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    Pray For the Clergy Everyday -- Pray For More Good Priests Empty Pray For the Clergy Everyday -- Pray For More Good Priests

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    Let's go to the words of Our Lord who has revealed to us about the Apocalypse where Satan makes Rome a seat of Hell.  

    How would this be possible if God has created this Church and the Seat of Peter?

    Simple.  Free will.

    God created Adam and Eve and they wanted to "Know" Evil.

    This very thing happens to Clergy at Rome.  They want to know.  They want to know if God really exists.

    They want to know if what Jesus has said will really happen.

    They want to know if Satan really exists.

    They want  to know so they ask.  Rather than having true Faith.  You see Faith is required by God to Act upon the Earth where Man exists by way of God's Hand who created man in the first place.

    Man is free to act as he wishes. But God governs man.  Justice exists because Evil exists.

    What is 'Illicit" has become "Licit". What was "Bad" is now what is "Good"

    Ok here is the very simplest explanation of Good and Evil.

    The Tree of  Good and Evil.  

    There sits planted two trees, in the Garden of Eden.

    The first tree is God - The Tree of Life.  Genesis 2:9
    The second tree is Satan -  The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Genesis 2:9

    Good and Evil battle inside of man to destroy him.  That's it.

    If man was only Good, then he would do only good.

    But to put two completely opposites inside him, which one wins is up to what man feeds himself.

    Satan my friend, exists because Evil exists and he is the "Ultimate Evil". He teaches only Evil while masking himself as "good."  Eclipsing Good.

    God is Good.  He teaches only Good. He teaches man how to avoid the Evil.  But without the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Father, man cannot by himself defeat the Evil.  Because man was created a little lower than the angels of Heaven.  Lucifer is an Fallen Angel.  The most powerful and intelligent Angel ever created. He was created to be the leader of all the Angels in Heaven.  He used all his intelligence to become a proud evil angel.  You my friend cannot win by yourself.  You must enlist God's help. (Zacharia 4:6; St. Matthew 4)(Psalm 8:6; Isaiah 14:12) & ( Poem of the Man-God when Jesus is tempted by the Devil )

    Become reborn in the Holy Spirit who is the power of God.  Through the Holy Spirit,  God created all things we see and touch.  The Entirety we happen to be in.  But God created only Good.

    When Satan fell, he created Evil.  Thus evil exists by way of Satan and he gave death to man.

    God creates beings and gives them free will, for God himself is free.  And does not restrict beings from being free. Satan restricts and holds hostage souls, spirits.

    So when you give yourself to something other than God, you give yourself to that which is not God.
    And thus being not baptized in the Holy Sacraments, you are still under the Tree of  Good and Evil.
    And unfortunately, can at any time return to this Tree of Good and Evil if you allow yourself to be bitten by this Serpent after having been baptized in the Holy Sacrament.  

    While man exists on this earth, he has to daily make a free will choice what to follow.  Every day until he passes on from this earthly existence.  It is a daily event.

    So you see the Pope and the Clergy, having fallen themselves, need your phone calls and letters to have them stop the confusion they have created.  

    Remember the Apocalypse, it states that 1/3 of the clergy "stars"  get swept away by the Dragons tail.

    Go to Rome, send letters, make that phone call.  Ask them.  

    Pray with the Blessed Mother the Rosary be emboldened by the Holy Spirit!  

    Do It!

    Peace be with you always.

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    The Commandment is Love, Charity.

    Every virtue comes from Charity.

    Love one another as I have loved you.


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    BOOK 1
    CHP 46

    Jesus Tempted By the Devil in the Desert: Commentary after the episode

    As you have seen, kindness is always Satan's disguise when he presents himself. He looks like an ordinary person. If souls are careful, and above all, if they are in spiritual contact with God, they perceive the warning that makes them cautious and prepares them to fight the devil's snares. But if souls are distracted, separated from God by an overwhelming sensuality, and are not assisted by prayer, which joins them to God and pours strength into the hearts of men, then they seldom perceive the snares hidden under the innocent appearance and they fall into the trap. It is then very difficult for them to free themselves.

    The two most common means adopted by Satan to conquer souls are sensuality and gluttony. He always starts from material things. Once he has dismantled and subdued the material side, he attacks the spiritual part.

    First the morals: thoughts with their pride and greed; then the spirit, obliterating not only its love - which no longer exists when man replaces divine love with other human loves - but also the fear of God. Then man surrenders his body and soul to Satan, only for the sake of enjoying what he wants, and enjoying it more and more.

    You saw how I behaved. Silence and prayer. Silence. Because if Satan performs his work of a seducer and comes round us, we must put up with the situation without any foolish impatience or cowardly fears. We must react with resolution to his presence, and with prayer to his allurements.

    It is useless to debate with Satan. He would win, because he is strong in his dialectics. Only God can beat him. And so you must have recourse to God, that He may speak for you, through you. You must show Satan that Name and that Sign, not so much written on paper or engraved on wood, but written and engraved in your hearts. My Name, My Sign. You should answer back to Satan, using the word of God, only when he insinuates that he is like God. He cannot bear that.

    Then after the struggle, there comes victory and the angels serve and defend the winner from Satan's hatred. They restore him with celestial dews, with the Grace that they pour with full hands into the heart of the faithful son, with a blessing that caresses his soul.

    One must be determined to defeat Satan, and have faith in God, and in His help. Faith in the power of prayer, and in the Lord's bounty. Then Satan can do no harm.

    Go in peace. This evening I will gladden you with the remainder. »

    Peace Be With You Always

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