1943: The Need to Pray That There May Be Sufficient and True Priests


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    1943: The Need to Pray That There May Be Sufficient and True Priests

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 83
    Chp: The Need to Pray That There May Be Sufficient and True Priests

    June 14

    Pray, offer, and suffer a great deal for my priests. A lot of salt has become insipid, and souls suffer on this account, losing the savor of Me and my Doctrine.

    "I have been telling you this for some time, but you do not want to hear this. And you do not want to write this. You draw back. I understand why. But others before you have spoken it, by my inspiration, and they were saints. It is useless to want to close one's eyes and ears so as not to see and not to hear. The truth cries out, even in silence. It cries out with deeds, which are the mightiest of words.

    "Why don't you repeat the prayer of Mary Magdalene de' Pazzi? At one time you always said it. Why don't you offer part of your daily sufferings for all the Priesthood. You pray and suffer for my Vicar. That's fine. You pray and suffer for some consecrated men and women who entreat you or towards whom you have a special duty of gratitude. That's fine. But it is not enough. And what do you do for the others? You have established an intention to suffer for the clergy on Wednesday. It is not enough. It is necessary for you to pray every day for my priests and offer part of your sufferings for this motive. Never grow weary of praying for them, who are the ones most responsible for the spiritual life of Catholics.

    "It suffices for a layman to do the work of ten so as not to cause scandal, my priests must do that of a hundred, a thousand. They should be like their Master in purity, charity, detachment from the things of the world, humility, and generosity. Instead, the same slackening of Christian life which is in the laity is in my priests and, in general, in all the persons consecrated by special vows. But I will speak to about them later.

    "I am now speaking to you about priests, about those having the sublime honor of perpetuating my Sacrifice from the altar, of touching Me, of repeating my Gospel.

    "They ought to be flames. They are instead smoke. They do wearily what they must do. They do not love one another and do not love you as shepherds who must be ready to give their entire selves, even to the point of sacrificing their lives, for their sheep. They come to my altar with their hearts full of earthly concerns. They consecrate Me with their minds elsewhere, and not even my Communion sets aflame their spirits that charity which ought to be alive in all, but which in my priests ought to be extremely lively.

    "When I think of the deacons and the priests of the Church in the catacombs and compare them to those of today, I feel infinite compassion for you, throngs who are left without, or with too little, food of my Word.

    "Those deacons and priests had a whole malevolent society against them; they had the public authorities against them. Those deacons and priests had to carry out their ministry in the midst of a thousand hardships; the slightest act of imprudence could cause them to fall into the hands of tyrants and lead to death by torture. And yet now much faithfulness, love, charity, and heroism existed in them! They consolidated the nascent Church with their blood and their love and made each of their hearts an altar.

    "Now they shine in the heavenly Jerusalem like as many eternal altars upon which I, the Lamb, repose, taking delight in them, my intrepid confessors, the pure who were able to wash away the filth of paganism which had saturated them for years and years before their conversion, like an ocean of mire against indestructible cliffs.

    "They had cleansed themselves in my Blood and had come to Me in white stoles covered with the ornament of their generous blood and their impetuous charity. They had no external robes or material signs of their priestly militancy. But they were Priests in spirit.

    "Now there is the exterior of the robe, but their hearts are no longer mine.

    "I have mercy on you, flocks without shepherds. This is why I still hold back my lightning bolts: because I have mercy. I know that much of what you are come from not being supported.

    "There are too few real priests who reach the breaking point to lavish themselves on their children! Never as now has it been necessary to ask the Master of the harvest to send true workers to his harvest, which is falling in ruins because the number of true tireless workers--upon whom my gaze rests with infinite, grateful blessings and love--is not sufficient.

    "If I only could say to all my Priests, 'Come, good and faithful servants--enter into the joy of your Lord!'

    "Pray for the secular and conventual clergy.

    "The day there were no more truly priestly priests in the world,the world would end in a horror that words cannot describe. The time of the 'abomination of desolation' would come. But with such a terrible violence that it would be a hell brought onto the earth.

    "Pray and tell others to pray that all the salt will not become tasteless in all except One, in the last Martyr who will be present for the last Mass, for until the last day my militant Church will exist and the Sacrifice will be carried out.

    "The more true priests there are in the world when the times are fulfilled, the shorter and less cruel the time of the Antichrist and the final convulsions of the human race will be. For 'the just' about whom I speak when I preach the end of the world are the true priests, those truly consecrated in the convents scattered over the earth, the victim souls, an unknown array of martyrs that only my eye knows, while the world does not see them, and those who act with true purity of faith. But these latter are--even though unaware of it themselves--consecrated and victims."

    Peace be with you always

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