Loss of Freedom Under Satanic Dominion----READ THIS


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    Loss of Freedom Under Satanic Dominion----READ THIS  Empty Loss of Freedom Under Satanic Dominion----READ THIS

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 492
    Chp:  Loss of Freedom Under Satanic Dominion

    1943, November 19

    Jesus says:

    "The Believer identifies with his god, and the child, with his parent. It is not mistaken, then, to say regarding the forerunners of Satan what Isaiah says in the fourteenth chapter, verses twelve to fifteen.

    {--Isaiah Chp 14

    12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning? how art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations? 13 And thou saidst in thy heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit in the mountain of the covenant, in the sides of the north. 14 I will ascend above the height of the clouds, I will be like the most High. 15 But yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, into the depth of the pit.--}

    "Haven't those whom I call the forerunners of the Evil One wanted to emulate their master and father in the attempt at proclaiming themselves to be gods and in oppressing the throngs? Haven't they spoken of God with a shameful condescension, almost as if the supergods were them? Haven't they arrogated to themselves the right to dominate what is most sacred, what even God respects in man? Not only have they taken the liberty of granting or withdrawing permission to live, but even permission to think.

    "The thought which I have given to man and which is free--for everything God has given you is free from any impositions whatsoever and would have been freer, since not even the flesh would have placed obstacles for that freedom, if the flesh had first remained free from the slavery of sin--thought is oppressed by this supergod of slime and horror. They do not demand obedience to holy laws of love as I lovingly command you without forcing you to follow that command. They impose cruel obligations which enslave you worse than oxen with their necks oppressed by the yoke and with their noses offended by the constricting ring. They impose them on your whole being, and not one of your three forms--physical, moral, and spiritual--are exempt from this slavery.

    "Yes, even the spiritual one. The octopuses of the Evil One holding sway penetrate and extend even towards your spirits and, as they please, will or do not will that the spirit should turn to God or his Law. Their acrimony as children of Satan explodes in fierce persecutions. But even when, casting aside the human mask concealing their heads as infernal snakes, they do not arrive at the major persecutions, it is the subtle forms of craftiness, the crumbling of the edifice of Faith, and the ways of life aimed at substituting paganism for religion that envelope your spirits to strangle them.

    "And you do not always have the strength to remain faithful, for your spirits are not nourished with love and the Gospel. You bend before forms of human slavery--you deem it unworthy of man to obey the commandments of God. And, because of a man or several men, you lose the most beautiful gift of God: 'free will.' You are marionettes moved by one or more men. In this life and beyond, you could have been free men in the Kingdom of God, your Father.

    "Draw away, separate yourselves from the laws of the Beast, and dissociate yourselves from him while you can. His destiny is already marked out. When God's scythe cuts away the parts of the Beast which are torturing the Earth and which constitute the precursors of the Unity of Evil which will rock the Earth, act so as to be very far from the ones plunging into the ocean of the abyss as putrid members of this horrible manifestation.

    "Babylon, which is now rising and will have its apogee in ruling, will be succeeded one day by a holy Jerusalem. Act so that on that day and on the unending Day the mark of the powerful in Bablyon, of the lesser Lucifers, and of the forms of filiation and excrescence of Satan will not be upon you, but the holy, unmistakable, glorious, sign of the Son of God."

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:48 am by Poem

    Loss of Freedom under Satanic Dominion?  What does this mean?

    It means, that the Servants of Satan have taken rule of the world, these are the Little Beasts that reflect the Big Beasts Image.

    The whole earth, known as "Babylon."  Babylon is no longer a few cities.

    If you let men become 'gods' of anything, they want to rule.  If you let men who know not love become gods, they use violence and overbearing methods to oppress and finally enslave multitudes into slavery.  Today the reason is 'Business.'  It's about numbers, and graphs, projections, produce. The whole world has become a business ground.  Harvesting whatever materials in order to produce a product to gain, and then put these gains on paper known as graphs.

    Notice they love graphs, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Excel.  These tools help them keep track of the essentials.  Their entire life is spent on such things.  Gains, product, produce.  That's it.

    A meaningless life.  No value.  When they die, all this work and their gains do not follow them to the next life, it ends when their lives end upon the earth.  But what follows is if they did good to their neighbor.  

    Satanic Dominion means, madmen, crazies, that you would not imagine them to be are, have been governing your lives upon the earth all to gain them $$, to feed their ego as 'gods.'  The Big Lie given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  It so happens that Satan has introduced the hypnotic inducing venom into the First Parents so that the coming kids, are easy to persuade, thus, many initiates for Hell of the race of Adam. It is in your blood. That is why you die.  Your blood has been poisoned with 'Death.'  

    This is why Jesus God-Man, give us His Blood to counter the venom.  Very simple.  Sick men induced with fevers of grandeur to live as 'gods', but what kind of 'gods?'  What type?  Mud gods, purely human, flesh only.  Not ones that elevate, evolve into demi-gods that rule the earth forever! This earth is going to end one day and the New Earth comes.  Best to prepare your children to 'reign' in Heaven with Jesus God-Man.  For those who listen to the Evil One, only reign as wretched mudpuppies that gets you the wrath of God and then where will you go?  Hell, where Satan awaits you. You won't reign there. You burn forever, hating forever, an Eternal Hatred that burns inside you!

    Whereas Heaven is Eternal Joy, Peace, Love, where they reigning as demi-gods is Bliss.  Eternal Crowns with real Gems!  Your body illuminated by the Light, jewels upon jewels bestowed on your garment.

