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    What is Love?


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    What is Love?

    Post by Poem on Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:40 pm

    The Pinnacle of Love is to Contemplate whom you love. This is God's Way.

    God loves to create beautiful things, perfect things. So in what He created, the Universe, for example, He created with Love. To see God in things.

    Imagine, being in Grace and not fallen today, and still in Paradise called Eden. This is needed to grasp the love I'm about to tell.

    God is Light. This Light, was upon the Earth in Eden. His presence alone was beautiful, glistening, and whatever the Light touched, was beautified. God created the worlds. But, His explicit Presence was given to Man at Eden, in this universe. Because, as God explained, he created the earth for man and everything in was to be loved, another words to rule with loving care. The first parents understood a portion of this great command. To love. Now, if we were not fallen, and had lived in His Presence all the days from the Beginning to Now, How much love would be circulating? How much Fire would be burning on the Earth?

    The Presence of God brings Peace, which allows souls to contemplate without disturbance, of any kind and focus without missing a single detail.

    After reading the Most Sublime Work given to Man through an single instrument, day by day, Grace shows me the Truth about everything. In levels and stages of my growth as a spiritual being. Being restored to the glory which God created and gave to the first beings, but, through the reconstruction in Christ. Man has been given, the greatest gift again, to be restored through Christ to surpass the first beings, glory which God created. The superperfected, glory in Christ Jesus. And man wastes away in the world, having been seduced by the Devil and his servants, who have taken over with their corporations, ruling the governments, making man, slaves to their system. Quite a paradox.

    Since God is Love, and we have not gained a single idea of what Love is from the things which God created, since man is just flesh most of the time and the beasts, have made slaves of the race of man, who can know love? Who, can contemplate any higher than what is his reality which the beasts, have forced upon mankind? All his thoughts are focused on how he will survive as just flesh upon the earth! No time to contemplate God.

    As long as man chooses to live for his flesh, only, man cannot be free from this slave makers. Therefore, Jesus says, it takes heroic will to overcome, the Beast.

    The Beast and his servants. the Politician.

    Peace be with you always

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