to that height which I will. I -- I Myself, the Eagle of love, and I will show it this beauty which you hardly know how to imagine, which seems to all of you but a fable. And you hide your own incapacity under an avalanche of words whose point is this: 'Paradise has no description because it is only a thought.'

    "It is a thought? It is reality! Speak, My little bird, you who have been raised up There between the wings of the Eagle Who loves you, and say whether Paradise is only a thought -- or a spiritual reality, a reality of light, song, joy, beauty. Say to these who have their wings dragging in the mud -- because their idleness has broken their wings and reduced them to dead limbs -- tell them what it is that merits Paradise, and how sorrow, poverty, sickness are to be greeted with a smile, thinking of this Place where endless Joy awaits them.

    "The Sun, which you can hardly see behind a thick curtain of clouds, given your sensuality of the flesh and of your thought, your rationalism which has crushed in you all capacity to believe with the simplicity of children and the firmness of the martyrs -- the Sun which you can no longer contemplate because you do no longer succeed in lifting your head from the heavy yoke of your humanity which overwhelms your spirit -- while My blessed ones, stripped of every human constraint, stand with the head of their mind always raised to adore Me -- the Sun -- and It is truly there, that Sun: It spreads oceans of light and fire to clothe with warmth, and to reclothe with splendor these friends of Mine for whom I have prepared an eternal throne. The Sun is There, and It is already theirs, for It shines above their head like the face of a father over the cradle of his baby, and there is nothing sweeter than this loving, jealous, protection of Love which does not leave them even for one minute.

    "You men who no longer know how to sing your harmonies to God, you no longer even know how to tell Him that you love Him: not with your mouth, but with your heart -- and it is this harmony that God wants to hear from man -- do not then deny that these, My lovers, can repeat supernatural harmonies, learned from Me and from My saints. My lovers have made their spiritual throat pliable, warbling without tiring -- either from the passage of time or the adversities of life -- warbling their hymn of love, and of all the things that have given them their cue to tell Me: 'I love You.' They have thus been capable of learning and retelling the songs of Heaven.

    "Oh! bless them, these little apostles who unveil to you points and lights, who bring back to you lights and words which your poverty does not know; these who, with a total slavery of love have been fastened upon a gallows which, like Mine, has its base fixed in earthly mud, but its summit in the Azure Blue of the sky. They are bridges by which you can go up -- you who know only how to crawl -- by which you can go up and know how beautiful is that Azure Blue, and be enamored by It and have the desire to imitate It.

    "Why do you all want to deny, why do you want to say to God: 'You are not allowed to do that'? The apostolicity of the Church did not end with the Apostles. It continues with the lesser apostles. Every saint is one of them, every 'voice' is one of them. And I, Head of the apostolic Church, can choose and spread everywhere these My little apostles for your good.

    "They are humble, compared to you scholars? And what were the first twelve? Fishermen, illiterate, ignorant. But it was them that I took, and not the scholarly rabbis, because since they the twelve were conscious of being nothing, they were capable of accepting the Word; while the rabbis saturated with pride, had no capacity to accept It. Humility is what I seek, and if these little apostles, even while remaining loving, pure and generous, should become proud, I would abandon them without fail.

    "There are two things that I absolutely require in them: love and fidelity to the truth -- and not only to God-Truth, but also to the virtue-Truth -- and also: sincere humility. And I am still more uncompromising on this latter virtue. Pride, the sign of Satan -- the first sign of Satan -- sends Me away in disgust.

    "Therefore think that if I give My peace to them My little apostles, none of you can condemn them. They are beyond your condemnations. Within My arms they love and listen to the secrets of God and then offer them to you according as God wills, in order to throw you a necklace of Paradisal pearls which may be a guide and ladder for you to Heaven.

    "I give you My peace, My 'voice.' Rest in it as a baby in the bosom of its father."

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