To Love and Build for One Another


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    To Love and Build for One Another Empty To Love and Build for One Another

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    Today's message from Notebook 1943, page 474.

    Jesus says:

    " the name of His Most Holy King, wants to reign only over spirits.
    There will come the day when, disillusioned with men, you will turn to
    Him who is already more spirit than man and conserves only that minimum of humanity needed to make you convinced of his presence. There will come from his mouth, which I inspire, the words similar to the ones I would say to you--I, the Prince of Peace. He will teach you the most precious pearl of mutual forgiveness and convince you that there is no weapon more beautiful than the  plowshare and scythe which would the glebes to make them fertile and cuts the grass that make them more lovely. He will teach you that the holiest labor is that which is performed to obtain bread, clothing, and a house for one's brothers and sisters and that only by loving one another as brothers and sisters is there no longer knowledge of the poison of hatred and of the tortures of wars."

    Peace be with you always

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