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    What is a Synagagoue of Satan? How Does This Correlate to Mark of the Beast?


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    What is a Synagagoue of Satan? How Does This Correlate to Mark of the Beast?

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    Being from the mindset of the human understanding, which came about by human interpretations, I was filled with and looking at the wrong signs. How's this?

    Well, "Not by Might, Nor by Power, But By My Spirit, says the Lord." Protestants quote this all the time but know not what it means.

    The world of future predictions or prophecies must always come from God and not originate from man. How's this? Man must not interpret the prophecies of God according to his devices. In that one does, one has become a false prophet.

    In the Old Testament, we read that, those who were not Jews, had, their own seers, they would prophecy according to their own pride. They are actually the same as soothsayers. They prophecy air.

    Therein was my mistake, but didn't know it. For I had allowed human interpretation's to distort. To clear this up I read, Poem of the Man-God and the Notebooks.

    Human Erudition is what Jesus calls the error I was in. Which is full of rationalism.

    Have to clear out the thickets of rationalism in order for the truth to seat and settle. Rational creatures are we, but, when separated from the Source, our rational nature, becomes, a wheel in it's own circle, isolated. Then, human erudition begins to build and thus, filling ourselves with fillers and foam. Thickets of it. Thickets have to be deliberately removed, but Wisdom, the Truth must be your desire and one must read the Words of Wisdom. The Word of God is a two edged sword, helps to cut away the garbage. Thus, Jesus rightly says, only One Science is Absolutely Necessary: His. The rest cause problems we have to labor to get rid of. A lot of time, wasted on clearing out the garbage, when we could have been soaking in the Sun.

    What a waste it is to get filled with garbage. Garbage in garbage out is the ole saying here. You fill yourself with garbage, you speak and live in garbage.

    What is the Synagagoue of Satan? Well from an inexperienced perspective one would naturally think of a building where Satanists and Satan lovers go to dwell and meet.

    Not so.

    The Synagagoue of Satan is any soul who is a Satanist or Satan lover; ie., anyone who does not love God nor 'good.' One becomes the synagagoue of Satan because one rejects the Truth or one lives in sin, immoral lifestyle.

    Yet, one who is good but doesn't know it, and does not believe in God, nor Jesus Christ, nor a God, still has Original Sin, and this makes them sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, instead of sons and daughters of God. So, yes Satan still has influence because they do not have the Baptism and Grace. But, if they practice virtues, and live a near perfect life, God is with them. This is a great mystery yet. God is where there is good. That's the way God works. Satan is where pride is, reigns in the hearts and intellects of souls and individuals. Pride reflects Satan's image. While humility reflects God's image. A humble soul, a meek soul, that resembles Jesus Christ. Interesting.

    As I have studied souls, the many different situations they may be in, such as I just mentioned above, Wisdom shows me the differences, where they lack and where they are abundant. No soul is unlacking. We all lack something, our virtues are not big leaves and not all are thriving. Some lay dormant or some do not have them all.

    What is the heart? It is where God planted his seed called the soul to produce and yield good fruit. Man's heart is the earth that God is referring to as 'the field.'

    The soul is God's seed that must die, to become a new creation. Jesus says, unless the seed dies it cannot be a tree, a plant or a flower. Paraphrased.

    Then Jesus says, in Book 5, "I put virtues in My Heart."

    So, when one becomes the synagagoue of Satan, one 'bears the Mark of the Beast' and in the time when the Angels come to mark the foreheads of the saints, those who are sold to Satan will have their foreheads marked by the Beast.

    It is not what is without that corrupts, but what is inside that corrupts. Man is a capacity to be filled. What did you fill yourselves with?

