Are You Following the Beast?


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    Are You Following the Beast?

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    The Lord Jesus preaches and taught (still teaches) obedience.

    Where to draw the line then?

    Good and Evil is where to draw the line.

    Evil is evil no matter how you try to reason.

    10 Commandments, which most people brush aside, but, God holds over every one. Did you keep them and observe them? Simple but true.

    Who then is taking into account, taking heed to God's Laws?

    Too busy following beasts and their laws is the majority, thinking..., --and this is everyone,-- is thinking it is right to do so.

    The Lord has laid specific words to where to draw the line. It is in the Gospel, He said, observe what they do, but, do not follow in their footsteps. Do not imitate the Pharisees in the Gospel, because they were the beasts of that time period, dressed in clergy's clothing. Wolves. Jesus called them a brood of vipers, hyenas, so forth and so on to left people know of their association to Satan.

    Satan is the Head Beast. They who act and do what Satan does are little beasts. At present this group are the Politicians of each nation that does not follow and take heed to God's Laws. Even in the Vatican. Read the Bible closely and if your mind hesitates because of human sentiments and human knowledge, well, you're human and have not reached spiritual maturity. Your not a saint by any means.

    The Book of Apocalypse states the whole world ran after the beast and his servants. Not very good, because, they inherit the Abyss of Hell for all of eternity. An everlasting eternal choice which you made because you didn't understand, the Kingdom is Spiritual, not fleshly. To become spiritual as God had originally thought and put into existence, man to reach Heaven by becoming the spirit, he was created to be.

    If everyone did what the beasts prescribed, that is to do what they want you to do, who's left to follow and obey God? No one. When this happens, God drops the sword. Kaboom! No one then, escapes, no one can be saved. Mankind did not make it to Heaven, to live out the days prescribed by God for, Heaven was created by God for man to fill and live in. Hell was created by the Serpent for those who hate and wish to live as mud. That is to be carnal. Not desirous to be truly free.

    There is much to be read, about, following the beast which Jesus makes quite clear in Poem of the Man-God, and the Notebooks. Very clear. Who wants to live in Peace and Bliss? Obviously those who wish to live a total sensual, pride of life for the earth as just flesh don't want it. They cannot fathom Heaven and God's Ways. It is in the complete opposite direction, thinking, living, breathing, life.

    People today take no thought for their actions, they are in the drive mode, going full steam in their little existence listening to and believing their fellow man who lives by the beast. The beast appeals to your senses, your appetites, your imagination to fill your self with pleasure and comfort, a false paradise which is not a true Paradise but a mirage, phantom, make believe, Satan is an expert in talking to you about, living for yourself as false gods, and doing whatever makes you feel good, going against what is truly good, but, in reality causing you to earn many demerit points before God who judges every one according to how one lived, good or evil, disregarding God's Laws. Goodness.

    Above everyone is God, the Judge, a good Judge. Not what your human education has thought you about human judges. To know God, one has to spend a great deal of time with God. To come up with your own ideas, is not knowing God, but, what the beast has fed you, through those who know not God. God is benign. He seems like He's not there. But in reality, He's everywhere, taking notes and remembering everything everyone does good and bad. If you have a pile of demerits, more than merits, the merits are overcome by the demerits. Negative standing with God, means, no merits. Because the merits work towards cancelling out the demerits. Too many demerits negates the merits.

    Genesis says, and God made so and so and it was, 'good.' Thus, those who do good, pile up merits and they cancel out the demerits. Pretty simple and fair, straight forward, but, you didn't even know that, because you didn't bother to learn it. You didn't bother to learn about how to obtain Heaven. To obtain Heaven you have to go to the person who knows how to obtain it, just as you go to a person to obtain a house, a car, a job, an education, so forth and so on.

    God happens to be the presiding expert on how to obtain, "Heaven." Thus you have to use your intelligence to reason on how. The rules are according to God's rules since it is His House, His Kingdom, which was created for man any way, it's just that man thinks God is something other than, what He's not. So who's been feeding you a pack of lies? Satan, who is the Liar bar-none, the expert at lying, he is the beast. Thus those who listen to falsehood are false children and they do not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Heaven is obtainable for anyone who wants it badly enough. You did the same for your job, most likely, your house, probably, your car and whatever else you wanted badly enough. Do the same for Heaven. Work for it. Obtain it. It is there precisely for anyone who wants it. Learn the rules, read the books, find God and have Him teach you today. Don't wait till you're past the point of no return, because there is a point of no return. Yet, Mercy through miracles can assist you even now. God understands, that is why He created a way for you to get out of trouble. Help is there, get it.

    Peace be with you always
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