March Towards the Light of the Lord.


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    March Towards the Light of the Lord.   Empty March Towards the Light of the Lord.

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    Notebook: 1943
    Chapter: The Church of Rome at the End of Time

    Jesus says:

    skipping a few chapters because this is the message now:

    "Children, begin the march towards the Light of the Lord. Do not go further, groping in the blind darkness. My beloved ones at the head, overcoming every human fear, for I am with you, O those dearest to my Heart, the others drawn along by the example, of my saints-begin this new Exodus towards the new Earth, which I promise you and which will be your very same Earth, but changed by Christian love.

    "Separate yourselves from those who are idolaters of Satan, the world, and the flesh. Without disdain, separate yourselves from them. Disdain is of no benefit. It ruins without benefitting. But separate yourselves from them so as not to be infected by them. Love them with the love of redeemers, placing your faith in Christ as a bastion between them and yourselves. You are not strong enough to be able to live in their midst without danger. Too many centuries of increasingly marked spiritual decay have weakened you. Imitate the early Christians. Be able to live in the world, but isolated from the world by virtue of your love for God.

    "And never submit to regarding as a superman the wretched man who does not differ from the beasts because his best part-the only thing that does not make him worse than a beast-is entirely in instinct. The Prophet says, 'Leave aside, then, the man whose spirit is in his nostrils.' I want you to interpret the sentence in this sense.

    The animal deprived  of breath is nothing but unclean remains. Once its nostrils are closed to this breath, it ceases to exist and becomes a carcass.

    "There are many men who are not superior to it, having no other life except the animal life, which lasts as long as breath lasts in them. The spirit is dead, the spirit made for the Heavens. It is thus right to say that there are men whose spirit is the breath of the their nostrils and from whom it is best to remain at a distance spiritually so that the breath of Satan and of the bestiality emerging from them will not eat into your humanity and make it like theirs.

    "Pray for them, O you blessed ones. That is charity. And that's enough.  Words do not enter in to those closed to the Word.  And do not think that the one fuming and breathing out his overbalance and his pride from his nostrils like a raging beast is sublime.  Only those whose spirits are alive and are thus children of God are sublime.  The others are poor things whose fictitious elevation is destined for a great collapse and whose memory does not survive except as the memory of scandal and horror."

    Peace be with you always

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