Why Are There Pestilences and Why Does What We Plan Not Work?


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    Why Are There Pestilences and Why Does What We Plan Not Work? Empty Why Are There Pestilences and Why Does What We Plan Not Work?

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    Ok what is this about you say?

    Well it is very Biblical.

    Pestilences as we recall came about in the episodes with the Pharaoh of Egypt.

    The Lord sent Moses to Egypt to ask for the release of His People yet, Pharaoh rejected many times losing many sons and daughters of the people of Egypt. Many things got ruined, destroyed, but, He allowed them to live for hopefully one day turn and believe in the only Wise God.

    When man turns his back on God and listens to himself, humans, God is displeased. For God is Creator, Father who deserves all of our love and attention.  Not like a petty pesky person, but a true Father.  Not as human thinking would have  it.

    It is a simple thank you, and appreciation for having given us life and to return that love for having granted life.  To contemplate God means to love Him.

    Now, this is simple post and not to be made long so I won't get into all the nitty gritty's.

    It is relatively simple.  God is a jealous God means to turn to Him and honor him pay him your respect as a just person. Justice.  Upright, good willed.

    Man has ignored God and thus man creates a whirlwind of a mess with what God has   created and given to man as good.

    The pests come when man does not pay God any attention.  Thanks giving, love, and all from the heart.

    Thus, man is left without a remedy for himself. So he  creates ways to get rid of pests that is more harmful to mankind.   Poisons.

    If man were to turn to God and do what he is supposed to do, then these pests would not exist in his domain.

    In Poem of the Man-God, Jesus cursed a pharisees land and crop.  While Jesus blessed this other mans.  Why? Because the pharisee was beating his hires and mistreating them and not giving them their due pay for their hard labor and work.

    So the  pharisees land and crop were eaten up by pests.  Dried up. Turned no profit, nor food from his own land. A great lesson.

    Man ignores God's words. So man gets the raw end of the stick, that is no blessing, no protection from pests, and other things like scavengers.

    Turn to the Lord and have your property and all protected and blessed.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:16 pm by Poem

    Why are there pestilences and why does what we plan not work they we want it, imagine it to be? This is in every human being. Not according to the perfect imagined idea. I want it to be like this. But even if it is close, it still isn't as we would like it to be. The mind is an intelligence that comes from God alone. And without God's graces, that which is imagined does not flourish as perfectly imagined. The other reason is because this life is not meant to be perfect according to the flesh. Perfection comes from God. To seek the Perfection. The Perfection is "God." God is only Perfect and only in Heaven is perfection received, known. Perfection was on the Earth.

    Perfection created the earth perfectly and the universe, but not the true perfection. It is still to come.

    The Book of Apocalypse states, that the New Heavens and the New Earth was seen descending from Above. Above equals God. God creates and puts it where He wishes. So how big is Infinite? Unfathomable.
    In the New Rendition of Heaven and Earth, Human beings or humanized spirits will be different. Because it will be the completion of man who overcame the beast, the world and the flesh, those who overcame "death" in the entirety. But, by Jesus' Merits and his sacrifice which made it possible for man to come out of "Death."

    Men in the new world will all possess a "glorified" body. Beings of the True Light. Living perfectly and every unimaginable perfection will be there. This is hope, faith, and charity.

    Now upon the earth which is overrun with demons no perfection will be had. Even the perfect evil cannot take the earth and turn it into a true Hell. Even though it will feel like it. Because there will be no love, kindness, gentleness, sweetness, so on and so forth; because it is absolutely devoid of these. No Light, No God. Just Satan who deserved darkness and those who rejected God.

    So no matter how horrific it will get, it is not the true Hell.

    The true hell is depicted by Jesus in one of the Notebooks and is on this website. Read it carefully let is soak in.

    So upon the earth which is a battle ground light vs. darkness there is no perfection, it is a temporal existence and was meant to be that from the start to finish. The earth will come to an end when God has received the last soul for the New Earth. That is still quite a bit away.

    The Perfection that came to earth was Jesus. He brought the perfect body, soul mind and heart. He was killed by demons. Possessed by the Demon.

    The pestilence is as a result of hateful beings. Selfish.

    Selfishness. Ignorance to God's goodness.

    The disobedience's of man.

    Man wanting to perfect what the earth brings forth. This is very intricate conflict. If man was obedient to God to begin with, I mean all, then pestilences would not be necessary. It is because man is selfish first to God and then to himself, that this happens. If man had loved according to the commandment of God, his lot would be protected, because God has blessed it. Yet it is a Perfect God who perfectly protects. The word I want to use is not coming to me at this time, I apologize, to explain how the earth has been destroyed from what God originally created, thus it is hard to say that God as we imagine, a God created this. We see, such messes everywhere. But it was not so in the beginning before man sinned.

    Why? Because God created this earth perfectly for the reason He had. It did not have death. The animals would not putrefy and stench the place up with unsightly carcasses. Rather all flesh would have gracious returned without the unsightly's and stench. Satan's gift to man is death. Death came to the earth and created a layer converting what was a Paradise into what we have today. degraded over time of course and with all these toys man has created has destroyed the earth which was created beautiful.

    Peace be with you always

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