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    To believe in is Love.

    People always ask me, if God is real, why doesn't He appear?

    If Heaven exists, why don't the people there come to the earth to prove its existence?

    If Hell exists, why don't the souls in Hell come to the earth to warn?

    The Lord God wants you to simply Believe. This is Love. This is the way to know God, through simple belief. I simply believe, therefore He comes to my heart and reveals Himself. A Peace comes. A Presence is felt in the Peace. It is God.

    Faith Hope Charity.

    Faith is the stairs, Hope is the rails on the staircase, at the top of the stairway is Charity, which is God.

    Those who simply believe, without seeking proofs, believe like children or a child believes. The child simply believes.

    The world does not believe, if it did God would be allover the world and the world would know true Peace and Joy. Because God would have descended and Evil would have been Negated!

    God is Charity. Where there is no simple belief, where there is no charity, God is not there.

    The world rationalizes and seeks physical proof because they cannot believe in something that they cannot touch, feel, see, hear, your physical senses. They are all 'flesh' and trust only in their senses, and their hearts are tuned to their senses and not the sentiments of 'belief.'

    "Lord help me overcome my unbelief, I want to believe, but my senses keep me a prisoner to my unbelief. Help set me free Lord, I want to believe, that part of me that wants to believe the part that is the small voice that part that is not my senses. Amen."

    "Lord grant me the graces to believe in you more and more!"Amen.

    My God I believe, I adore, I hope in and I love You! I ask you to pardon, those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope in and do not Love You! Amen.

    Peace be with you always
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