The Words Given To Maria Valtorta Written in English

    Pg 437 November 1947 Jesus Reassures Maria of Her Place In Heaven


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    Pg 437 November 1947 Jesus Reassures Maria of Her Place In Heaven

    Post by Poem on Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:26 pm

    Maria is speaking:

    "I was listening to the Mass broadcast by France Radio. I heard the twelve tribes mentioned, with the twelve thousand bearing the mark...(Revelation 7:4-8) I asked, "O Lord, will it one day by my lot to be among them? To enjoy You, not to celebrate on earth, You know. But I feel as if I have always done so little and so poorly!"

    My sweet Jesus replied:

    "Even more than because of your personal merits--among which your love and pain are strong and immediately worthy of this place--you will reach it because you have saved and will save many with your holocaust and your mission as a 'spokesman.' Be at peace. Those who come to this peace through you--and I know them beforehand--are building you the throne on which you will be blessed.

    "Remember--it's the word of Wisdom: "Those who taught justice to the multitudes will shine like stars throughout eternity.' (Daniel 12:3)

    "You, imprisoned and crucified, are a little teacher with a hidden face. The world does not know you. But what you have learned from Me to teach the world numbers you among the ranks to those who teach justice to the multitude, and you will thus be given what is promised to Daniel through the words of the angel Gabriel, the messenger of God. Be at peace."

    Peace be with you always

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