How To Possess Infinite Love of God


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    How To Possess Infinite Love of God Empty How To Possess Infinite Love of God

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    Jesus is still speaking here:

    Do you know how man can possess infinite love? By being so united to God, as to be all one with God. Then, as the creature disappears in the Creator, it is the Creator Who really acts, and He is infinite. And My apostles must be like that, all one with their God through the power of love, which is so close to the Origin as to dissolve in it.
    It is not the way in which you speak, but the way in which you love,
    that will convert hearts. Will you find sinners? Love them. Will you suffer because of disciples who go astray? Try to save them through love. Remember the parable of the lost sheep. Oh! for ever and ever it will be the sweet appeal made to sinners.

    With every artifice, with every sacrifice, at the cost of losing your own lives in the attempt to save a soul, you must patiently go and look for those who are lost and bring them back to the Fold. Love will give you joy. It will say to you: "Be not afraid".

    It will give you such a power to expand all over the world, as I did not possess Myself. No longer is the love of future just people to be set as a seal on the heart and on the arm, as the Song of Songs says. But it is to be set in the heart. It must be the spur urging souls to all actions. And each action must be superabundance of charity, which is no longer satisfied with loving God or one's neighbor only mentally, but it enters the lists against the enemies of God, to love God and neighbor concretely, also through material deeds, which lead to wider and more perfect actions aiming at the redemption and sanctification of brothers.

    The power is the Holy Spirit.  Grace and Light, examples: Jesus and Mary

    Peace Be With You Always

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