1943: Mary's Christmas Ecstasy


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    1943: Mary's Christmas Ecstasy Empty 1943: Mary's Christmas Ecstasy

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    Notebook: 1943
    Chp: Mary's Christmas Ecstasy
    Page: 600

    December 25, 1943

    Mary says,

    "The Blessedness of the Christmas ecstasy came to me like the fragrance of a flower enclosed in the living vase of the heart throughout life. Indescribable joy. Human and superhuman. Perfect.

    "When the coming of each nightfall hammered the painful memento into my heart--'One day less of waiting, one day closer to Calvary'--and my soul emerged therefrom cloaked in pain, as if a wave of agony would swallow me up on Golgotha, I bent my spirit over the memory of that blessedness which had remained alive in my heart, just as one bends over a mountain gorge to hear the echo of a love song once more and see the house of one's joy in the distance.

    "It was my strength in life. And it was, above all, at the hour of my mystical death at the foot of the Cross. In order not to go so far as to say to God--who was punishing us, my gentle Son and me, for the sins of the whole world--that punishment was too atrocious and that his hand as a Chastiser was too severe, through the veil of the most bitter tears a woman has ever shed I had to concentrate on that luminous, beatific, holy remembrance, which rose up in that hour as a vision of comfort from within my heart to tell me how much God had loved me; it rose up to meet me without waiting for me to seek it, since it was holy joy, for all that is holy is infused with love and love gives its life even to the things which seem not to have life.

    "Maria, we must act like this when God strikes us.
    "To remember when God has given us joy, so as to be able to say, even in the midst of torment, 'Thank You, my God. You are good to me.'

    "To seek to make our joys God's joys--that is, not to procure human joys for ourselves, willed by us and liable to to be contrary, like all that is the result of our acting cut off from God, to his Divine Law and Will, but to await joy from God alone.

    "To preserve the remembrance of those joys even when joy has passed, to the recollection which spurs us towards good and towards blessing God is a memory not to be condemned, but, rather, to be recommended and blessed.

    "To pervade the darkness of the present hour with the light of that hour in order to make it so luminous that it will be sufficient for us to see the Holy Face of God even in the darkest night.

    "To temper the bitterness of the chalice with that sweetness we have enjoyed so as to be able to bear its taste and reach the point of drinking it right to the last drop.

    "To feel the sensation of God's caress while the thorns are piercing our brow because it has been conserved as the most precious of memories.

    "These are the seven forms of blessedness set against the seven swords. I give them to you as my Christmas lesson (introduce this date), and, along with you, I give them to all my beloved ones."

    Peace be with you always

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