    Graces from the Holy Mother is dew that is shed upon the heart to bring forth Heavenly Fruit a good harvest for God. A pure and holy soul, sparkling clean. Their stoles. The whiteness of garments. Amen. Blessed be the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:54 pm by Poem

    Therefore read the chapter from the 1944 Notebook, "Heaven Hell Purgatory Judgment." --corrected

    In this chapter which is posted on the forum under End Times Prophecies, reveals a great hidden truth wherein Wisdom pieces together after reading all the chapters in the Notebooks and Poem of the Man-God. Jesus has revealed many things to get us started. Man's growth is two-fold, first, God plants, then he waters by graces. We must read His words in order to nourish the seed and thus, it grows and Love increases. But, if you remain an infant, you won't know anything. An adult learns to reason and grows thereby. Thus, Wisdom grows in you teaching you what is to come.

    Your souls must be nourished in order to understand God's language and not just your bodies.

    Peace be with you always

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    The body dies eventually returning to dust. The soul however is immortal and according to what you gave it, ie., dirt and sin you go to where dirt and sin reigns: Hell. If you gave it graces, you go to Heaven. Simple

    The earth nourishes the body with meat, vegetables, milk, fruits. Heaven nourishes your spirit with graces, giving it Life.

    Hell nourishes your body with vices giving it death.

    Thus, one must put virtue into the flesh, which came from the earth, instead of vice. Life or Death.

    Well, Hell is not a wonderful place. It certainly is not a plush luxurious Hotel on the shores of Portugal, but, an incredibly unfathomable burning and roasting that is endless. An eternal destiny, and we say, since we are still among the flesh, an eternal end. Which sounds like an ending, but, really means an eternal end point to start your life forever.

    Jesus explains that, life begins 'after' the earthly day, not during. But according to how you live now, determines this beginning of life. If you live for God starting here in this field, when you bloom, you enter perfection.

    In the opposite of this entering perfect bliss, is Hell, the counter to bliss. An eternal torment for beasts, the Beast, false prophets and 'False Prophet.' Those who reject 'eternal salvation.' Rejecting Love for Hate. Yes, they exist. Don't be so naive, that is why Jesus says the world needs to be evangelized. Think about how to love yourself so that this same love and even greater is applied to your neighbor. If you do not want Hell, then apply this love and say, "I don't want my neighbor in Hell either."

    Well there are several ways to accomplish this. One, you definitely pray daily for them. Two, you bear their cross. Three, you might have to drag them in your net. Went fishing caught a few thousand, their all screaming bloody murder, but who cares, you just saved them from the Big Fisher, Satan!

    Chain them up, whatever you bind on earth is bound in Heaven. Four, Place them all in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Best way. Then do penance on their behalf and allow the Mercy to save them. Recite this prayer:

    "'Most Divine Blood that issue forth for us from the veins of God made man, come down like dew of redemption upon the polluted earth and upon the souls that sin renders similar to lepers. See: I receive You, Blood of My Jesus and sprinkle You over the Church, the world, sinners and Purgatory. Help, comfort, cleanse, set aflame, penetrate, and fecundate, O most divine Juice of Life. Nor may indifference and sin set an obstacle in the way of your flow. But, rather for the sake of the few who love You and the numberless ones who die without You, hasten and spread over all this most divine rain so that people will come to You trustingly in life, through You be forgiven in death and with You enter into the glory of your Kingdom. Amen.'

    Well, this is how one wins souls. Like the Mother does, and remember every Rosary prayed well, grants souls new life. It is good to recite them often. Also, when you go to Mass to receive Jesus, give them to Jesus and here's another prayer to recite at Mass:

    "Jesus, I sprinkle You as Body and Blood over all the poor souls who are without You. They need your Eucharistic Power to revive their souls. Jesus, receive them. Amen."

    A simple humble prayer. Which says, "Jesus I trust in You, and that no power of mine can save them. Only You Master, can. I bring these souls, entrusting them to You, the Good Shepherd and the Good Samaritan, seek to save. I bring them to Your Fold and place them in the Immaculate Heart of Your Beloved Mother. Save them Jesus, Save them Mary." Amen.

    Then, call upon all the saints and angels, have them partake of the 'Mission.'

    Peace be with you always

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