God Loves His Creations


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    God explains in The writings to Maria certain things the reasons for creating man.

    God being Creator created man as a very special being that embodied Himself.  

    God knowing beforehand what would take place created man knowing all.

    So why? Knowing all.

    To fill up heaven with those who understand Him.  Love Him.

    God is about love.  Selfless love.

    A love, we as Mankind has fallen from Grace and without having fullness of His wisdom, just cannot understand His simple yet sophisticated reasons.

    It is Love.

    Peace be with you all always.

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    Post on Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:36 am by Poem

    So how does man or what does man have to do, should he want to understand God?

    Become a True Catholic and partake in the Sacraments which Jesus Christ  brought to the Church.

    And accept the Holy Spirit into your being.

    The Seven Gifts of the Spirit

    1.  Wisdom
    2.  Intelligence
    3.  Counsel
    4.  Science
    5.  Piety
    6.  Fortitude
    7.  Holy Fear of God.

    The Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus and the Holy Mother,
    aid us to build the 7 Virtues. key ones

    1. Faith
    2. Hope
    3. Charity
    4. Temperance
    5. Justice
    6. Prudence
    7. Fortitude

    Lord Jesus explains that the Holy Spirit is benign and does not come upon those who are full of vices.  Because The Pure and Holy One does not like corruption. Vices are of Satan and projects his face.
    The slightest sin corrupts.

    That is why the Sacraments exits.

    Also the Lord Jesus explains that at Mass there is the forgiveness of Sins recital.  The Priest asks the Lord Jesus right then to forgive all those who are present sprinkling His Blood again.  Why? Because after going to Confession man rarely stays in Grace.

    Penitential Act, Form A (Confiteor)
    I confess to almighty God
    and to you, my brothers and sisters,
    that I have greatly sinned
    in my thoughts and in my words,
    in what I have done
    and in what I have failed to do,
    (Strike Breast) through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault;
    therefore I ask blessed Mary ever-Virgin,
    all the Angels and Saints,
    and you, my brothers and sisters,
    to pray for me to the Lord our God.

    Penitential Act, Form B
    Priest: Have mercy on us, O Lord.
    People: For we have sinned against you. Priest: Show us, O Lord, your mercy. People: And grant us your salvation.

    Faith!  Yields results.

    Love is Absolution of Sins.

    When we love, we defeat Hell and we no longer do the evil yielding to the enemy of Man and God.  

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