    Interesting thought here, the people's do not revolt under 'Beastly' rule, but only under 'Gentle' rule, because the peoples prefer darkness to light.  

    They revolt when someone says, "Our ruler, leader is evil."  the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil's evil.  For first of all, each citizen when they see their leaders doing wrong, see it, make note, but when they think about their small sins, they back off.  The problem is your plugged into the spirit of the world that induces you to accept your evil leaders because you are no different. Paradox. Under this kind of rule you never become clean, pure, holy, because you don't see good pure holy leaders and thus you lose hope and say, we're all the same.  To continue on this thought, which is rationalism at its best, you end up convinced that your leaders are their for your good.  Not really, Babylon should convince you that Evil exists and that if Evil exists, then, Good exists for 'certain.'  Correct.  There is true Good, His Name is God.  God is True Good. Evil is in the world to help you discern, help you see that the opposite applies in any situation.  Good vs Evil.  Evil vs Good.  Babylon's Law is to make whatever is 'Illicit' into 'Licit.' That's Satan's Law. To Do Evil any how any way, but first I must put up, a charade of false good.  Place A False light. OH, this looks and sounds good, tickles their ears, oh! I'm so intelligent he says! He sure is. Satan eclipses good, to bring his falsehood, trickster, magician, malice.  He doesn't care how, as long as you fall prey. Thousands upon thousands of snares and traps.  Listen to the words. Read them in the Bible, Genesis, Gospel, those not just, and holy, good, always use a good to persuade to evil.

    A Genuine Good, Absolute Good, Pure Good.  Innocent Good.  Holy Good.

    Take stock in God, who is Good.  Buy from God, gold, and milk and honey.  Isaiah says so. David says so.  

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:12 am by Poem

    Under Satanic Dominion. If the second post didn't sink in, here's another.

    When, man does not follow and obey God, who comes?  Satan.

    When a man or woman is born without God as their protector, Satan is there to train your child.  Your child becomes a slave to Satan. Now what's really going on here?

    It is all spiritual.  Satan is a spirit. God is the Supreme Spirit and consequently there is no Greater Spirit then God. So when God who is Infinite in Size, Power, Intelligence, Mercy, Love, Joy, Peace, comes to be your Protector, what happens?  The little piss ant Demon has no way in, unless you succumb to his voice as Adam and Eve once did.  It so happens God gave Adam and Eve almost 1000 years to turn from their mistake.  We don't get that much time.  So you have to make the decision pretty quick.

    Trading places.  You trade God for Satanic slavery.  And since you do not see nor hear God, you think Satan who is not visible by any means is non-existent, because you evidently do not hear nor see God, so you apply the opposite also to satan.  But who do you see? Man! only man,,,,,

    And thus you think man is the ruler here. But that man who belongs to Satan, but, that man may or may not know he does, is acting on Satan's voice thinking it's that man's voice, another words his own voice.  Man is spiritual and flesh.  The soul is an altar, your body is a temple, it can be used by Satan or by God to inhabit.  Satan is very intelligent. He knows what man is.  And man without God's intelligent knowledge in himself, called Wisdom, won't know.  Thus, Satan is inhabiting your body and sitting on the altar.

    Baptism clears the demon. But you can return to the state of non-Baptism if you sin continuously, as I had done, negating the effects of Baptism, thus, erasing all its work returning to a state of disgrace before God.  Just like Satan. Satan no longer has God's voice, God's Light, God's Peace, God's Love, God's Strength and Protection. He, Satan is his own god, thus, Satan reproduces this state in those who do not love God nor follow God.

    The earth is a trial, a place to learn to love.  Heaven is an eternal Vacation from this trial. Hell is the opposite of a Vacation, and is the reward for having rejected God in this life.

    Satanic Dominion means slavery to Satan's system and it is spread out over the entire earth, making the entire earth, 'Babylon.'  Babylon is a place of slavery for mankind.  Man does not know true peace, true freedom and true love.  He only understands, following dearth rules and regulations, which is obedience to sin and death. Obey! Obey, sin and death says Satan!  That's what he's barking out of his cave in Hell and 90% of mankind listens.  Pretty sad.

    Satan mimics' God's ways.  God wants obedience from man without harshness, but, freely choose to love, as God is Himself free.  His freedom is for one to grow perfectly in the knowledge of love, which is to flourish and blossom into a perfectly good person what knows no malice.  Kind, gentle, loving, joyful, peaceful.  No perturbation, flagellation, disturbances, able to think about goodness without obstruction.  

    Do you want a peaceful nights rest?  Without true Peace it won't happen.  Why many drink? Do drugs, and so forth?  So they can escape the unpeaceful state.  Satan only brings slavery, a chaotic mess. You never have a peaceful nights rest.  Always something to think about that is not sweet and joyful.  Some problem over there, an ongoing feud over here, someone always harassing next to you, so forth and so on, that is Satan's system. Satan is not a peaceful spirit. He is envious, an only gives what he is: Chaos, perturbed, flagellated. No Peace.  He is disposable. So why do you continue to follow and obey Satan? Why? Because you were born in Babylon where the rules and regulations are based on slavery.

    Mankind is a Slave to Money. Money. Money! Without Money you cannot eat. You cannot buy seed. Build a house, pay the rent. Money. Someday you might see the problem, hopefully a new generation of Smart Ones will understand and stick to plows, and fishing poles. Lose the weapons of warfare they are your ruin.

    Plow the fields, feed the stock. Bring home the bacon. Feed your family, make house, love them well. Love them always. May Love strike you in your heart to open it.

    Peace be with you always

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