The War Between Hell and Heaven. Who is Waging It?


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    The War Between Hell and Heaven. Who is Waging It?  Empty The War Between Hell and Heaven. Who is Waging It?

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    A simple but difficult to ascertain and comprehend explanation.

    Satan as you may or may not know was called "Lucifer" the head angel over all the angels.
    The most intelligent and beautiful angel ever created by God.

    Lucifer's name was cancelled by God and God gave him a new name, "Satan".
    This is posted on this forum what Satan's name means.

    Satan is the agresser.  God is Love nothing but. Goodness all Good. He judges what is good and what is evil. He does not pleasure in the death of the living.

    Satan only wants to venge God.  His goal is to take ALL SOULS God generates, for ALL SOULS come from God who is Spirit.  The soul is spirit immaterial.  Not material.  Many believe man is just an animal like the animals of creation without a SOUL.  Yet they do not comprehend that man as he is standing upright, if he was just an animal like the rest, he would be an upright babbling baboon.  Could not speak intelligibly as he does now, could read nor write, nor make things, the ability to create would not be present.  Intelligence like God, free like God, so forth.  For God is free Himself.  He does not create robots. He gives free will to every creature.  He tested man at the Garden and man fell.  

    Satan is only interested in taking from God.  Steal, Ruin, Destroy.  He doesn't care about you or me or God's plan to have heaven filled up with loving souls.  Good souls.

    He is the opposite of God.  He really is bent on, extremely bent on taking away ALL SOULS to Hell. His thought is if he cannot enjoy Eternal Bliss why should any soul?  Selfish, proud, unintelligent on his concluding summary.  He wants to make a last assault on Heaven to take it over. Just imagine that.   You who do not understand, Heaven is God.  You cannot assault God and win.  

    His only interest is in doing God harm.  Satan waged this war.   So anyone one that does not believe in either is really doing harm to God and yourself and man.  You do not believe in what is true.

    Love comes from God.  Ask God for love for He is the supplier of love.  Love brings God.

    Peace be with you always

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